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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 153: Preparation Is Completed, Part XII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 153. Preparation Is Completed, Part XII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

When asked by Dr. Paulo, Phoebe shook her head with a sad face. “I’m sorry. When I got back my life, I promised never to tell anyone about it. I don’t know who brought the poison, even if I wanted to tell you.”

Dr. Paolo accepted Phoebe’s words.

“Why do you keep your promise when you’re the one who was abandoned on the street like that?” Julietta was angry, recalling yesterday’s terrible sight.

However, Phoebe answered quickly, “No. The people who did that to me yesterday didn’t give me the poison. It’s been over a month since I drank the poison.”

“Then when was your hair color changed?”

When Dr. Paulo asked, Phoebe said that she was not sure. “I was kidnapped and held in captivity for a long time in an unknown place. It’s been a week or so. I didn’t see a mirror while I was incarcerated, so I don’t really know when my hair color changed at all.”

“But you didn’t have white hair before?”

“Correct. My hair became lighter from the original brownish blond, but it was still close to blonde.”

“Then the color of your hair changed during the week you were locked up. If so, in some way, you came across the poison that I knew during that time… how could you have been safe? Can you remember what you ate and drank while you were locked up? Did you ever have tea?”

When Dr. Paulo asked with a desperate face, Phoebe tried to remember the terrible times. “I don’t remember eating much. It was always soup or bread, and I didn’t drink any tea.”

“I see…” Dr. Paulo replied with a sad face. He didn’t think that those who afflicted her until she became that way would have given her tea.

“Your hair color has changed, so I’m sure you took the poison. But being safe like this gives me great hope. I will find out the antidote for such a scary poison. Every time a vicious human being makes a poison that should not be in the world, there are people who make an antidote against it, so the order of life is maintained.”

Dr. Paulo got up from his seat to go back, saying so. “Ah, one more question. When you drank that poison a month ago, did you have any diarrhea, vomiting, or severe dizziness?”

When asked by Dr. Paulo, Phoebe shook her head. “No, not at all. I just felt a little stuffy and lost my mind when my eyes became blurred. Oh, come to think of it, I threw up when I came to my senses, so I guess I threw up the poison then.”

“After that, did you throw up or get diarrhea just by eating?”

“Not at all. There was no change other than the change of the color of my hair.”

Dr. Paulo shook his head with a weak sigh. “It’s so different that I think it’s a completely different poison, except for the change in hair color. Why? I think you ate something that was clearly responsible, but I don’t know the situation then…”

Dr. Paulo got up, giving up on Phoebe who was never likely to open her mouth. “There’s no reaction to the poison now, but I’ll be back tomorrow just in case. If you suddenly feel dizzy or nauseous, you must contact me. It’s okay to do so at any time.”


After Dr. Paulo left, Julietta sat on Phoebe’s bed. “Amelie and Sophie are too busy to be around you. So I’m trying to get a maid who can take care of you; are you okay with that?”

She saved her and provided her with a place to stay, but now she was going to get a maid for her. In addition, she asked in advance! Phoebe burst into tears at such consideration.

“Oh, is it uncomfortable for strangers? I’m sorry, I didn’t think much.”

‘Rather, I must be a stranger to her, but she is so kind to me, then why am I crying impudently?’

Phoebe was so grateful and apologetic that she shook her head in a storm of tears. “No, I haven’t received this kind of consideration, so I…”

Julietta hugged Phoebe, who could not stop crying. “Phoebe, you are not alone anymore. And if you keep saying thank you and sorry, I’ll get angry. There’s still room left. I don’t care if you settle down here and say you’re not leaving. So don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Phoebe had been sobbing for a long time with her face buried in Julietta’s shoulder, and finally raised her head. “Thank you very much, no, I…”

When the word “thank you” came out, Julietta looked up at her with a glare; Phoebe swallowed her words and was embarrassed, not knowing what to say. Julietta smiled and brought a bag over from the corner.

“Phoebe, I’ll show you my treasure to make you feel better.”

Watching Julietta opening her bag carefully, her heart throbbed with anticipation. Since she was a lady who lived in such a large mansion, it must be a precious jewel in that bag. She had never seen real jewelry when she was working in a brothel. She only wore imitation jewelry, and she waited, holding her breath in anticipation of seeing real jewelry close up.

But what came out of the lady’s hand was not that.

“Oh, my God!” It wasn’t the jewel that she expected, but a lovely little puppy. She burst into a jubilant exclamation. “Oh! I never imagined there would be a dog in that bag. How could it have been doing well?”

Julieta carefully put Manny in Phoebe’s arms. “Since it’s still a baby, it sleeps a lot. And it’s not a bag, but a dog house.”

“A dog house?”

Julietta put her bag down next to Phoebe and showed its inside. “I’ve made the base spacious and comfortable, and put a cushion on it. This cushion is Manny’s favorite one. And if I put up a wall in all directions like a bag, and put a string on it, it becomes a mobile bag. What do you think? It sounds very cozy, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. I think it’ll be really convenient to carry around. If I had a bag like this, I think a dog would be very comfortable if I move around.”

“Manny is very popular. Sometimes it goes to the mansion to greet the people who work there, and when there’s a guest at the annex, it goes there, too. That’s why I needed a moving house.”

“Did you make it yourself?” Phoebe admired the pretty lady for her talent.

“I did a stitch. Oh, I’ll make you pajamas, too. The Amelie’s pajamas you’re wearing, um…” Julietta shook her head as she looked at the sack-like pajamas similar to the ones given her by Prince Killian in the past. She looked so serious that Phoebe burst out laughing.

“I’m very grateful, too. As you know, I crawled onto the street in my underwear.” The memory of yesterday that was so painful had faded to the point where she could say it like it was a joke.

“Hush, forget about it and don’t say it. I think it’s okay now, but it’s not good to keep thinking about it.”

When Julietta said that, Manny woke up and flinched. Phoebe laughed at the puppy who stretched out its short legs and yawned.

“Oh, I think it woke up. Look at its mouth chewing. It seemed to be looking for its mother’s milk.”

“I don’t think so. Someone told me that it is doing this on purpose to induce compassion.”


Manny’s chewing mouth closed as if he understood Julietta’s words.

Phoebe laughed again, because it looked so cute. “It’s like it understands us.”

“I sometimes think so, too. How smart it is!”

Phoebe gently dropped the wriggling Manny onto the bed. After a moment, the dog who was flushing about it suddenly began to bark. Julietta took Manny, went to the bathroom and put it down.

A moment later, Phoebe was surprised when Manny went to the bathroom and Julietta brought it back. “Oh, my God, it’s so smart!”

“Right.” Julietta kissed Manny’s head as if it was admirable, and put it down on the carpet.

Phoebe gazed at the dog who started running around like it was doing an exercise, and told Julietta, “Well, you said this is a dressing shop, right?”

“That’s right. It’s renovated from a nobleman’s mansion. The bedroom on the other side is the workroom, so if you’re bored, you can go and watch.”


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