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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 142: Preparation Is Completed, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 142. Preparation Is Completed, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“I don’t want to go in. Why do I have to go into an orphan like this? I miss my mom and dad. I don’t like this shabby place where there’s no pretty dresses or anything delicious.” The five-year-old Julietta’s soul began to cry sadly. “I don’t want to live with these beggars. Why did you make this happen to me? Why, why?”

The small child had an unusual disposition. Manny was stumped by the way she glared at him with hatred in her soul.

“Then, are you going to wander around like this, without a body?”

“At least I’m not cold and hungry.”

Manny eagerly hung on the child’s impertinent words. “If you don’t go in, I’ll get in trouble. Please go in.”

“It’s none of my business whether you’re in trouble or not.” The child didn’t bat an eye at Manny’s plea.

“There’s nothing good in holding out like this. A child’s soul is the devil’s best prey. Do you want to be eaten by the devil?”

Manny unexpectedly summoned one of the rookie devils working under the Lord God and threatened the child. The devil might feel bad, but in the human world, the rumors about the devil were so bad that it was very good to use it in an emergency.

Julietta’s soul, flinching at Manny’s threats, suddenly began to cry more bitterly. “You even threaten me to cover up your mistakes like this! That’s too much!”

As the child’s crying became worse, Manny looked up at the heavenly world where the Lord God might be without knowing it. When he thought he should give up and go and beg for forgiveness, her spirit stopped crying and said, “Okay, I don’t like it very much, but I’ll go in because it’s better than being eaten by the devil. Instead, send me back to where I was.”

Manny scratched his head, troubled. “No, not right now. The soul and the body can’t cross the dimension together.”

“Then put my soul in a body where I lived.”

“That, that’s difficult, too. The time and condition should be fit for the soul to cross the dimension. I can’t send a soul here and there recklessly.”

“That’s your situation. And if you’re telling me like that, why am I here?”

“I don’t know why, either. It’s the first time this has happened, and I’m also embarrassed.”

“If you don’t promise to send me back to where I was born, I’ll just keep wandering around.”

A denying soul could not be forced into another body. Manny became impatient and almost begged, “Then let me find a way for the soul and the body to pass on together. I can’t lie, so you have to keep your word. So, can’t you trust me and go in there?”

Julietta’s former soul hesitated for a moment at Manny’s begging. “Then promise. But I can’t wait forever, so please tell me the time frame. You have to give me a rough time, and a promise.”

Manny had no talent for explaining a situation where it was difficult to set standards because the flow of time varied from dimension to dimension, and spoke scrupulously. “I’ve been reprimanded for this. As soon as my punishment is over, I’ll come and send you to the same level of your original life.”

So, Julietta’s original soul entered the body of a child named Ryu Soo-jin of South Korea. After confirming that her soul had settled in the body, Manny had managed to finish the work and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he thought about how to report this to the Lord God.

The Lord God had a meeting with the gods about why the twinkling of the star and the ink on the list did not match while Manny was taking care of the work and returning. The three gods, each in charge of birth, fate, and death, looked at the name of the list he pointed out with serious faces.

“I think there’s been a mistake in the dimensional arrangements of both souls from the very beginning,” Eva, the god of birth and life, admitted her mistake.

“How come you made that mistake?” Thian, the god of war and death, who was commonly known to humans as the devil, laughed.

“You must have made a mistake in a state of drunkenness.” Eli, the god of relationships and fate, was irritated to see the faint name that was almost erased.

“Stop. It’s no use arguing about what’s already happened. How are you going to fix it?”

Eva kicked Eli’s leg at the anger of the Lord God.

Eli sighed at the kick, asking for help. “I think the star of fate was erasing her own name, rejecting the changed soul. That’s why the ink on the list has faded away. If we’d let it go, we’d have a bigger problem.”

Eli opened his list and began to look at the threads of fate that spread like a web from every person’s name. After a moment’s silent retracing of the star’s master, he burst out laughing loudly. “That’s why people are so great. They live such a short life and try to carve out their own destiny. That greed to keep up with their own is truly amazingly beautiful.”

Eli looked at the thread of fate changing from place to place and pointed to one. “I think we should give an award to Manny. Eva has put here how he knew about the mistake this asshole made.”

Eva sat down like a dead puppy, despite the relentless swearing of the jerk.

“Put here?” asked Tian, raising his eyes from Eli’s list, which he could not recognize no matter how much he looked into.

“I guess they never meant to miss their lost destiny. Two other fates found their place when they met Manny. The faded list will be filled with new names before it is erased, if the owner of this star finds her own way.”

At Eli’s words, the Lord God breathed a sigh of relief.

Even though they were gods, they had no way of knowing the meaning of the cosmos, because they were only managers.

Manny had finished his work and came to report to the Lord God, who was relieved to hear that things would work out somehow.

“What? You promised to send her body and soul to her original dimension?”

Manny cried and appealed to the Lord God, who looked angry enough to burst into flames. “I couldn’t help it because she didn’t want to go in. Even if I had looked for another body, she would have been able to hold on and not go in.”

The Lord God breathed a sigh at Manny’s sad sniff. In a way, it was like Manny had done a good job about what had happened because of Eva.

“I tried to forgive you for this, but I can’t. Punishment will be given to you, but I’ll keep the promise you made. Mother Nature will forgive you for breaking the rules of the dimension once. I hope she will be satisfied with her new body without being greedy. Needless greed only brings her disaster…”


Though the original soul went back to life, the Lord God felt sorry for the soul who could not give up wanting what she had in her short period of life.

Mani jumped about as if he were dancing for joy, hear the words that he had solved this problem and let the rest go in one ear and out the other. “Thank you, the Lord God. I’ll accept any punishment.”

The Lord God said to Manny who thought it would be a bookkeeping or a ban on going out to the human world at best. “Go to the soul of Austern who is suffering because of you, ask for forgiveness, give comfort and joy throughout the life of the child, and return.”

Eva did the original wrong, but he could not disclose the fault of those called gods, so the Lord God did not tell Manny. However, since it was true that the two changed souls had suffered damage, he decided to compensate them.

The soul on the one side was resolved by granting the wish to go beyond the dimension, and the soul on the other was to be given the opportunity to manage Manny as a servant.


Manny cried even more sadly, thinking why he was driven out into the human world in the form of a dog. Of course, Killian and Ian only heard a puppy chattering.

Manny came with Killian to the castle of Asta in the Imperial Castle, and was brought down to the highest quality velvet cushion, embroidered with golden thread, to be examined by the royal physician.


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