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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 145: Preparation Is Completed, Part IV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 145. Preparation Is Completed, Part IV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian stroked her soft blond hair without realizing it, feeling sympathy for her. He had no idea how hard it must have been to be who she was and how many things had happened.

He had a very hard time as a child, but had lived a rich life without being blocked by anything ever since. However, Julietta lost her parents at an even younger age than he had lost his mother, and she had no place to rest and endured all this time without any comfort.

‘Was I attracted by such toughness?’

He liked her brave heart, which had not grown cold feet before the Prince, whose stature was as high as the sky. When she rejected his offer and disappeared, he felt more regretful about losing what he liked than anger at her. After he met her again as Princess Kiellini, day by day he was falling in love with her.

Julietta was constantly agonizing over it. Killian looked at her, who had no objection even though he was stroking her hair. “Mrs. Raban will not object. Isn’t he a puppy brought by her dear niece?”

Julietta’s eyes darkened when he said she “dear niece”. Killian told Julietta not to worry, for Marquis Raban could not speak to Julietta who had the power of the Prince at her back, but regretted when he saw she was hurt by his words.

“Or why not rather raise it in this annex? You will stay in your bedroom and refuse any visits because you are sick starting today. I don’t think it’s going to be easy to carry a dog if you want to go in and out in disguise.”

Killian’s words made Julietta more cautious.

‘Will Mrs. Raban watch me pretend to be sick? I’m in the middle of the social season… But I’m sure she will also shrink from the approach of Prince Francis. So I’d better tell her that I’m afraid I’ll get too close to him before I go down to Tilia, and should pretend I’m sick to avoid people.’

In fact, Simone’s behavior these past few days had been a little strange. She had thought Simone would ask her to attend several parties or meetings to further solidify her position as the princess until she went back to Tilia, but she didn’t care at all what Julietta was doing, as if she was preoccupied by something these days.

When she said she would go to the dressing shop every morning, she only said, “I wish you a pleasant journey,” and never said anything about how long she would visit, when she would be back, or what she had to be careful about with her actions.

Thanks to that, Julietta was very happy these days. But this kind of life would soon be over. If she thought about the future, it certainly seemed better to leave Manny in the separate house than to take him to the mansion.

Soon after the season was over, she had to return to Tilia. She didn’t know how long she would stay in Tilia before she got back to her own name, but she didn’t want to take Manny to such an uncomfortable place to be ill-treated with her.

Julietta wanted to make sure that she judged the situation correctly. Julietta asked Killian as if she were seeking his advice, “My aunt doesn’t want me to be associated with Prince Francis, does she? After the season, I have to return to Tilia and meet someone to marry. If I say I’m sick and reduce going out, I think she’ll like it better. I’m going to have to make an excuse for Prince Francis if she scolds me.”

“Yes, you are right. Mrs. Raban will not want the princess to get involved in one thing or another since you have to return soon.”

Killian’s answer brightened Julietta’s face. From Simone’s point of view, it could not have been better for her to be deeply associated with Prince Francis, Christine, and other nobles.

She had finished her debut party safely, and at the next tea party, she impressed on them the image of Princess Kiellini deeply. It made her feel light to think that Simone would rather want her to act like this, and return to Tilia rather than attract more attention.

Killian added another word to make Julietta feel better. “And this is a secret, but he’s not a regular puppy.”

Julietta’s eyes widened, and Killian burst out laughing as he looked her surprise.

Killian, unaware of the surprise of Julietta and everyone in the annex, chuckled, “It’s not a surprising thing. I was just trying to tell you that it was a mixed-blood from a divine animal, but it’s rather embarrassing since you are so surprised.”

“A divine animal?” Julietta tilted her head, as this was the first she had heard of this in her life.

“It’s a divine animal that disappeared so long ago, so it has faded from people’s memories, and now most people don’t know about it.”

In fact, there were classes for the Princes and high-ranking aristocrats about the history of Austern, foreign ethnic groups related to the Empire and the divine animals who had defended the Emperors of the past. However, Julietta had to make her debut as a princess in a short period of time, and did not know about history or anything else because she only had classes of manners and dance education.

Recognizing that, Killian added, “General people don’t know what it is,” trying to protect Julietta’s dignity.

“What is a divine animal?”

“In the beginning, when the Lenaid continent was created and the heads of each tribe built their own country, there was a divine animal beside them that God had given them. A divine animal is a very precious creature that has not appeared on the continent many times. So, there is a legend that whoever a divine animal serves as its master will be a very great Emperor.”

Surprised at Killian’s words, Julietta asked, “Is it okay to give me such a valuable divine animal? You could be a great Emperor.”

“Do you think I should rely on such a divine animal? And it’s not even a divine animal. It’s a mixed-blood from a divine animal.”

“How did you know? It’s an ordinary puppy, no matter how hard I look.”

“It has no sexual organs. It is asexual. Among the creatures who have existed within the continent those that are asexual are divine animals.”

“How does it preserve its species if it’s asexual?”

“Only a divine animal who has lived more than a hundred years has a month to mate in its lifetime. It’s said that the divine animal will turn into a female or a male, and give birth to only one offspring. I’ve heard that during the mating period, there were also divine animals who mated with other animals.”

“I see.”

Everyone was embarrassed to see Killian talking directly in front of the noble lady about mating. But Julietta didn’t look at all perturbed and just asked questions. “Then, will Manny live more than a hundred years, too? I’ll have to hand over my property to Manny so that it can live comfortably, even if I die first.”

Killian put the brake on words that went too far. “It’s a mixed-blood from a divine animal, but I don’t know how much. However, since there is no sign of a new appearance that boasts the colorful fur of a divine animal, I can only assume that the blood was mixed weakly.”


Julietta nodded at Kilian’s explanation. “Well, what if there’s blood mixed with it and not with it? It doesn’t matter at all. Do you agree, Manny?”

Manny had been roaming about on the green carpet, and came waddling up at the sound of her call. Julietta held Manny in her arms and laughed. “Manny, whether you are a divine animal or not, I don’t need all that, so just grow up healthy.”


“Oh, it’s a puppy.”

After Killian spent a long time in the annex and went back, Julietta hugged Manny and went over to the studio.

“His Highness picked it up on his way to the dressing shop. I finally got his permission after I pestered him to let me raise it.”

Amelie shook her head as she remembered the image of the Prince, who would have put on airs as it was clear that he had brought it on purpose.

“But I got permission from the Prince, but I don’t think I can take it the mansion of the Duke. I’ll be in a separate house after I’ve finished acting as Princess Kiellini, so can you take care of it until then?”


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