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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 138: Manny, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 138. Manny, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Everyone thought it was because of the ambition of the Empress when the Emperor who cared so much for her took her sister as the second Queen. She used the Emperor’s love to make her sister the Emperor’s Queen and to guarantee her an unparalleled position, while creating her own side that was most reliable in the imperial family.

People thought the Empress would cover the eyes of the Emperor and shake everything in her hands, but their predictions were wrong. The Empress did not show up unless it was a necessary party, nor did she build up power by meeting high-ranking aristocrats like the first Queen. She lived quietly without revealing herself, meeting her younger sister who was the second Queen to chat with her or attend volunteer work.

“Why, then, did they deceive His Highness Prince Killian about being of the main line of descent as the son of the second Queen, and make him grow up like that?”

“Why? Would it be possible for the first Queen and the family of Duke Dudley, who had been waiting for Prince Francis’ appointment to be the Crown Prince, to watch the birth of the Prince of the main line of descent?”

“What a surprise, if it is true.” Robert was amazed at what he had never imagined.

“That’s all I learned from the conversation between the Duke of Martin and the grand chamberlain. He said that because of the will of the Empress that he had heard at the scene of the tragic accident twelve years ago, Prince Killian didn’t show much interest in becoming Emperor. But it’s unforgivable for Prince Francis to rise to the throne, so Prince Killian was confronting Prince Francis over everything.”

Robert buried himself in the sofa, clutching his forehead. “It’s been a huge series of incidents lately! I can’t get over it.”

“For some reason, Prince Killian has decided to become the next Emperor. The Duke of Martin secretly met with Count Crisver to deliver the message. Back then, the Duke of Martin said, ‘I wonder what happened in Bertino, what made him so determined all of a sudden?’ What do you think, Your Excellency?”

“What do you mean?”

“Why did His Highness suddenly feel that way after he went to Bertino?”

“How could I know? I’m just guessing he has changed his mind after the constant appeals of his aides,” Robert guessed, recalling Killian’s well-known close associates.

“Julietta went to work as the maid of Prince Killian.”

The Marquis’s face was badly distorted when the word “maid”, and was very annoying. Maribel glanced at the Marquis and went on again. “Your Excellency just happened to visit Bertino with Lady Anais.”

Robert lowered his head with an unpleasant face and then lifted it back up. “Don’t tell me, are you talking about when I went this time?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“No, do you mean I was in the same place and didn’t recognize my child? Did I?”

“She must have been hard to recognize because she was disguised.”

Robert hit the table painfully. “I can’t believe… she was in the same place.”

“The problem is that Julietta almost died in a conspiracy in Bertino.”

At Maribel’s words, his head lifted up in a flash. “You mean the maid who was arrested for blasphemy was Julietta?”

“Yes. I think that’s the reason why Prince Killian is determined to rise to the throne. He seemed to be very angry about what happened to Julietta in a conspiracy. He thought he needed to beat his enemies and climb them over to protect his people. That incident may not be the end.”

“Is that what His Highness thinks of Julietta?”

“Yes, sir. I am just saying, I think you should know what Prince Killian thinks.”

Maribel brought up what she originally wanted to say to the grim Marquis.

“Julietta has no heart at all for His Highness Killian. If she finds out that this is happening right now, there will be a lot of resistance. But it’s clear that Prince Killian will never give up. I’m telling you the truth about the situation; if you agree with Julietta, everything will become a catastrophe.”

“How the hell are you going to turn that girl’s mind around and get things going?”

“That’s the job of Prince Killian. I’m going to give a little bit of seasoning next to him.”

“Your words are clear that the mind of Prince Killian is sure, so there is no other way, even though Julietta dislikes him. So, I should not be smitten by Julietta and not get everyone in trouble. Troupe leader Maribel, I’m not like you. If she says no, I don’t intend to force her, no matter what happens to me. I think that’s what I have to do for Julietta, who I’ve never been a father to.”

Maribel sighed slightly at the firm thoughts of the Marquis. “I must pray that Prince Killian will win over Julietta.”

Roberta nodded silently in agreement.

When the story seemed to have been sorted out to some extent, Maribel got up from her seat and went to the desk to fetch an empty finger-sized glass bottle.

“Sir, is there any place that can check the ingredients in this glass bottle?”

“What is in the glass bottle?” Robert took the glass bottle and asked, looking at it carefully.

“It’s a poison that was fed to kill a child to replace Julietta’s body. It’s the medicine that the Duke of Kiellini’s servant brought.”

“Why do you want me to check it?” Robert’s face sank at the poison story.

“There’s no harm in being prepared. I tried to do so, but I’ve had more eyes watching the theater since yesterday. Fortunately, the men of His Highness Killian withdrew from the theater; if not, it could have been dangerous.”

“Do you think it’s the Duke of Kiellini?”

“At this moment, he’s the only one I can think of who would keep an eye on me.”

“I see. I’ll find out. I have to go now, because the surveillance is getting worse.”

Maribel pulled a bell rope connected to Liam’s room at the words of the Marquis.

A moment later, Liam knocked on the door and came in with a pretty woman. When Robert frowned at the two, Maribel smiled and said, “Sir, the only aristocrats who come to the theater at this time are those who come for this purpose. She will just see you off, so don’t be so angry. Of course, when this story comes into the ear of your wife, you’ll get a little tired.”

Robert looked displeased at Maribel’s words and turned away.

“Good-bye, Mr. Marquis. I hope you’ll visit me again soon.”


10. Manny

“Your Highness, I don’t want you to come in and out this often.”

As soon as Julietta entered the studio, she saw Amelie glancing across the garden and rushed right into the annex.

Today, Julietta protested at the sight of Killian working in the living room with the cook of the Harrods’ mansion.


“The princess, welcome. It happened that Smith made a sandwich. Come here. Let’s eat together.”

Her eyes were directed at the sight of the Prince, who pretended not to hear her protest, instead, picking up a beautifully arranged sandwich and putting it in his mouth.

“I’m afraid your eyes will be swiveled. It’s really good, but aren’t you going to eat it?”

Julietta paused at Killian’s suggestion, because she knew the skill of the Harrod chef well. In the mansion of Duke Kiellini, she could not eat enough food, because she had to pretend to be a princess who had been resting for a long time due to her health. So she always ate like a bird.

Julietta was very uncomfortable and difficult for the maids and servants of the mansion of the Duke, although Simone who had become so friendly these days, said it was not necessary to do so.

They were very proud because they had worked for the family of Kielini for generations. They were always watching the behavior of the princess who had returned after a decade.

Under the eyes of such people, she ate only some soup and salads in the morning, and she couldn’t take her eyes off the sandwich going straight into the Prince’s mouth. ‘Usually, you are so fastidious, but why are you eating so well today?’ She resented the Prince.

Eventually, after surrendering to the food, Julietta sat across from the Prince with a prudish look and took a bite of the remaining one-third of the sandwich. The juicy sandwich was marvelously mixed with Smith’s special sauce and danced in her mouth.


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