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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 140: Manny, Part III Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 140. Manny, Part III

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Since most women use jewelry, I think a friendly name would be better. Wouldn’t it be odd if the name of the shop where the beautiful jewels sparkle is Peter or James?”

“It certainly doesn’t sound good. Then what feminine name would you like?”

Julieta tilted her head to one side and began to think seriously. Ignoring Killian’s stare, she listed the names of the famous jewelry chains she knew in her head.

Killian suddenly felt bad about Julietta, who seemed to have forgotten his existence.

He wished she would never forget him for a moment in her life, be it sitting down, sleeping or eating. But sometimes she didn’t even think about him when she was sitting in front of him.

“What about Julietta?”

Julietta, who was running her head busily for the right name, stared blankly at Killian’s question.

“Julietta is a perfect name for the name of the jewelry store. As you recommended, it is a feminine name, and cute and beautiful.”

Julietta was shocked inwardly and thought urgently, ‘What is this guy thinking?’

“Your Highness, hold on a second. Well, I was going to think of a better name than Julietta. Please wait a moment.”

Killian laughed as he watched Julieta being restless.

He was very satisfied to see her sparkling green eyes constantly twitching at him, wondering whether he would push for the name Julietta. She was pouting as if she were trying to say something, but now she was ready to run on him.

Julietta gazed at him fiercely, her thoughts fumbling. ‘Julietta? That’s ridiculous. What would I name it? What is good? If it’s for jewels, the jewelry store from that movie comes to mind first. But I feel ashamed to just use it as it is.’

She decided after agonizing over it. Raefany; Rae was a female noun and fany was the last half of the name of that jewelry store.

Julietta who decided the name in the hope of a big hit like the jewelry shop in the movie said hurriedly.

“How’s Raefany’s?”

“Raefany’s? It is definitely feminine. But what does that mean? I’ve never heard of using it in the name of a woman.”

Julietta just smiled at Killian’s question. “It’s pretty. It’s good to hear and pretty, and not common. I like it, but do you like it?”

Killian smiled and agreed with her pretty smile. “No, I like it, too. All right. Now my new jewelry store will be called Raefany’s.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I feel the urge to go in and buy at the mere mention of the name. Of course, it’s because I named it.”

“I heard from Oswald. I heard that you proposed the goal of a store where everyone dreams of buying jewelry there. I’ll make sure to do that. I hope this dressing shop will do the same.”

At Killian’s words, Julietta’s eyes sparkled. “Yes, Your Highness. I want people to think it’s best to buy clothes in the Chartreu Dressing Shop and wear Raefany’s jewelry. We will make it happen.”

Killian was so excited when Julietta, who always called him ‘Your Highness’ like a prudish, wary cat, used the term “we” in her excitement.

“Yes, we’ll try and make it happen.”

Julietta suddenly rose from her seat, feeling some unknown danger from Killian, who whispered low in a voice that seemed to drip honey.

“Your Highness, I’ll leave now. I have a lot of work to do for the party in two weeks.”

“It’s been a few days since I saw you. Are you leaving now? Well, that’s too bad. Then shall I go to the studio?”

Julietta shook her head quickly at Killian, who asked as if she was leaving his own home.

“No. Even if we don’t have any customers, we don’t know when they’re coming, and it’ll be a big problem if they know you’re in the studio. Please stay here and return.”

At the end of the talk, Julietta left the house. Killian said to Ian, watching her go, “She is not going to show herself any more today. Francis is back, so I’d better go back to the Imperial Castle early today.”

“Yes, Your Highness. I’ll send a message to Harrods’ mansion.”

Killian dissuaded Ian from trying to send a message to fetch the wagon at Harrods Street, where the Prince’s carriage was parked.

“No, I’d rather return to Harrods Street and change carriages. It’s not a very good idea to switch a carriage on the street like before.”

The Killian group rose from their seats and left the annex.


Killian, casually looking out the window on the way to the Harrods’ mansion, ordered the carriage to stop. As the carriage stopped on the deserted side of the road in broad daylight, Killian asked Ian, “Look over there. Isn’t that white bundle a puppy?”

“That’s right, Your Highness. It’s still a baby, but why was it left on the road?”

“Bring it here first. It caught my eyes; I think I have a connection to that creature.”

Ian hurried down from the carriage and picked up the young puppy sleeping in the shade of the mansion to avoid the sweltering summer sun.

“It’s a newborn puppy who doesn’t seem to have been weaned.”

Ian carefully wrapped up the puppy and showed it to Killian. The little puppy had no fur pursed its mouth, as if it were trying to suck some milk with no eyes open.

Killian held the little puppy in one hand thought quietly and told Ian, “I don’t know how long it’s been going in this heat, but its vitality must be quite strong. I like it very much. If this white puppy grows big, I think it’ll look good.”

“It’s going to be a very good gift for Princess Kiellini. I’ll take it to the Imperial Castle today to see a royal physician, and take it to the princess tomorrow.”


The white puppy that Killian found, Manny, burrowed into a big hand and sniffed in sorrow. Manny was filled with resentment at the thought of God, who was too cruel, punishing him for one mistake.

He thought it was strange somehow. Things had been twisted since he changed the soul of young Julietta, whose star of fate was still twinkling. He was so arrogant, behaving recklessly, thinking, She is a person who’s scheduled to die soon.

Manny had just been promoted to the manager of the dimension, and was just about to go through a list of stars of fate that would be important figures for each dimension. Those subject to special care had very sensitive and complex fate lines, so even a little bit of neglect had left them far out of their intended orbits. So, he used to crosscheck them with the stars of fate.

Then suddenly Manny found a name that was faint and hard to read.

‘It’s weird. The star of this name is shining beautifully…’

Surprised, Manny went through the list again. After a while of contrasting, he tried to find out where the previous manager had made a mistake, but he was quickly fed up with too much data and became tired of it all.

Manny thought it was too unfair to go through so much data for something that wasn’t his responsibility, and found a new way. The idea was to find a soul that seemed unimportant at other levels and inject it into the body of the star’s owner. Manny began to wander around the dimension.


He saw the unmotivated Jenna walking down the street as he quickly tried to find another soul before the body without a soul died.

The skinny girl’s shoulders drooped before the crossing, waiting for the traffic light to change. Even among those who lived with hard work, her back stuck in Manny’s eyes.

Manny wanted to get close and look at the girl, and decided to transform himself into one of the animals that humans considered most familiar. Becoming a small white dog, Manny approached the girl who was looking straight down the ground.

The men waiting together at the crossing looked at him, complimented his beauty, patted him, and worried about where his house was, but the girl was just staring at the ground. Worried that he might be taken away as an ownerless dog, Manny stood next to Jenna and acted as if she were his owner.

The girl who was not aware of the existence of the puppy was murmuring with deep sighs, even after Manny rubbed his head against her leg.

“Shall I die?”

Manny was angry and startled, and kept rubbing himself against her leg, but the girl didn’t notice anything until the traffic light changed. Jenna moved her feet reflexively to cross as the other people rushed across.

“Yap-yap, yap-yap.”


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