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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 162: Fashion Show, Part II Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 162. Fashion Show, Part II

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Apparently, the girl in front of her had little change in the color of her hair for more than a month after taking the poison.

Anyway, she thought she should show Phoebe’s doctor the glass bottle that she asked the Marquis to checks. Maribel consoled Phoebe with a slightly softer look, unlike before. “You must have had a lot of trouble. Is your leg okay?”

At Maribel’s words, Phoebe rolled her skirt and showed her new prosthetic leg. Unlike her wooden prosthetic leg, the leather and metal-made prosthetic leg moved smoothly with its knee and toe joints woven into the main spindle.

“I’m not used to it yet, so I’m limping. But if I get used to it and practice walking steadily from now on, they’ll never notice that it’s a prosthetic leg.”

Maribel watched Phoebe’s cheeks blushing with joy, and mused, “It looks very expensive at first sight. I’m sure the owner of this mansion gave you something I couldn’t possibly afford. I can’t believe she saved you and did you a favor. You have to thank her very much.”

Despite Maribel’s intentional remarks, Phoebe was not aware of it and shook her head hard. “I really want to repay the lady. I’ll do anything I can to help.”

Maribel turned and spoke meaningfully as she went outside. “Yes, don’t forget that heart. I don’t know when or where you’ll be able to repay her kindness.”

Recalling Phoebe’s work, Maribel led Julietta downstairs to a studio. “I can’t believe you let someone stay here who you don’t even know. Why are you so careless?”

Julietta made an excuse in bewilderment at Maribel’s rebuke. “I didn’t think she was a bad person. If you meet her, you’ll see.”

When Maribel saw Julietta was still straight and compassionate despite all the big things, she thought she couldn’t keep her going.

Julietta’s attitude of trusting people and feeling sorry for them even though she didn’t know what might happen in the future, was dangerous. If she had a chance, she thought she should warn Julietta about this careless act. But in this situation, Phoebe was not a bad person, so there was nothing to say. Even though she had been willing to die instead of someone else, she was someone who had never resisted once.

“… in a way, it’s not just a bad thing to find out what you didn’t know, thanks to your compassion.”

“What I didn’t know?”

When Julietta asked, Maribel answered after agonizing for a moment. “I’ll tell you later. Don’t you think it’s time for the guests to come in soon? Let’s show everyone how competent Princess Kiellini is and how good her business idea is.”


When the appointed time came, the door and window coverings of the shop were removed. People waiting in the carriages on the roadside saw the door open and began to step down and enter, one by one. When the manager checked the invitations and sent them in, those who did not receive the invitations and had come just in case returned with their sad faces.

At the moment the queue was almost finished, Prince Killian’s purple carriage stopped in front of the dressing shop. The eyes of the guests who were looking from inside became wide as the carriages of Marquis Oswald and Marquis Rhodius arrived soon after. Even if they had not invested in it, they had not thought they’d come to see themselves.

Before the wedding ceremony, Princess Haint was present to ask for a bridal dress, and her lips rose freshly. “I think Lady Anais has not been invited. If she knew that Prince Killian was coming, she’d be the first to come running barefoot.”

Everyone laughed as they agreed with Princess Haint, who played a light ivory silk fan and spoke as if that were funny.

“When I see that she followed Killian all the way to Bertino, Lady Anais has no shame.”

As the slim Killian entered the dressing shop, people burst into laughter again at the words of the lady of Count Patriot, who had openly confronted Christine in society.

“They must be happy to see me.”

“Your Highness, it’s an honor to meet you.” Everyone stood up at Killian’s entrance and gave their courtesy.

“Thank you for being here. I hope you have a good time.” Killian greeted the guests as if he was the owner, and asked the manager in a friendly manner. “What about the princess?”

“She’s on the second floor now. She’ll be down soon.”

“Well, I’ll have to go get her.”

People’s faces distorted with astonishment at his natural appearance going up to the second floor. The attitude of the Prince conveyed that he and Princess Kiellini seemed to have a very deep relationship.

“The princess, you’re even more beautiful today.”

Because it was a party held in the dressing shop, not an evening party at night, Julietta’s outfit was an outdoor dress for performances or exhibitions. It was the same with the other guests. Unlike the attire of the guests, however, her clothes were uniquely fun and beautiful.

It was not a normal dress, but a garment separated from the top, like a man’s. She tied the same-colored cravat high over a fine red blouse and added a ribbon, and was dressed in a gray jacket and skirt with red stripes on it.

She glared at Killian, slightly lifting a wide-brimmed hat made of a jacket-like fabric. “Your Highness, you can’t come up here. What are you going to do when others see you?”

Killian grinned at Julietta’s criticism. “The princess, it’s already been known that we’re in a partnership. So let’s go down together and show off our friendship.”

Julietta protested as she turned pale at Killian’s words. “What if my father finds out? I don’t like the rumors.”

“The Duke already knows it. I’m sure he won’t let up on his only daughter. He thinks it not important and he did not say a word so far.”

Julietta nodded reluctantly and put her hand on the hand of Killian.

“It’s amazing to see that the gloves are made from nets.” Killian raised Julietta’s hand in a mesh glove, and looked carefully. When she tried to get her hand out of the same situation as before, Killian held it tightly and put his lips on the back of her hand, in case he missed something.

“That’s good. It’s great to feel closer to the princess’s skin than just a glove.”

Julietta tried to pull her hand back at the perverse remark, but Killian pulled the hand in his arm and headed toward the stairs.

“By the way, why did you wear the net gloves? Does your hand want to be held by someone?”

Julietta snorted at Killian’s unctuous and greasy question. “Your Highness, please say it’s a lace glove, not a net. On a hot summer day, a lady has to wear a corset, a petticoat, stockings, gloves! It’s natural to fall down because of the heat. So, I made a pair of well-ventilated gloves using lace. Please don’t even say nets or if my hand wanted to be held by someone.”

“I am sorry. I have a desire to be caught in the net of the princess anytime.”


Killian said so and led Julietta down the stairs as she was about to protest about something. Soon the hall came into view.

“Oh, my God!”

“You two look so good together.”

“It’s my first time seeing that kind of design like that. It’s like a man’s suit.”

Under the eyes of the babbling people, Killian smiled back and forth as he looked at Julietta.

Finally, the two arrived in front of empty chairs for them on the first floor. Everyone was surprised and busy talking at the sight of Killian, who even took care of the princess’s seat and sat after that.

As soon as all the seats were full without any empty seats, the staff lowered all the shutters and blinds to block the sunlight. A magic light lit up inside the darkened room. Along the middle stage, a model appeared between the lights that were shining up the stairs. She was seen wearing a dark sky-blue top with a modified men’s jacket, a wide spread of soft, light brown skirts, a top-like hat , and a brown mass.

Strangely, the model appeared with the puppy in her arms. The drooping white puppy’s head was covered with a miniature of a woman’s hat. In addition, it wore a jacket made of the same cloth that its owner wore. A leather harness, a walking leash in the form of a safety belt worn on the pet, was adorned in places with red rubies, and the puppy’s neck was also hung with a ruby necklace.


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