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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 13: Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part IV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 13. Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part IV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Anna? What are you doing?” Nicole, who had worked with her as a maid of the Prince, was standing in the hallway of the dining area dedicated to the servants and maids.

“Oh, I was thinking about something for a minute. Have you eaten dinner yet?”

There was still half an hour left until the meal time, and as she left the dining area, Anna asked about Nicole’s appearance.

“The Prince is coming today. I’ll get ready.”

Anna and Nicole had taken turns attending the Prince’s bedroom, but it had apparently led to Nicole’s full-time job as a maid of the Prince, as Anna had been demoted to a cleaning maid. Therefore, Anna’s expression was tinged by jealousy, for she was sorry for the job she had lost.

“That’s great for you. Keep your head straight. Don’t be like me.”

“As a matter of fact, I’m really nervous. By the way, what are you doing here?” Nicole asked, blushing as if she was looking forward to tonight.

“Have you seen the new maid? That weird-looking girl.”

“Yes. I saw her on the day she entered the mansion. Whew, I don’t know what she is going to do with that big body. Even if she brought a letter of recommendation, the head maid is too soft-hearted. But why is she important?”

To be honest, Anna thought she had done nothing wrong so she dramatized what had happened a few days ago and told Nicole.

“What?” So she didn’t work at all, and you did it all by yourself? Did you let that happen? I’ll talk to the head maid right now and get her fired.”

At Nicole’s anger, Anna pretended to be generous and stopped her.

“I don’t think there’s anywhere else to go. It’s better if I just do it all. Still, I told her I’d report to the head maid if she didn’t continue to work, leaving it all to me like that, but she was forced to do it. But I’m having a hard time because I work so much more.”

“Oh, poor girl! It must have been hard for you. So were you thinking about doing?”

“Yes. I won’t be pleased if I talk to the head maid in person, but I feel a little unfair about letting her go.”

At Anna’s words, Nicole smiled an ugly smile. “How about this? Lady Moira is coming today. I am supposed to serve tea today, but let’s just have her run the errand instead of me. The head maid told her not to be seen by the guests, and if the head maid finds out that she went to the guest room with tea, she might kick her out. Even if she’s not kicked out, I’m glad she has to deal with all Moira’s nerves, and you’ll be pleased to put her through the trouble. It’s good for both of us.”

“Nichol, how did you end up thinking of that? It’s a really good idea.”

The two immediately began exchanging opinions with each other.


“Take this to Lady Moira’s bedroom on the first floor.”

Anna, who was waiting for Julietta to return to her quarters after a tiring day’s work, pulled out the tea she was carrying.

“I was told not to be seen by guests or the master.”

When Julietta took the teacup in an unguarded moment, Anna said indifferently, “It’s because there is no one who has no job right now. Lady Moira won’t mind who’s coming anyway, so get it to her. Hand over the tea and make sure she drinks it all.”

“Do I even have to check on her drinking?”

“There’s an incredibly expensive potion in the tea that prevents pregnancy. She doesn’t want to drink it every time we give it to her, so you have to make sure she drinks it all at all costs. You should look at her drinking it yourself, collect the teacup, and return.”

She must be retaliating for her defiance a few days ago, but there was no evidence to be particularly cross. Julietta looked into the deep rosy, fragrant tea, and murmured gruesomely to herself, who had been abandoned as a bastard, “Yes, contraception is very important.”


The lover’s room of the Prince was the innermost of the guest rooms on the first floor. Just as if it were the place for any exile, Julietta managed to find the room in the corner, knocked on the heavy door, and cautiously stepped inside.

“Lady, I’ve got your tea.”

Moira, who was angry after she was kicked out of the Prince’s room as soon as the affair ended today, frowned at the ugly maid.

“Who are you, this is the first I’ve seen you?”

“My name is Julietta; I have been working in this mansion starting some time ago.”

Moira, whose irritation had soared to the top of her head, began shouting wildly, “Do they dare let you bring my tea even if you are a beginner? Huh!”

At the deafening cry, Julietta quickly asked for forgiveness. It was clear that she would be in trouble if she made a fuss this night.

“I’m sorry. I was so moved by Lady Moira playing Marshall in ‘Lady Donatera’ that I wanted to see your face in person, so I insisted on waiting for you. Forgive me.”

Moira, who was raving with fury, paused at the sight of the maid lowering her head. “Marshall? How did a maid like you see the play?”

At the lowered voice, Julietta quickly gathered her hands and looked at Moira with eager eyes.

“When I was young, I was left at the Eileen Theater and did chores in the prop room until two weeks ago. I went back and forth and became a fan of yours.”

As she had never cursed her with excitement like Amelie and Sophie, because she had no sense of skill or ability except for her good-looking face, Julietta played to her vanity.

“Really? I don’t remember a girl like you, because I just got into the theater. You’re a fan of mine, so I’ll forgive you this time. But in this mansion, they bring me tea after I leave the room of His Highness. Tell me honestly what’s in it.”

Moira had a rough idea of what the tea was, but was well aware that if she refused, she would not be able to meet the Prince again. So, she had to drink as much as she could, but today she started to think that she could get by without drinking it, thanks to the easy maid.

“They said it’s a healthy, expensive tea to help your stamina to deal with the Prince. I was warned many times that I should be careful not to spill a drop.”

When Julietta put the teacup down carefully on the table, Moira glared at her, thinking that this ugly maid was deliberately pretending not to know.


“Really? It’s an expensive tea that’s good for me? Then you drink it. I’ll make a special concession for you.”

Moira, who had followed Lillian and had been looking for a chance, had been able to take the position of the Prince’s lover. From the day of the jubilation to this day, she had visited this famous Bertino mansion on Harrods Street about five times in total.

As the meetings continued, Moira fell for the Prince without any hesitation. The Prince, who was handsome and rich, was as good at sex as it was rumored. She had slept with numerous men, whether it was by her own will or others, but she had never been as satisfied with both her body and mind as she was now.

She was agonizing over and over how to stay with the Prince longer. Everything would be easy if she had a child of the Prince, but that red tea was placed in front of her every day after the affair, so such a hope would not happen.

Until now, she had been forced to drink with the help of the head maid or a direct maid of the Prince, but today it was different.

‘I’ll never drink that tea, even if I have to torture this young maid.’

“Is it really okay for me to drink? I heard it’s very expensive tea. Thank you.”

Contrary to her idea, however, she was startled by the sight of the maid who picked up the cup of tea without hesitation. She quickly took the glass out of the maid’s hand because she thought it was a really healthy tea when she saw the maid ready to drink with such a big smile.


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