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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 163: Fashion Show, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 163. Fashion Show, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Even though they had pets, the idea of dressing them like this was the first time anyone had ever seen, and each of them expressed admiration. Even before their admiration was finished, a male model came down carrying a cat.

The dark gray suit was nothing different because it was the usual men’s favorite type of clothing, but the sleeve holding the cat was very interesting. Unlike the current fashionable style in which the ruffles at the end of the sleeve were worn to protrude out of the jacket, the fold of the hem folded without a separate decoration, looking trim. The tip of the sleeve, decorated with jeweled buttons, revealed a strong wrist each time it moved, making it feel strangely masculine.

There was also a spot on the neck that was lightly wrapped around something like a thin string and fixed with a sleeve button and set of jewels, not a cravat of the thick, colorful, wrinkled style. Emerald jewelry buttons and tie pins made the costumes look colorful and stylish. Unlike the women, the jewelry set gave an innovative impression to the men watching the fashion show, as men had no more than a ring to dress up with.

The pale gray-haired cat affectionately held by the man, also wore the same crafted necklace as the tie pin. It also wore a cape made from the same fabric as its owner’s jacket. People applauded with excitement at the lovely appearance.

The clothes that followed were also new. Until now, women’s clothes for going out were more formal than indoor dresses, with a cape or hat and gloves. In other words, there was not much difference from home wear.

On the other hand, the clothes that the Chartreu Dressing Shop presented as an outdoor outfit were well-dressed. They were more active and light by removing the panier in the skirt, but looked more formal thanks to the modified jacket similar to men’s robes. On top of that, the night ball dress was as spectacular as Julietta’s debut dress, inflated with thin chiffon and petticoats, and also took away the iron panier.

The thirty-minute fashion show featured a total of twenty outfits. One out of every two or three people brought out their pets dressed up, or wearing a cape or fancy necklace. Some models even held a puppy in a square cloth bag.

When the unique fashion show finally ended with the final words of the models, the guests began to approach the models that had come down to the floor of the hall, looking at their clothes and pets, and sharing their opinions. Julietta was so happy to see the VIPs asking questions and exchanging opinions around the models, even though no one asked her anything.

“I think it’s a success.” Killian smiled at her looking back with a proud face that seemed to want to be complimented.

“I was nervous, but I am glad now.”

The models responded deftly to questions about the clothes they were wearing, as they were educated, and explained where they could buy the jewelry at Raefany’s, which opened today.

Simple refreshments and drinks were served in a buffet format at the cafe, so people didn’t have to move to another place. With the active atmosphere remaining intact, people seemed to enjoy the party comfortably, gathering in groups to talk and using the buffet.

As time went by, the curiosity of the guests went back to Killian and Julietta. This was because Prince Killian followed Princess Kielini as she moved, and kept his eyes on her.

Julietta quickly shot back at Killian, conscious of the people who were looking sideways at this side. “Your Highness, why do you keep following me? People will think it’s weird.”

“The princess, we’re just partners. Who thinks we’re weird? Does the princess happen to want the people to think so?” Killian was unctuous and greasy, with his eyes slightly open, as if Julietta was being overly suspicious.

“It can’t be! Even though we’re partners, I don’t think we need to stand too close to each other.”

“What are you talking about? There is nothing to give trust to our customers so much showing the close relationship between partners.”

Oswald saw the two of them whispering like that and said to Adam, “How will Prince Francis come out after today?”

“I’ll have to assign more people to Prince Francis. I don’t know if he’s going to play dumb with Princess Kiellini, but we should not reduce the tension.”


At the end of the opening party, which lasted about two hours, the booking list for the Chartreu Dressing Shop was full for months. Lots of customers couldn’t order the clothes for pets as well as dress dolls displayed in the hall because the store was fully booked up, so they could only hope to get a time before the winter season.

Killian was watching from the sidelines and held out his arm to Julietta, as high-ranking aristocrats lined up in front of the manager, waiting for their turn to make a reservation. “Come on, my partner. Now we have to attend Raefany’s opening ceremony.”

“Your Highness, do you think I need to go? I think I’ve done so many things which would be a topic for the gossips just today.”

When Julietta frowned anxiously, Killian pressed her frowned forehead hard with his finger.

“Ouch, what is it?” Surprised, Julietta raised her voice with her hands around her forehead, but she quickly looked at her surroundings.

“I spread it out for fear of wrinkles on your forehead at a young age. Don’t worry about what won’t happen; the princess, let’s go to Raefany’s. Why don’t you take Manny with you? I’ll give you a necklace for Manny to celebrate the opening of your dressing shop.”

A little while ago, Julietta mentioned the eyes of others, but her eyes flashed when she heard, “a necklace for Manny.”

“Are you serious, Your Highness? Then I’ll get Manny.” As if she was worried that Killian might change his mind, Julietta quickly entered the main studio where Manny was playing.

Sophie was dealing with guests in the hall on behalf of the faceless designer and saw Julietta entering the studio. She managed to make time and follow her. “I was worried, but I’m glad it ended well. I am relieved of great anxiety. I noticed that the reservation list was full. I’m going to be very busy from now on,” Sophie said joyfully, her face excited.

“You shouldn’t overdo it, so hire more people. Now Sophie and Amelie will be busy directing the whole thing.” Julietta said so and lifted Manny who was sitting bored in the fence. “Manny! Wow, you’re so gentle. How could you be so nice?”

As she watched Julietta put Manny in her carry-on bag, Sophie said “It was so gentle that I thought it might be sick, so I asked Doctor Paolo to check it yesterday. It’s only a few months old, why does it act like an old dog? Where are you going?”


“His Highness is giving Manny a necklace as a present. I’ll go to Raefany’s.”

Sophie shook her head as Julietta walked out of the studio with an excited gait. “Truly, he is extremely sincere. But what should I do about Julie, who doesn’t notice it?”


Christine arrived at the jewelry store, the new business for Prince Killian.

Fearing that the rumors of what had happened with Francis had spread, she had stopped hanging around with people and was barely going out. That was why she had not heard of the opening party of the Chartreu Dressing Shop, which had caused such a stir in Dublin, or the news of the partnership between Killian and Princess Kiellini.

The invitation to the opening party of the Chartreu Dressing Shop was sent only to selected high-ranking aristocrats. Since the invitation to the family of Anais was intentionally hidden by the Marquise, Ivana and Christine knew nothing about it.

On the day of the arrival of the invitation, Robert looked at the colorful invitation, made a look of great regret, and put it deep into his desk. He should not get involved with the family of Kiellini in this way, and could not attract the attention of Ivana, Christine, and the family of Duke Dudley. It would be unforgivable if Ivana or Christine attended and interrupted Julietta’s monumental day.

As a result, Christine came to the Raefany’s Jewelry Store on Eloz Street with no idea. The outer walls of the new jewelry store were covered with a cloth until the opening time. Because of that, guests gathered to see the new store had to wait until Killian arrived.


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