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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 14: Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part V Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 14. Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part V

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Looking at Moira, who was agonizing for a while with a cup of tea in case she misunderstood, Julietta pretended not to know, and said, as if she were sorry for the good medicine, “I’ll tell the head maid frankly that I drank it. When the head maid scolds me, you have to tell her that you told me to drink.”

Julieta, who knew it wouldn’t do much harm by drinking a cup of contraceptive tea anyway, was really willing to drink it. However, if she was caught, she’d be kicked out.

As she reached out to take the tea away from Moira, who was tilting her head, Moira gulped down the red tea with a sour expression. It would be good if it was to protect her body, and even if it was tea to stop her from getting pregnant, she could not help but drink it because the maid said she would tell the head maid if she didn’t drink it.

While drinking tea, Moira gazed at the threatening maid. She was deceived even though she knew better, as she couldn’t leave the Prince’s side.

Julietta intentionally made a very regrettable face, looking at Moira who drank it, her expression full of complaints.

Looking at the expression on her face, Moira believed this maid truly thought that the tea was healthy.

When she handed over the empty teacup, Julietta accepted it with absolute politeness. Moira liked Julietta, who treated herself more like a queen than the maids who always looked down on her.

“I want you to serve the tea from now on.”

Julietta’s face hardened at Moira’s way of speaking, as if she was giving her a big grace. It was because she was annoyed that she was taking on more unnecessary work. However, as she was unable to show her inner thoughts, she immediately bowed her head deeply to express her gratitude and stepped out of the room.

Anna, meanwhile, ran to the head maid after ordering Julietta to run an errand.

“Head maid, Julietta broke the order and took the tea into Lady Moira’s room.”

Johanna was consulting the chef on the Prince’s breakfast menu and looked back at Anna’s words. “What are you talking about? I told the girl not to show herself in front of the guests; what’s Nicole doing?”

“I don’t know. I saw her go into the Lady’s room and I came to tell you right away. It would be a big problem if the Lady doesn’t drink the tea. I think you should go.”

“What the hell is wrong with her? No matter how she brought an introductory letter from Marquis Rhodius, I’ll have to kick her out right away.”

Knowing that there was a scuffle every time she sent the tea to Moira’s room, Johanna ran nervously down the hall. When she arrived in front of Moira’s room at the innermost part of the hall, she saw Julietta leaving the door.

As soon as she saw Julietta, Johanna dragged her out from the front of the door, far away, and flew into a rage. She thought she had failed because she couldn’t have made her drink the tea in this short time.

“Who dares to come and go in and out of the Lady’s room? How long have you been in here? You’ve already made fun of my orders. Give me the tea and go upstairs and pack your belongings right away.”

Anna laughed at Julietta, her arms folded. Julietta was surprised at the sudden shouting, ‘How dare you got too cocky, you ugly girl!’

She was so relieved that she didn’t have to look at that hideous figure after today.

Julietta noticed what had happened when she saw Anna behind the dreadfully pressing Johanna. It was obvious that she had her run the errand for the tea to kick her out.

Julietta politely held out the empty teacup to Johanna, who was staring at her, to soothe her anger by letting her know that she had completed her mission. Johanna stopped her anger after looking at the clean teacup, where not a drop remained, and asked, “Don’t tell me, did the Lady drink all of it?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Anna checked the teacup over Johanna’s shoulder and quickly stepped in. “It can’t be that way. Head maid, you know that. It takes a while to get her to drink a cup of tea. I’m sure she drank it or threw it away because she was afraid of getting scolded.”

At Anna’s words, Johanna asked Julietta. “Are you sure the Lady drank it?”

“Yes, ma’am. I know how important it is, and I won’t lie. The Lady told me to wait on her with the tea next time.”

“You mean she told you to wait on her with the tea?”


Johanna was inwardly surprised by Julietta’s words. She thought Julietta was better than expected, so she would pass that she had disobeyed her order, but she thought it shouldn’t happen again and opened her mouth to say something.

“You must have been very good with the Lady. Still, I can’t let you go of breaking my order. If this happens again, you’ll be kicked out from this mansion.”

Julietta looked at Johanna saying in a calm voice, as if her anger had subsided. “Head Maid, I have never disobeyed your orders. I just did what Anna told me to do.”

Julietta’s words made Anna jump. “She’s lying. Why would I do such a thing if it’s not even my job?”

“So, how did I know after I’ve been working in this mansion for such a short while, and how did I go into this room with a tea filled with contraceptives?”

Johanna alternately looked at both of them and clapped her hands to call attention from Anna and Julietta, who were staring each other to death.

“Stop. I’ll just end this thing here. But if this happens again, both of you will be kicked out of the mansion right away, so be sure.”

Johanna laid her words on the two and headed back to the kitchen. Anna whispered to Julietta so that she could not hear it, “Bah, you get to know you’re lucky today. I’ll certainly kick you out, so just wait.”

“No matter how much you think. Do you think I’m just going to get beaten?”

“All right. Let’s see who wins.”


It had now been three months since Julietta started working at the Bertino mansion.

The day after her first paycheck came, she went to Maribel the owner of the theater, paid back her first month’s amount, and had only about eight terns of money in hand. It was the first money she had ever had in her present life.

Julietta bought a pen she wanted with the money she had earned from her work, was so moved that she could buy what she wanted by herself in this way that she almost burst into tears. She cursed the poo dog Manny like going through a ritual, having given her a situation that was hard enough to cry about.


Having received her third week’s pay yesterday, she was on her way back to the mansion today, paying Maribel back this month’s amount, meeting Lillian, Amelie and Sophie for the first in a long time and having a good time.

Julietta, who arrived at the mansion around dusk, was walking along the long driveway from the main gate to the front door.

The garden of the mansion, which had just entered spring, offered a stunning view of various shoots and budding flowers. She was walking leisurely, enjoying the garden, thinking her eyes could enjoy the luxurious view these days, but she heard the clattering of a carriage behind her.

Few people visited Bertino mansion except for the Prince who usually visited once or twice a week, and his woman, who came with him like an addendum. Julietta, who had already wondered if it was time for him to visit, calmly backed away to avoid being seen by the owner of the carriage.

As she stepped out of the street and waited with her head down, a purple carriage pulled by four black, threateningly large horses passed by.

Seeing the colorful silver and purple patterns carved on the carriage door, Julietta casually raised her head, and when she found the Prince inside through the window, she made an unknowing frown. Her first encounter with the Prince, who she never wanted to face again after that day of trouble, brought back the memory that she wanted to delete.

Shaking her head quickly and completely blocking her rising thoughts, she went back to her feet, thinking that the mansion would be noisy again today.



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