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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 149: Preparation Is Completed, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 149. Preparation Is Completed, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

A cane hit a woman’s back without mercy. It was tolerable to that extent, but cold liquid soon burned her back.

“What about this? I am sterilizing you for fear of getting infected.” Francis drank from the bottle of wine he had been dripping on her and struck Phoebe without warning as she was crying in pain. Phoebe wanted to bite her tongue to forget the pain of her back as she heard him curse.

But she couldn’t die like this. She had grown up in a brothel and lost her leg, but survived even when she took poison. She could never die until she avenged herself on the woman who had thrown her to this beastly man. She swore and vowed that she would never die until she took her revenge on the woman who had kidnapped her. They had nothing to do with her, but because she was of the lowest status, they put her into hell in this way.

Phoebe did not lose her pure and kind heart when she drank poison to die on behalf of another, but she pledged to avenge herself a week after she was kidnapped.

It was the decisive blow after she was forcibly taken away from her new life. It was so precious to live the life of freedom that she knew only after she passed the threshold of death after living without knowing what hope was.

Every day she was beaten, trampled and woken up repeatedly.

Phoebe couldn’t stand up straight, having lost her prosthetic leg earlier. When she tried to stand, she was kicked relentlessly. The Prince had ordered that she should not be allowed to stand even when he was not there.

This mansion set up by Marquis Marius on Harrods Street was often used by the Prince when he could not go to Diaby. Francis tormented Phoebe all night on Harrods Street, and in the morning, he returned to the Imperial Castle.

A few days after the first time he left, Phoebe passed out and woke up and felt something different than usual.

The ground she was lying on was rough, unlike the Prince’s mansion. Barely opening her eyes and looking around, she was surprised to find herself lying in a squalid alley, and she lifted herself up in astonishment.

They had abandoned her here with only a minimum of clothing. The ‘Under The Wings of Angels’, which she thought was the ugliest so far, did not throw people away like this.

She didn’t understand why they abandoned her. She had not done anything wrong. If he were bored and told her to get out, she would have been happy to crawl out on her hands and knees.

After being stuck in the spot for a while, Phoebe decided to go all the way to the far-sighted main road, thinking that she could not die as she was.

There was nothing to lean on. Eventually, Phoebe crawled on one knee and began to move, as she had done all week.

The rough ground was not like a carpet, and tore up her skin, and stuck rocks and sand in the torn wound, but it didn’t matter. She only hoped to be found by a person who had the heart to pity her, so that she might not be seen by another wicked person.

Just as she managed to get out of the dark alley, she heard a breathing sound above her.


Julieta became free to act after disguising herself as a maid. She met Lilian, who was now determined to help out, and was on her way back in a carriage. The heat wave seemed to have abated, and she would quickly arrive at the dressing shop, once she was away from Harrods Street.

“Gibson, the weather is so nice. I’m going to walk along, would you like to go on ahead?”

When she opened the window connected to the driver’s seat and spoke to Gibson, an unquestionably determined voice replied, “No, miss. If you feel stuffy, it’s okay to walk for a while. I’ll follow you slowly from behind”

“Well, then I’m sorry. Just go.”

“No, miss. I want to enjoy the scenery and follow you slowly.”

At Gibson’s caring words, Julietta no longer declined and stepped out of the carriage. The weather was just too nice to stay in.

They were about to pass the boulevard between two mansions, appreciating their gardens.

Something popped out of the narrow alley between the mansions. Surprised, Julietta almost screamed without realizing it, but managed to hold herself back.

She thought it was a ghost, but she looked closely and saw it was a person with white hair. As soon as she approached, surprised by the way the other was crawling on the ground, the person flinched as they felt a person’s presence. Julietta was so frightened when she saw the woman who looked up, and quickly approached her. “Are you all right?”

She had thought the person was an old man because of her white hair, but she was a young woman. She had suffered a severe injury to her back, and was missing one leg. In addition, she was wearing nothing but underwear. She was so miserable that her hands were shaking.

Julieta had nothing to give her but a hot summer dress, and quickly took off her dress, calling out to Gibson, who was a little ahead of her.

“Gibson, Gibson! Come back!”

She couldn’t yell out to her heart’s content in case they heard her inside the mansions. Because it was a simple, easy-to-wear maid uniform, Julietta took off her dress and was now in her underskirt as she covered the woman lying on her stomach. She didn’t think to dress her because she was covered with blood-soaked underwear and wounds, and was just going to cover her up.

The dainty, skinny hand grasped the clothes. The woman shuddered and tried to dress herself with discomfort. When Julietta noticed what the woman wanted, she began to help her.

Gibson turned back when he heard Julietta’s voice. When he saw Julietta dressed in a short underskirt, he turned his eyes away and looked up. “Miss, oh my God! What’s this?”

Unconcerned Gibson, Julietta worked hard to dress the woman without caring about it. Gibson hurriedly took the knee blanket out of the wagon and put it around Julietta. “Oh, Miss. I didn’t see anything. No, it’s not like this. Come on. Get on the wagon. I’m afraid someone will come.”

When Gibson had eyes in the sky and stamped his feet, Julietta was suddenly conscious of their surroundings and climbed into the carriage he opened.

“Gibson, come on. Let’s get her inside the carriage. Come on.”

It wasn’t until Julietta got into the carriage that Gibson noticed someone else besides her. Now he knew why the lady was in her short underskirt in the middle of the street.


He lifted up the nearly naked woman and put her in a carriage. The woman was so light that even the skinny, thin Gibson could lift her up. As soon as he picked up the woman, Gibson hurried to close the carriage door, and began driving the carriage at high speed.

Julietta breathed a sigh of relief only after pulling down the wide-open wagon curtain. She looked across at the woman sitting on the other side. “Are you all right?”

Phoebe looked at the woman in front of her who had undressed for her. She felt like she had met an angel who came down from the sky.

Since she was struggling with clothes, her black wig was stripped off and hung at an angle on her head. The gleaming blonde hair on her forehead made her look like an angel with a halo.

She was mesmerized by her dazzling expression, and she could feel the angel saying something to her with a worried face. After coming to her senses, Phoebe thanked her with all her heart. “Thank you. Thank you very much for saving me. I will never forget this kindness.”

The woman in front of her grabbed the clothes she had barely worn and nodded, and Julietta quickly stopped her. “I think you’re not feeling well, but that’s all right, so stop that.”

Phoebe was flustered by the honorific language she had never heard before. “Lower your words. I’m not the type to hear that.”

Julietta spoke strongly, holding the arms of the woman who was desperate and trying to hold her head again. “There is no one who is not a person worthy of hearing that. You and I met for the first time today. So you don’t have to be that harsh. What’s your name?”


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