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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 150: Preparation Is Completed, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 150. Preparation Is Completed, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“This is Phoebe. Thank you very much for saving me.”

Julietta nodded as if she understood that kind of mind. “I’m Jul-, Iris. It’s nice to meet you.”

At Julietta’s greeting, Phoebe once again bowed her head and said, “Thank you very much for your help. I’d appreciate it if you could drop me off somewhere. If you tell me where you live, I’ll make sure to pay you back.”

Phoebe planned to return to her quarters for now. In most cases, the hostel would have cleared Phoebe’s luggage after she did not pay the bill. She hoped they hadn’t thrown it all away. The lady in front of her spoke kindly, as if she were soothing her, when she saw her indisputable look of sadness.

“I think something hard happened to you. It’s probably going to be hard to forget for a long time.” Julietta said sadly, recalling the surprising situation earlier. If she had been unlucky, that could have been her. Something could happen whenever there was no one to take care of things in this unequal society. She felt so happy and about to fly away until yesterday, but suddenly she felt like she was thrown back into cold reality.

“I don’t know where Phoebe used to live, but if it’s not close enough, why don’t you lean on me until you get well? Even though we don’t know each other, we can lend each other shoulders and comfort each other. What’s more, we know each other now?”

Phoebe looked at the talking angel with a bright smile with a touched face. “Would I be beholden to you like that?”….” She tried to refuse in a trembling voice, but she desperately wanted to hold the hand that the angel had given her.

‘It will be okay if I count on others for once? Wouldn’t it be better this time?’

Julietta added her words to Phoebe’s conflict-ridden face. “I run a dressing shop. I’m really busy these days. I’d appreciate you if you could help me out as soon as you recover, but would it be too much of a favor?”

Phoebe wanted to do what she wanted just this once, only because of the good lady who asked in a slightly sweet voice. “I beg of you, lady.”

“You don’t have to say ‘lady.’ Just call me by name.”

“No, let me call you lady. You are the first person I’ve ever wanted to call lady.”

Julietta laughed at Phoebe’s toughness, who seemed as if she didn’t let her call her that, she’d get off the wagon right away.

“Calling is not important, each other’s mind is important. If that’s convenient for you, call me that.”

When Julietta answered, the carriage arrived at the dressing shop. As soon as the carriage stopped in the coach house, Gibson jumped off the driver’s seat and said, “Lady, I’ll get Amelie and Sophie, you have to stay here until I get back. You must not come out. Do you understand?”

Beyond the closed door, Julietta could feel Gibson’s great anxiety, so she replied that she would do that.

Soon after he disappeared, a loud noise was heard and the carriage door burst open.

“Oh, my God, Julietta! What’s this look like?”

Sophie screamed unconsciously when she saw Julietta sitting back almost naked in a short underskirt, and her wig had moved back and was hanging on her shoulders. The woman cowering like a sinner in the corner of a carriage didn’t even come into their eyes.

“Be quiet. What if someone hears us inside? Give me the clothes.”

Amelie took the dress from Sophie’s hand, as she was about to fall down in shock. She came into the carriage and quickly began to dress Julietta. Finally, Amelie put on her wig again and sighed, groaning when she saw the woman on the other side who was so intimidated.

“What’s going on, miss? Oh my God, it’s probably the first time I’ve been surprised like this since I lost my home to a gambling debt.” Amelie said that and looked back at Julietta with an embarrassed face as she called for Gibson.

Sophie also looked at Julietta with a bewildered face as she looked at the strange woman in the carriage.

Julietta sighed, looking at the helpless two.

“Don’t look like that. Phoebe, I’m sorry. Let me introduce myself again.” Julietta said, reaching out one hand to Phoebe. “My name is Julietta. I’m called Iris now. People shouldn’t know that I’m Julietta. You will keep the secret, won’t you?”

Phoebe replied enthusiastically, holding carefully the hand that Julietta had put out. “Yes, of course! Of course. No, I haven’t heard or seen anything about what just happened.”

Amelie and Sophie looked a little relieved when they saw Phoebe nodding as hard as she could. Amelie told the approaching Gibson, “I think you’ll need a doctor from the look on your face. Gibson, call Dr. Paulo at Forty-fourth street. He’s a heavy-mouthed, so you can trust him.”

Gibson nodded and hurried on.

“He must be out of his mind. He can take the wagon after we get off, but he is running away.”

When Sophie looked pitifully at Gibson’s running back, Amelie said, “It’s not far away, but we can think of it as him exercising. Julietta, get off quickly. Fortunately, the annex is very quiet today. There’s no one here to see you,” Amelie said sarcastically, as they to stay away from the annex except for sleeping, because of the group of the Prince came in and out of it like their own house.

Sophie was worried when Julietta tried to help the woman in front of her. “Julie, we’ll take her on our own, so you go to the annex. I’m worried about someone coming in while looking like this.”

Sophie dressed her roughly and put the wig back on, but she jumped up and down looking at her busty figure.

Julietta thought it would only take more time if she helped, so she headed to the annex quickly.

After watching Julietta leave the wagon, Amelie and Sophie looked at the woman in the wagon. “Oh my God, your face is a mess. Look at this blood… I think you hurt a lot, can you walk?”

When Amelie asked her a worried question, Phoebe replied, feeling like she became guilty. “I don’t have one leg…”

“Oh, my God. What happened?… Then put one arm on me and lean on me like this.” Sophie quickly held her other side while the big Amelie almost carried the woman on her back and managed to get her out of the carriage.

“How hard it must have been like that! Just hang in there a little bit more. All you have to do is cross the garden over there.”


As they entered the annex sweating profusely, Julietta, who had been waiting hurried up to them. “You’ve been suffered through a lot. You have a wound on your back. Are you okay?”

Only then did Amelie and Sophie notice the wound. They were frightened as they laid Phoebe down on the sofa and looked at her back.

“Oh, my God! Is this blood or sweat? It’s blood!” Sophie was unable to see her bloody back because of her dark dress. She touched it and lamented, “How painful it must have been for the fabric to rub against the raw wound! Let’s take your clothes off quickly. If you stay this way and get caught in this heat, you’ll be in big trouble.”

Amelie quickly brought the bedsheets down from the bedroom on the second floor.

“I think it’s not going to be easy to go upstairs, but I don’t know what else to do.” As Sophie spoke she stripped off Phoebe’s maid uniform. Amelie grumbled, covering her naked body with sheets. “She can’t even be here. There’s a man who comes and goes from here like his own house.”

“I’ll tell him. Don’t come in the future.”

At Julietta’s words, Amelia snorted. “He’ll not hear what you’re saying. Come on, I think it’d be better to clean out the empty bedroom on the second floor of the main house and have her stay there. Besides, if we are out working, the annex would be empty, but wouldn’t it be better to have someone nearby than to be here alone? She could call someone to help her.”

“Oh, that would be better. The bedroom in the main house has a bathroom, so I think it’ll be more comfortable to stay in.”


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