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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 16: Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part VII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 16. Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part VII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Why don’t we put Anna back to work as the maid again?”

Albert shook his head at the head maid’s opinion.

“He would not let someone who he did not like once come in again. Don’t talk nonsense.”

“I’m really going to have to take part then.”

Johanna, who had only heard of, but had never waited on, the Prince’s secret life, said in a perplexed way, “Is that possible?”

Albert squinted at the thought of whether Johanna, a truly virtuous Baroness, could ever do it.

When she saw Albert’s reaction, Johanna sighed, thinking that she might have to see how great the energy of the Prince was at her elderly age. At the moment she cast a grudging glance at the stairs where Nicole had disappeared after making her run, and found a fat body staring carefully at something among the roaring maids.

“His Highness wouldn’t care too much about the appearance of a maid, would he?”

“Why? Is there anyone suitable?”

“Yes. A girl brought in a letter of recommendation from Marquis Rhodius a few months ago, but she is a good worker and sincere.”

Unlike her initial bad impression, she had not been swept away by the harassment of maids, but done her own work quietly. The head maid highly appraised Julietta and thought it was a good chance for her.

“Is she a credible maid? They would not have done such a thing if they were not trustworthy?”

Since the carefully chosen maids had a series of accidents, Albert said that everything was useless. Johanna answered quickly, looking at Albert muttering aimlessly, “Well, we don’t have much time left, so I’ll bring her in and train her. Rowena, bring Julietta.”

After ordering the maid waiting by her side, Johanna waited impatiently for Julietta to come over.

“Say hello to him. This is Sir Albert, the private butler of His Highness Killian.”

Sir Albert’s face flushed as Julietta greeted him with her usual bouncy head.

“You don’t have any formal education about etiquette at all.”

Julietta was a little annoyed at getting called out and told about her manners. She was rebellious when someone looked down on her like that. Although she had not been taught proper etiquette since she was very young, Julietta greeted him again, as if recalling her old memories, since she knew a little about it.

“Happily, I think she’s learned the basics. You’ll just have to train her a bit more.”

When Johanna, who did not want to see the Prince’s embarrassing private life at all, was satisfied, Sir Albert nodded reluctantly and said, “Though her appearance troubles me, we don’t have much choice at this moment, so let’s get her to work. Before we go to say hello to His Highness, I’ll have to do a quick review first. Let’s go to my office.”

Sir Albert’s words whitened Julietta’s face.

‘His Highness? No way! Does that mean Prince Killian? What the hell is this butler talking about?’

When the butler, who had no idea what Julietta was thinking, hurried ahead, Johanna urged the stiff Julietta forward, pushing her back.

“You must have been surprised to hear the good news all of a sudden. Your life will be really comfortable if you take care of His Highness without making any mistakes.”

“Oh, no… I’m, uh, just a minute.”

As she was pushed into the butler’s office on the first floor by Johanna, Julietta somehow tried to say no. But she was so surprised that she could not say the right word, as if her ability to speak was paralyzed.

“Yes, I know what you mean. You must be so happy. You will be paid twice as much for doing an easy job that is not comparable to a maid’s.”

Johanna entered the butler’s office, affectionately touching the back of Julietta, who was still trying to say something and stuttered, “A-A salary twice as high?”

Even though she wanted to say no, but the right word did not come out, a lot of words getting tangled in her head. But when she heard about her salary, it tripped off her tongue immediately.

“Yes, it is. It is a private maid of the royal family, and it is only natural for her to get paid more. A certain amount of money will be paid for self-improvement in the Principality of Bertino every three months, and at the end of the year, there will be bonuses from the Imperial Castle, which means you have a year of hard work ahead of you. And when you’re sick, the house doctor of the mansion treats you, and your severance pay is beyond comparable to that of a maid.”

Julieta was open-mouthed at the advanced wage system.

‘Is it true that this is a social status society where nobles dance in dresses and make lovers?’

The bottom line was that the private maid of the Prince was treated as a full-time worker and the general maid was treated as a contract worker. She was the same as an intern who had worked for a passion paycheck from the age of five to seventeen. No, she didn’t get a single penny, so she didn’t get even a passion pay at all.

Julietta quickly calculated her salary in her head. With paychecks for twice the salary and bonuses that would come out every three months, and discretionary payments that would come out every year, she could pay off her debts in forty months, which was only half the planned eighty months, and could have her own shop faster.

Julietta, who had just forgotten that she had to look at the Prince’s face again and that she had no words for the pressure of working at close range, asked seriously, “What should I do?”

Within an hour of training, Julietta was able to experience the sensation of flying and then falling back to the ground.

‘What does this mean? In the end, I should take care of him after having sex with women who serve the noble.’

But when she recalled her salary again, she came back in a coldly from her two minds.

During the Joseon Dynasty, there was a court lady in the Royal Palace, and even in the West, the lower men served the royal family members and nobility by their side. It was even said that there was a maid who would put the penis of an old king into the pussy of a queen.

‘Yeah, it’s nothing, Julietta. Even if the wage system is advanced, it is just as well! You can do it. You can do it.’

When Julietta’s expression hardened after hearing the explanation, Johanna spoke soothingly, “That’s a relief. Because the women His Highness meets aren’t of noble status, they clean up their important places by themselves after the night sex. In case of ladies of high status a maid has to clean them up.”

Julietta’s mouth was wide open from the unexpected cultural shock.

‘No, could I have had to wipe off the, uh, parts having the man’s stuff?’

Johanna continued to speak, as if apparently to give a further shock to Julietta.

“It hasn’t happened so far, but you might be able to bathe His Highness when Jeff is away. The method of serving the Prince’s baths should be taught separately by Jeff when you have time later.”


Johanna’s last words were a direct shot at Julietta.

“That’s never going to happen,” Sir Albert said, but Julietta did not hear that. Her face turned white, even turned pale as ashes. Most of the maids were blushing when they heard this, but she seemed to be a little unusual.

In any case, the temptation of a double salary, no matter what hardship or adversity was involved, was sweet. Unable to resist the temptation, Julietta took a heavy step after Sir Albert, feeling like a cow being dragged to the slaughterhouse after an hour of simple training.

Killian, who had arrived a little earlier than usual at the mansion for his play on Harrods Street today, was very angry. While he was reviewing documents that had to be checked urgently in the office, the maid, who had been asked to bring a tea, committed a mad act of nakedness, saying, ‘I will give myself to you instead of the tea.’

“Your Highness, this is the new maid who will be working starting today. Julietta, greet him.”

Killian, who was in a state of displeasure after ordering the mad maid to be fired right away, spoke reluctantly, after greeting of a maid who was introduced by his butler.

“So, did you bring a maid to do the right thing this time?”

The Prince, who looked at the new maid with a heartless face, didn’t show much emotion. Julietta felt a human touch for the unexpected appearance of the Prince.


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