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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 157: Preparation Is Completed, Part XVI Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 157. Preparation Is Completed, Part XVI

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Oswald sprang up from his seat to keep Albert’s mouth shut, but Killian was one step faster. “Albert, I think it’s really time for you to retire. You didn’t say a word to me about why Julietta ran away. That’s why she ran away from Bertino in such a hurry?”

Albert was rolling his eyes in anger at the Prince, and used an excuse. “Of course, I thought you knew. In fact, there could be no other reason for a maid to refuse such an honor.”

“Yes, Albert. I was so stupid that I didn’t think about it.” Killian looked at Albert with a soft smile.

“We are planning to introduce jewelry for pets at the soon-to-be-opened Raefany’s, and I think it’s better to carry my own animal which can be a model. I think I’d like a cat, because the puppy of the princess is very active in costumes. Get a furry cat. I hope its eyes are green, reminiscent of budding shoots. And Albert, since you seem to feel lonely these days, I’ll delegate full authority to look after my cat in particular.”

Albert didn’t really like furry things, whether they were humans or animals. What caretaker of a fluffy cat!?

He regretted his talkative mouth, but it was after the carriage had already left. Albert stepped down and ordered the attendants to get a cat.

As Albert entered the palace, Count Adam looked at Albert’s downcast expression and asked, “Sir Albert, why are you looking for a cat?”

“His Highness was angry and said he’s going to raise a cat.”

He didn’t know exactly what was going on, but he thought Albert must have made some mistakes. Adam giggled and said, “My elder brother’s cat gave birth to babies this time. He said he’d raise them all, but if His Highness wants one of them, he will distribute it. Why don’t you come with me later?”

“Thank you, the Count. But its hair should be fluffy and its eyes should be green.”

Adam shook his head at Albert’s words. “I see why he insists on a green-eyed cat. My brother’s cat is not unfortunately applicable, but I’ll ask him if there are such cats around.”

“Thank you.”

Watching Albert’s shoulders fall as the butler disappeared into his office, Adam entered Killian’s office.

“Your Highness, Albert…” Adam was about to talk about meeting with Sir Albert, but he quickly shut his mouth at the disheartening image of the lord. He stared at Oswald, wondering what had happened, but Oswald only slightly shook his head, as if he would tell him later.

Adam nodded along, and then sat across from Killian and held out the papers he was holding. “There is widespread talk this morning that Lady Christine came out of the palace of Prince Francis in a mess.”

The report contained a week’s worth of activities by Prince Francis.

“Is it a sign that he wants to hold rice cakes in both hands?” Killian skimmed the report and threw it on the table.

“I heard that soon after that, Lady Anais headed straight to the mansion of Kiellini.”

“She must have felt a sense of crisis.”

“It seems that Prince Francis’ patience was at its end because of Princess Kiellini staying in the mansion.”

“No. Don’t you know Francis that well? I think he’s thinking of catching both rabbits now. He’s going to drive Lady Anais and lock her up in a cave with Princess Kielini, and eat them both.”

“Anyway, how could he do such a thing in the Imperial Castle? I heard that Duke Dudley was busy trying to stop the rumor. Why not? Rumors about Prince Francis have already rumbled around, and now rumors of Lady Anais, their only granddaughter. It’s a disgrace to the family, and the Duke will be desperate,” Oswald ventured.

Killian listened to Oswald and ordered. “I’m going to Tilia to meet the Duke of Kiellini.”

Adam hid his surprised look and asked about the schedule, as the time had come faster than he thought. “When should I schedule the day?”

“It’s better to take care of it before the opening party of the Chartreu Dressing Shop in the next few days. I need to clear up the Duke and spread the rumors with Princess Kiellini in earnest.”

“I’ll get ready.”

When Ian pulled out the tea, the conversation was cut off for a while. After everyone drank tea without a word, various reports continued. Killian continued to have a complicated face as he listened to his men’s reports.


After the brief meeting, Adam finally stepped out from the office and asked Oswald, “What the Hell happened?”

“There was a big incident yesterday. I’m beginning to think that things might not go as planned, and I’m sure His Highness thought that, too.”

Oswald told Adam what Albert had said earlier.

“Oh, that’s unthinkable. But is it normal for the bedroom maid of a monarch to become a concubine?”

“The problem is that His Highness really wants the heart of the princess. He has hoped that she wouldn’t give in to power or circumstances, and really like him, but…”

“He has worked so hard to get her heart, but has determined that there’s no chance.”

“I think so. He seems to realize that if he does something wrong, everything will go to waste.”

“I can’t see an inch ahead of him how things will go.”

“Anyway, the princess had no choice. The conclusion was one, but he was trying to soften up the process…”

The two of them walked down the long corridor of the palace, sighing deeply.


Invitations sent from the Chartreu Dressing Shop arrived at the highest noble families and several other selected aristocrats of the capital Dublin.

It was a colorful invitation with vivid green flowers and silk ribbons. The envelope was enclosed with a silver stamp, an offer to attend the opening party of the Chartreu Dressing Shop on that date, with a single edition of the silver palm. The address of the dressing shop was written on the stamped silver.

The aristocrats who received invitations said that they were not interested in the opening party of the dressing shop, but were hesitant to turn it down due to the fancy invitations they had never seen before and the curiosity about the dressing shop that Princess Kiellini had set up. When the nobles gathered, there was talk about the opening party of the Chartreu Dressing Shop, which will be held a few days.


At a party held at the mansion of Duke Haint, the story of the dressing shop was becoming a hot topic.

A young lady was listening to people talking in silence with a bored expression. Trying to get the attention of Marquis Rhodius, she asked, “Did Your Excellency get an invitation, too?”

Rhodius stared down at the young lady who spoke to him, and then reached into his jacket to take out a thin golden plate. “You mean this?”

The golden plate, different from what they had received, drew their eyes.

“What did Your Excellency get?” When Rhodius saw someone approaching with a mysterious look, he flipped over what he had in his hand.

It was a thin card of gold. At the center of the front was the inscription CHARTREU, which was embedded with small emeralds, and made it look like an ornament, with the address of the dressing shop carved into small print underneath it. On the back was inscribed the name and title of Marquis Rhodius.

People looked at Marquis Rodius curiously, as their plates had only the name and address of the dressing shop.


“They said it’s a VIP card in the Chartreu Dressing Shop. Anyone with this gold card can attend a costume room party twice a year without an invitation, have the fastest access to new products, and receive a commemorative gift from Chartreu every year.”

People didn’t see the use of the gold card very much, but they were attracted by the fact that a royal family, the Marquis of Rhodius, had one.

“How did Your Excellency get the card?” A lady asked, with no idea of the connection between the Marquis and the Chartreu Dressing Shoop.

“I’ve invested in Chartreu. Not only me, but also Prince Killian, the Count of Oswald, the Count of Adam, and the Count of Valerian.”

“No… why have all of you invested in the dressing shop?”

As one Count tilted his head as if he didn’t understand it, Marquis Rhodius laughed. “You don’t know. Chartreu Dressing Shop belongs to the family of Kiellini. Furthermore, it is in partnership with the Raefany’s Jewelry Shop, which will open at the same time.”

The surprising news spread like wildfire.



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