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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 125: Preparation, Part X Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 125. Preparation, Part X

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

At Christine’s apology, Julietta just smiled. After that, a few pretentious smiles and conversations came and went, and Christine got up.

“I’ve got to go now. I hope we can have a good relationship with each other after today’s meeting.”

Julietta replied, seeing Christine off, “Yes, I hope so. I’m sure Christine will make my life more interesting. Go back carefully.”

Christine pondered to herself in the carriage on the way back to the mansion of Marquis Anais. If the princess wouldn’t act the way she thought, she would have to do something else…


Robert arrived at the Eileen Theater to watch the performance, as advised by Marquise Raban the day before.

High-ranking aristocrats with wealth and titles were assigned private seats in their own favorite theaters. The aristocrats interested in opera, like Oswald and Rhodius, had private seats in each theater, but the family of Anais only owned private seats with a parlor in the Eileen Theater, the best of the Empire.

After following the guide to the box seat for the family of Marquis Anais, he frowned at the empty interior, contrary to his expectations.

He didn’t know what was going on, but he thought someone who wanted to have a private meeting with him asked to meet him here to avoid the eyes of others, but it must have been a mistake. Feeling offended by the thought that it was really just an invitation to watch the opera, Robert changed his mind and sat down. To just go back… the actions of Marquise Raban yesterday were on his mind.

He wondered what kind of reaction he would stir if he waited, but the private seat where he was was waiting was quiet even when all the lights went off and the curtain rose. The only difference was that the curtain on the stage, which was supposed to remain wide was very slightly opened.

The senior aristocrat’s private seats had been thoroughly separated for privacy. When he visited here with his lover, it was to prevent the difficult situation of meeting with his acquaintances or relatives.

Getting to the private seat of a high-ranking nobleman with a private parlor required passing through labyrinthine entrances and corridors. Those who were reluctant to reveal themselves even after arriving in such private seats kept the curtain facing the stage open a little bit so that they could block the view of both private seats from those without. People could see them if they rose from the common people’s seats below and looked back, but no one dared to do such a thing to the highest members of society.

Robert watched the opera with a stiff face as it began with a colorful chorus.

When he found Stella in an opera he had watched along with a close friend as a young man, he remembered the time when he fell in love with her at first sight. It was a pleasant time, but now it was painful to think of. Robert shook his head quickly to erase the memories of that time.

Leaning his head back on his fluffy luxury chair, he looked up at the ceiling with thoughtful eyes.

Squeak! Toward the end of the first act of the three-hour opera, the door of the guesthouse opened slightly without a knock.

Robert leaned his head and waited for the person to reveal their identity. He didn’t think a person would come until after the play, but the person came sooner than he expected.

“Thank you, Your Excellency, for coming.”

He raised himself from the chair when he heard the voice that remained in his distant memory. The person came to his side and looked at the owner of the theater who greeted her politely.

“That’s you.”

It was Maribel, who had received Stella and Julietta who had nowhere to go after they had been kicked out by Ivana. Robert’s voice softened to the fullest extent because she had taken care of them to the end, preventing them from dying of hunger and cold in the street.

“What made you call me so secretly?” Robert looked at Maribel incomprehensibly.

“Because there are people who do not want our meeting.”

Robert’s face was chilled by the careful words of the owner of the theater. “Who the hell? For what?”

Maribel quickly brought her index finger near her mouth at the Marquis’s elevated voice.

“Shh! Keep your voice down, sir. Please leave your seat for now. Time is running out to get back before the end of the play.”

Robert did not kill his sharp spirit at Maribel’s words, which encouraged him to stand up. “I don’t intend to be played around by unknown things, so tell me why. What’s going on?”

Maribel spoke as if she did not wish to, as the Marquis seemed to have no intention of getting up before he heard the answer. “It’s about Julietta. Please hurry.”

At Maribel’s words, Robert was dazed. “Why are you talking about a child who died twelve years ago now?”

When the Marquis asked as if he could not understand, Maribel shook her head and urged him.

“I’ll tell you when we leave. Let’s move on.”

Robert hurriedly rose from his seat and followed in the footsteps of the troupe leader.

Maribel went down the staff stairs and into the secret underground passageway next to her residence. Confirming that the Marquis had followed, she passed through a narrow passage and climbed into a plain black carriage waiting at the back door.

Maribel seemed unwilling to open her mouth until they arrived. Robert asked, “Where are we going?”

“Princess Kiellini recently opened a dressing shop outside of Eloz Street.”

“The child? What kind of dressing shop did she open while not in good health? What’s the relationship between that dressing shop and Julietta?”

Maribel once again dodged Robert’s question. “Mrs. Raban will be there, too. I’ll tell you both when we get there.”

There was a risk of being killed by the Marquis before they even got to the dress shop if she said Julietta was alive.

The Eloz Theater and Chartreu Dressing Shop were within thirty minutes walking and ten minutes by wagons, so they were able to get there quickly. Their carriage passed through the front gate of the dressing shop and stopped after heading into the coach house.

As he seemed to have arrived at his destination, Robert looked at Maribel opposite him and got out of the carriage. The coach house seemed to be attached to the dressing shop, and the family carriage of Kiellini stood at the innermost point, indicating Mrs. Raban had already arrived.

As they left the empty storage area, which had no caretaker yet, the waiting Amelie approached and greeted them, “Welcome, Your Excellency the Marquis. The troupe leader, welcome.”

Maribel frowned as she saw Amelie waiting, “Do you have another guest? Why are you out here?”

Amelie shook her head quickly at Maribel’s concern. “No. I was waiting for you because I was ordered to take you to a separate house as soon as you arrived. I have to lock the storage door so that no other carriages can enter.”

“A separate house?”


With a slight nod to Maribel’s doubtful question, Amelie hurriedly locked the door of the coach house and guided them toward the annex.

The two who followed Amelie into the annex attached to the dressing shop paused for a moment at the sight. Maribel was surprised at the appearance of the Prince who looked as comfortable as if this was his own home, and Robert was surprised by the appearance of a totally unexpected figure.

Robert quickly calmed down and greeted Killian, smiling at him. “Robert Anais gives greetings to the fifth son of the noble Emperor Claudio, Prince Killian.”

The Marquis briefly gave a nod to Mrs. Raban, who sat opposite him after giving a curtsey to Killian.

“Maribel Grayson says hello to the Prince Your Highness.”

Killian even received Maribel’s greetings, and responded, “Welcome, the Marquis. You must have been surprised by being asked for such a secret meeting. The troupe leader, come. Mrs. Raban just arrived.”

As Robert sat on the sofa to the right of the Prince at Killian’s gesture, Maribel sat opposite him by Mrs. Raban. When everyone settled down, Ian went into the dining room as if he were familiar with it and brought them tea.

“I don’t know if the tea will suit your taste. Still, the tea brewing tea skill of my servant is so great that you’ll manage to drink it.”


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