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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 146: Preparation Is Completed, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 146. Preparation Is Completed, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Sophie replied to Julietta, “Well, that’s nothing. I just don’t know if we can leave it alone while we’re away because we’re busy working during the day.”

“I think it’s been a while since it got weaned, but it’s already controlled its bowel movements. I’ll still have to make a small fence. You can leave it out there when you’re working.”

Although Manny whined as if he didn’t like the fence, Julietta carefully put Manny down on the luxury cushion Ian had brought from the Imperial Castle and began to build a fence out of the corset animal bones.

“Everything is done. Manny, you’ve been waiting a long time, haven’t you?”

Julietta put a cylindrical fence around Manny’s cushion.

“I’ll be relieved if I leave it like this. Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to get into trouble, but I’m afraid it’s too small to see and you could step on it.”

“We’re relieved, too. We almost couldn’t work if we had to be careful, but it’s very good.”

Sophie approached the fence and stroked Manny. “Baby. How can you leave your mother and suffer at this strange place?”

Watching Manny waving its tail and sniffing Sophie’s hand, Julietta said, “I’ll have to go. It’s later than usual today.”

While Julietta put on a hat hanging on one side, Amelie called Gibson, who was trimming the garden. “Gibson, Julieta’s going back. Come on in.”

“Vera is in the kitchen. It looks like the Marquise liked the seafood soup bread she took over yesterday. She liked how the cook dug a circle in the bread and put soup in it. I’ll call her back because she’s been waiting since the cook told her to make more,” Sophie said.

As Sophie went out to call Vera, Julietta began helping Amelie put her new hat into the hat box while she waited.

Gibson, who had been free for a long time, went out to the garden and started looking for work to do or to see if there was anything to repair in the dressing shop. Vera, who followed Julietta when nothing special was going on with Simone, chatted with Amelie and Sophie or went to visit Mrs. Sarasa on the second floor.

As Gibson came in with his hands brushed off, Amelie nagged him, “You’re having a hard time in this heat. Take this box with you today.”

The people of the mansion knew that the princess went shopping on Eloz street every day. She often tricked them by carrying a box with a hat, gloves and a light summer shawl made just like today.

Julietta finished petting Manny and got up. Sophie had called for Vera, but now came in and whispered low, “Julietta, there’s someone here. I heard he is here on the introduction of the Marquis of Oswald.”

When Julietta heard that, she took off her hat again as if she had forgotten something

“The manager who was introduced to me by His Excellency Marquis Oswald was coming today, but I forgot. Your Highness brought Manny, and I was completely distracted.”

As Julietta hurried out to the hall, a gentleman in his fifties holding the teacup Vera gave him quickly rose.

“Welcome. I’ve heard a lot from the Marquis of Oswald. You’re a relative of the butler of the family of the Marquis. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you, the princess. I am Max Ullio. I’m worried if I can do the work well, as I’ve only worked as a butler for the noble family, but I will do my best to be the manager of the dressing shop.”

His gentle smile was very reassuring. Julietta smiled as she said, “Don’t worry,” thinking she was right to ask Oswald.

“I don’t think you will have a hard time, because most things will be very similar. We won’t have many customers until the opening party in two weeks, so we need to get some staff before then. Here’s the list of employees we need in the dressing shop.”

Julietta held out two sheets of paper. One was the list of employees needed in the Chartreu Dressing Shop, and the other was the list needed for the Raefany’s Jewelry Store.

Julieta smiled apologetically to Ullio, who looked curiously at the two pages.

“Your Excellency Marquis Oswald asked me if I could hire someone to work at the jewelry store that will open in two weeks.”

“I think he seems to trust Mr. Ullio very much.”

At her words, Ullio smiled quietly and looked at two sheets of paper. “It’s not difficult, but I’m afraid I can’t recruit them. The manager who will work at the jewelry store might have an employee that fits him.”

Julietta smiled brightly at his wise words. “You don’t have to worry about that. The madame who will take on Raefany’s doesn’t care about that at all.”

Originally, Ullio was the man Oswald had appointed as the manager of Raefany’s. But the nomination was changed at Julietta’s recommendation. When she thought it would be better to open Raefany’s in front of the Eileen Theater, she naturally nominated Lillian as the madame of the store.

It was not a commission workshop, but a shop that would sell finished products, so the manager had a more symbolic job of managing and dealing with customers.


When she was in the theater, Julietta used to be in Lillian’s waiting room when the prop room became hectic due to the actresses’ preparations before the show. Lillian’s private waiting room was quiet, unlike the small prop room, which was similar to a waiting room for extras. Security guards guarded the entrance to the waiting room to prevent countless wooers from disturbing her.

While Lillian’s maid helped her dress up, Julietta used to paint the dresses Lillian wore in a sketchbook. Lillian smiled at Julietta, who also conjured up dresses of different designs as she drew Lillian’s dresses.

“Do you want to be a designer some day?”

Julietta who had a cynical twenty-year-old soul would answer soft Lillian’s questions, “It costs a lot of money to own a store and be called a designer. I don’t have the confidence to make such a complex and delicate dress. It’s hard work.”

“Then what is Julietta’s dream? Do you want to be an actress?”

Julietta replied to Lillian as she wanted to hear, her voice warning Julietta away from that job. “I can’t do that because I can’t sing. You know I am a tone-deaf person. I’m going to work as a maid for a rich family.”

“Why are you to be a maid, of all things?” Lillian asked in surprise when “a maid” came out of the mouth of a child who was supposed to be dreaming.

“That job has a good monthly pay. I think I can set up a small clothing store in the North Territory for a few years if I save for it. Then I’m leaving with Amelie and Sophie.”

Lillian laughed at the specific hope for the future. When tears came to her eyes in a whirlwind of laughter, she said deliberately, “I feel sorry for you. Are you just taking Amelia and Sophie? What about me? I want to go too!”

Julietta glanced up at Lillian and shook her head. “Lillian’s too pretty, you can’t go with me.”


Lillian, knowing her meaning, laughed as if not to worry. “By then, I’ll be old, so no one’s going to look at me. I want to set up a jewelry store next to it. It makes me happy when I look at glittering things.”

“We need a place for a jeweler’s shop, and a rural area is not fit for it. Shall we go south, then?”

“That’s good. Customers will come to buy clothes to wear at a good place, and buy clothes at Julietta’s and jewelry at my store.”



Julietta had remembered what had happened at that time and suggested her to Oswald. “If I recommend Miss Lillian as the Madame of Raefany’s, would the Marquis of Rhodius be opposed?”

When she first came back to Dublin, Julietta went to Lillian for help about her troubled future. Lillian was worried about her reckless decision, asking about what had happened in the meantime after she said Prince Killian had visited her.

At that time, Lillian said she had enough money to open a store in a small town, and asked her to leave with Amelie and Sophie when everything was done.


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