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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 124: Preparation, Part IX Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 124. Preparation, Part IX

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“What? Why are you talking about that now?” Christine stared hard at the staff of the dressing shop, who had a stupid expression on her face, and ran in the direction she pointed.

In front of the open door, Christine paused and had Penny, her maid, check her dress and hair. When Penny stepped down after tucking her slightly stretched hair under her ear again, Christine entered the cafe with the prettiest smile she could make.

“Your Highness, I’m so glad to see you here. If you’d given me a message in advance, I’d like to visit here with you…” With a shy, slightly raised eye, Christine looked inside the empty cafe and hesitated, “There’s no one. What’s going on here?”

Screaming at the following staff of the dressing shop, Christine hurried past the hall again and out. Christine went to the carriage waiting in front of the dressing shop and asked the driver sitting in the driver’s seat.

“Did you see the carriage of the fifth Prince?”

“Yes, lady. I just saw him get out of the coach house and head towards the Imperial Castle.”

Christine headed back to the café, thinking he couldn’t do that; Killian’s behavior seemed to be avoiding her as soon as she came. She looked around the cafe, found the door for the employees, and looked back at Amelie.

“Where does that door go?”

“It’s originally a door to the building warehouse, but it’s been fixed to the coach house and goes there.”

Christine opened the door on the left wall. There was a bigger building than she thought on the side of the road, leading to the annex at the back.

“Is that the coach house?”

“Yes, lady.”

“No matter how close it was, did His Highness use this? I can’t believe the Prince walked in and out of this door.”

After staring at her as if it was all Amelie’s fault, Christine walked out of the cafe with a quick step, indicating that she didn’t want to be here any more. After passing the hall and leaving the dressing shop, she gave an order to Amelie, who bowed her head politely.

“If His Highness visits again, you have to send a message to the family of Marquis Anais.”


Leaving the Prince and his group, who didn’t stand up and see her off, in the annex, Julietta returned to the Kiellini mansion.

Yesterday afternoon, Lady Anais sent a letter saying she would visit, and Simone replied that she would allow her visit. It was very uncomfortable for Julietta to meet with no one else but Lady Anais, but she accepted Simone’s remark that refusing Christine’s visit was not a very good idea.

After she went down to the drawing-room and waited, the butler led Christine in. “Miss, Lady Anais is here.”

“Come on, lady. It’s nice to see you again like this.”

“Thank you for allowing me to visit. We are closer than anyone else as cousins, and I thought it was bad to be negligent of each other.” Christine laughed against her will, trying to stop her admiration from appearing despite herself at the sight of the princess who greeted her.

Today’s hair decoration was also unique. The glittering blonde hair was slanted to the left, and a single strand of hair was placed in thin braids around her head and surrounded it like an ornament. The small jewel between her braids was amazing, but the hat she was wearing was even more amazing.

The princess wore a light pink blouse in a men’s jacket, neatly cut to the waist without any decoration. The blouse was designed to tie abundant ribbons around the neck, making the simple and masculine look feminine.

The low part emphasized femininity with her blouse on top of a petticoat that swelled skirts under a jacket-like navy skirt. It was a form of clothing that Christine had never seen before. She went to the sofa with an indifferent face and sat down, but her eyes constantly glanced over her cousin’s clothes and hair.

“I visited the dressing shop this morning which is in charge of the wardrobe of the princess,” said Christine, taking a sip of the sweet fresh luge tea the butler brought her. Julietta was quietly surprised that the voice of the guest she had heard in the morning was Lady Anais’.

“You did? Did you have any costumes you liked?”

“I saw the illustrations, but I didn’t like them very much.”

“Well, that’s too bad. I’m sure it’s hard to determine from the illustrations alone. But I guarantee the designer’s skills.”

“The only clothes they’ve shown are a few of the outfits you have been wearing, so I could not believe them.”

“I see. I think it was not your taste. It could be. Even if I liked it, they couldn’t satisfy everyone.”

Julietta smiled softly at Christine’s chilly words, and Christine bit her lip in anger as she continued to feel defeated by Julietta. But she couldn’t keep doing that, because she had a purpose.

Even if she was the princess of the family of Kiellini, she had a direct relationship with other nobles, which had been formed since childhood. This was unlike the new lady who just finished her debut party, and had only attended a meeting held at the family of Count Derio a few days ago.

Christine replied to Julietta after barely smiling, “But I think it’s too hard to call each other ‘lady’, as we’re cousins. Would you mind if I call you Iris?”

Julietta looked at Christine with vague emotions for a moment.

‘Cousin… we are originally half-sisters. If I say we are half-sisters, you may feel bad, and it would be better to know me as a cousin.’

“Yes. Can I call you Christine, then?”

Christine replied after the pause, hiding her unpleasant feelings, “Of course. From now on, we’ll meet often and try to strengthen the relationship between cousins that we’ve neglected. There are so many people I want to introduce you to.”

“I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also worried if I can accept Christine’s invitation every time, because my health is fragile.”

Now, it would be difficult to get too close because she had to go down to Tilia after the social season. It was difficult to refuse if she wanted to visit Tilia.

“Ah, you didn’t completely recover your health. But it’s so boring to stay at home during your first season in society. Iris, in particular, won’t even have acquainted ladies, but you would be ostracized in society if you keep doing this.”

“No way.”


Christine made fun of Julietta, who laughed naively as if it could not be.

“Iris, you’re so naive. As expected, you grew up in rural areas, so you are too late to figure out what’s going on. It was only during the debut party that people showed interest for a while because of their curiosity about Princess Kiellini and the new dress. You shouldn’t make this mistake. There is a group to be considered in the social world. It’s a group of people who have been in touch with each other since they were children or with the family. Do you think such a group of friends for decades will accept you just because you are a lady of the family of Kiellini? It won’t be easy to get along with them. There are already some young people who ignore Iris as a country bumpkin.”

Of course, it was her who created an atmosphere like that, but Christine had an air of innocence.

“But if I say you are my cousin, they will change their minds about you. So, it’s not time to talk weakly about your health. If you don’t get to know them now, it may be hard to get along with them for the rest of your life.”

At Christine’s insidious warnings, Julietta deliberately tilted her head. “Who dares to ditch me? I’m not like the average ladies. I am the next Duke and heir to the family of Duke Kiellini. I am not an ordinary aristocratic woman whose status is changed by marriage.”

Julietta added with a friendly smile, as Christine’s face hardened, “It’s only until I take over the Dike’s title that Christine can request a visit as comfortably as you are today. Even the Marquis of Anais can’t meet me after I become the Duke.”

Christine had to correct her illusion that Princess Kiellini was a naïve girl who grew up overindulged and knew nothing.

“Ah, I’ve forgotten for a moment that Iris is the successor to the family of Kiellini. I was very happy to see my cousin after a long time. You’re going to understand my mistake, won’t you?”


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