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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 158: Preparation Is Completed, Part XVII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 158. Preparation Is Completed, Part XVII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

As the Duke of Rhodius attended every party and gave significant hints about the relationship between Killian and Princess Kiellini, Killian arrived at the border between Baden and Tilia.

“Did you assign the knights around the castle?”

After Killian asked, Valerian turned his gaze toward the castle and answered, “Yes, Your Highness. Two groups of knights from the Asta Palace and three groups of knights from Bertino are closely encircling the walls of the castle.”

“Rumors should not spread about what happens today, so even if we take control of the castle, don’t let the knights inside the mansion. You shouldn’t neglect security, especially when I face the Duke.”

“Yes, Your Highness, the reason you’re bringing the knights to Tilia today is because of rumors that the man who tried to provoke a rebellion in Bertino has infiltrated Tilia through Baden. That’s why you’re here to meet the Duke in secrecy.”

After Valerian realized Killian’s will, he quickly answered what he had planned for, and then ran towards Tilia first.

“All right, then let’s go. Isn’t this the best time for him to relax?”

Unlike usual, Killian had dressed in armor and had a sword around his waist. He stepped onto his horse and signaled their departure.

Killian arrived at Tilia about an hour after with his men, riding a horse whose hooves were wrapped in cloth and made no noise. He lifted up his hand and signaled Valerian, who had been waiting for him. At the order of Valerian, the Knights who had been infiltrating the wall in advance made their way to the main gate of the castle, surrounding Killian in a fast and precise manner.

“It’s His Highness Killian. Open the door.”

As it was after midnight, the knight who stood guard hurried to fetch the captain of the knights at the sudden arrival of Prince Killian and his knights. The captain of the knights sent a man to the Duke, then he hurriedly opened the gate to greet Prince Killian.

“Your Highness, what brings you here at this hour of the night…?”

Valerian put a sword to his neck, silencing the captain of the knights, who was trying to buy some time until the Duke, his master, was ready

“There is a talk of traitors who ran away from Bertino and fled to Tilia. This coincidence overlapped with the return of the Duke of Kiellini, and His Highness came to check here himself. I’m sure it doesn’t matter if His Highness drops by here just in case, rather than him doubting the Duke. But if useless rumors spread about this midnight movement, it’s not so good for the Duke and His Highness, so quietly clear the way.”

Traitors…! The captain of the knights nodded in astonishment. Since the Duke had come down to Tilia, there had been no visitors except Mrs. Raban and Count Adam, so he thought the misunderstanding would be resolved quickly.

“If nothing happens after confirmation, we’ll go back quietly. So just remember that you’ve never seen us today.”

At Killian’s cold words, the blade that had been pointed at the captain’s neck was removed.

“The Count, I don’t want to engage in an unnecessary war of nerves until a confirmation is complete, so isolate the Knights of Tilia Castle for a while. I think you’ll understand my order, because you’re all honorable knights.”

It was like saying that if they resisted, he would consider them rebels. The captain of the knights knelt down to Killian and appealed honestly, “Your Highness, the Duke has absolutely nothing to do with it. He’s never been visited by a stranger. We will obey your order to prove our innocence. Please clear up the misunderstanding.”

All the guards, like the captain of the Knights, knelt down, vowing loyalty to the imperial family of Austern and the innocence of the Duke.

“That’s good. I trust you. But once I get in, I’ll meet the Duke and tell him exactly why I came into his castle this night, and if it was my misunderstanding, I’ll politely apologize to him. Don’t be disappointed if we keep you locked up in the meantime.”

Killian said so and rode his horse toward the main house of the castle. Valerian collected the knights’ weapons and while taking them to prison asked, “Who is Sir Caden?”

“That is I, Your Excellency.” A young man with brown hair stepped out of the crowd of knights.

“You’ve heard from Mrs. Maribel Grayson, haven’t you?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Take me to the Knights’ quarters in Tilia.”

With the guidance of Sir Caden, Valerian subdued the knights of each guard post and those who had been resting in their quarters with his men and put them in an underground prison.

The Duke of Kiellini sprang up at the urgent call of the butler, and realized that what he feared had happened to him.

‘How did she get caught when it’s not far from the end? I haven’t heard anything from Simone. Where and why?’

The Duke thought of many things, but merely asked the butler, “Did someone come out from the imperial family?”

At the Duke’s question, the butler answered with an uneasy face. “His Highness Killian came by himself.”

“His Highness Killian?”

Contrary to expectations, that the Royal Knights had come to capture him, the Duke ordered his thoughts at the news that Prince Killian himself had come.

“Summon all the knights first. It’s not the Royal Knights, but the fact that His Highness Killian is here during the night will be to ask for something using my weakness as a target. There is still a chance of winning. We just have to wipe out the trail of the Prince’s coming after we kill him without anyone’s knowledge. Hurry up.”

The Duke of Kiellini left the bedroom after giving orders to the butler, who was unable to breathe properly when he was told he was going to kill the Prince. As he went down to the hall on the first floor, the fierce-eyed Prince and his aides stood behind the mansion’s porch.

“Your Highness, what brings you here tonight?”

Killian grinned at the calm greeting of Duke Kiellini. “Well, the Duke. Why am I here at this time? I think you already know.”

The Duke of Kiellini’s face turned cold when the Prince treated him like a lower man. “How did you know?”

“If Princess Kiellini hadn’t been someone I’d met before, the Duke’s plan might have been successful.”

When Killian said that, the Duke of Kielini clicked his tongue. In the end, Julietta’s past as she had worked as a maid of the Prince must have tripped him up.

“I think you have something to deal with me because the Royal Knights did not come to arrest me, and you came in person. What do you want?”

“Chut! The Duke, you’re wrong. I can’t do such a deal with the Duke. I’m just here to give you a choice.” As if he were imitating the Duke, Killian clicked his tongue and laughed.


“What do you mean by a choice?”

As the Duke of Kiellini’s eyes constantly turned to the front door of the mansion, Killian said regretfully. “The Duke, the waiting knights won’t come. I’m sure Count Valerian has already taken care of them.”

Killian’s words hardened the Duke’s expression.

“If that’s not the case, I’ll go back to what I said earlier. You can choose one of two ways.”

Ignoring the Duke, who looked about to speak, Killian looked around. “But your hospitality to a guest is terrible. It’s been a while since I’ve been running a horse, and I’m thirsty. I enjoy drinking Dureng tea, but get ready. I’m looking forward to the taste of tea from the family famous for the tea in Tilia Territory.”

The Duke’s expression of hope crumbled in the corner of his mind as the butler who should have gone to summon the knights was led in by the hands of Count Adam. Killian suddenly opened the door leading to the parlor, ignoring the Duke’s expression.

“Come on, butler, my men have had a lot of trouble dealing with the accident your master committed in the middle of the night. So, hurry and get them the tea and snacks.”

When the Prince entered the parlor, the Marquis of Oswald stood in front of the Duke of Kiellini. “Let’s go in, Your Excellency. His Highness hates wasting time. Now His Highness is offering the Duke a choice. But I don’t know when he’ll change his mind. If I were you, I’d do my best to please His Highness.”


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