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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 132: Preparation, Part XVII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 132. Preparation, Part XVII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

The similarity to Julietta’s shop she was talking about now was like a building at the entrance to the shopping mall. It wasn’t the first building of the boulevard where the store was located, but it had a small grocery store next to it, so that only one side of it could be seen, let alone three sides.

Adam unwittingly asked her what he had been wondering about earlier, thinking that he should discuss the location of the store with the princess later, “Why are you putting a door on the corner? I’ve never seen this kind of door before.”

Adam could not conceal his wonder at the door marked on the right corner of the trapezoidal building.

“The reason we’re opening the door on the corner is to use all three sides as display windows. It’s a waste of time to give up either side of the street, including the front facing the theater. Two entrance doors will be made, one on this corner and the other on the other. People often change their minds when they see things in the window and then go to the door if they have the urge to buy them. So, either way, the flashing glass door makes them feel like it is beckoning them to come in. That’s why I think it is the most appropriate building. I want to make this corner building a store because I can open both entrances while the customers’ minds aren’t changing.”

Oswald and Adam were truly impressed.

They were only eager to invite the dwarven craftsmen to compete with other craftsmen who inherited the jewelry business from generation to generation. It was surprising, however, that she could draw up a strategy that would reflect the hearts of its customers to the point of choosing even where the doors were placed.

“The problem is… we don’t know if the club owner who has already settled in the place will be willing to sell the store without making a fuss.”

When Oswald tilted his head, Julietta said as if not to worry. “Your Excellency, you can do it with your ability. I’m really hoping that it will be sold, but I don’t have the right to stop anyone who runs the store. I don’t think we need to show any trade ethics to the shady shop. I don’t think it’s a good idea for a club like that to be open in the middle of a busy street. So, I think it’s okay to drive it out to some remote place, regardless of any means or methods.”

Julietta pointed to a building on the map. “Here’s the merchant association of the Eloz Street. I think it’s one way to use this merchant association. Why don’t you convince them that it’s necessary to transform the street into something a little more luxurious?”

“The merchant association… That sounds like a very good way…”

“Yes, and I have one more thing to say. I’m going to have an opening party for the dressing shop I told you about before. Before that, I’d like to have the site of the jewelry store and the construction of the interior be complete. I think it would be better to promote the jewelry store and announce the opening schedule at the opening party.”

“That’s only a month. It’s very tight.”

“If you just hurry up and take over the store, it will be no problem at all. Mr. Marquis, show me what you can do.”

Oswald’s mind was full of faith and support. Watching him giggle as he shrugged, Adam quietly placed the paper over from in front of Julietta. He showed her the location of the store on Leicesant Street he had bought.

“It’s the location of the store we’re going to open on the busiest shopping street in Cherasa, the capital of Vicern. Will it be okay?”

Julietta replied after a moment of thinking over what Adam had shown her.

“I can’t tell you for sure, because I haven’t seen it in person, but I don’t think it’s that bad. Is the store next to this building a grocery store? I don’t think it’ll be a problem if we buy this store and take off the wall and make both sides of the tracer into glass windows, it would be no problem. I think that is the way to design the exterior. You can make a support out of normal bricks at every corner, build a column, put a glass display on the wall itself, and an arched showcase on the inside. I’d like to go once I get a chance.”

At Julietta’s words, Adam spoke up quickly, “I have a place to visit tomorrow. Why don’t you go with me after I come back? Half a day is enough if I use the Magic Square.”

Julietta was surprised at Adam’s words and soon accepted. She forgot that this was where they moved back and forth through the Magic Square.

Even if it was another country, half a day was enough if they used the Magic Square, which connected the capital with the cities. She knew that foreigners frequently visited Austern for operas, but didn’t realize how easily.

Thinking about the cost of using the Magic Square, which was so expensive that their eyes popped out, Julietta again realized the power of money. There really seemed to be nothing impossible with enough money.

“Let’s go as soon as you get back. Vicern, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Not knowing Adam was going to Tilia’s Territory to meet Duke Kiellini, she was just excited to be able to get a free ride to Vicern, which she had only heard of.

‘You’re not going to ask me to pay for the Magic Square, are you? What about to open the dressing shop in Vicern? Are their fashionable clothes similar to Austern’s?’

Julietta thought she was finally happy after falling into this strange country. It was so sad to have to leave the role of a princess in a month.

That might explain why Simone was so wary of her change of heart at first. As she was treated like a precious noble princess, it was too regrettable to go back to her old self.

‘Seeing is wanting.’

She slapped her cheeks with both hands in an attempt to wake up, forgetting that Oswald and Adam were in front of her. Julietta, startled to remember she wasn’t alone after the gesture, said with an embarrassed smile, “Oh, I was thinking about something else for a while, so…”

“Oh, you were already thinking about opening a store in Vicern.”

Julietta laughed at Oswald’s delusion without saying it was not true.


Francis was slowly coming to his senses after an all-night hallucination party with his aides. He looked around, brushing off his dizzy head. There were naked women lying on both sides of him and by his feet. All the men and women in underwear were asleep around the banquet hall.

He was wondering what else to do today, but suddenly the door of the hall opened and Marquis Marius came in.

“The Marquis? What are you doing here? I thought you were going back to Dublin right away.”

Marquis Marius, who was perfectly dressed among the naked people, looked very unmoved. He handed Francis the gown he was holding.

“I stopped by to return to Dublin with you. I’ve arranged for you to leave right after lunch.”

“Dublin? I planned to go back next week. Why are you suddenly trying to change my plans?”


Francis asked, looking up at Marquis Marius as he lay.

“There is information that Prince Killian was approaching Princess Kiellini. I’m not sure, but I think we have to go back to Dublin and figure out the situation before it’s too late.”

Francis frowned after half-rising at the words of Marius.

“Killian? He has changed his mind. Every time he pretended he didn’t care about the Emperor’s seat, seeing that he has approached a princess with a big blot on her face.”

Francis pushed out a woman who was entangled with him and rose slowly.

“I heard a rumor that the mole on her face was a fake rumor. Now the capital is noisy about the beauty of Princess Kiellini.”

“So, Killian’s approach to the princess is more about her appearance than about seeking the throne?”

“I don’t know. Let’s go and see what’s going on. And whatever the heart of Prince Killian may be, apart from that, you have to win the heart of the princess.”


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