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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 123: Preparation, Part VIII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 123. Preparation, Part VIII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

When Killian spoke irritably, Maribel accepted, “You’ve got a perfect grasp of Julietta in a short time. That’s right. She will not do it even if she has a knife in her throat. The child should learn about this as late as possible.”

“That’s right.”

‘First of all, I’ll start to spin a web around her slowly enough that Julietta doesn’t notice.’ The silent laughter of the man who hid his inner thoughts grew.

“I believe, of course, that you will actively cooperate in this matter.”

“Don’t worry about it, Your Highness. I’ll do my best.”

Oswald agreed that Julietta had better not know anything now that the Prince had decided. It was no use rebelling against what was already set. He inquired again about informing Mrs. Raban. “So how do you get together in the theater to avoid the Duke’s surveillance?”

“I don’t think it would be good for the Duke of Kiellini to know that Marquise Raban and Marquis Anais are in the same place. Even if it’s a chance meeting, he’ll have doubts at first.” Maribel shook her head as if it was a problem.

Oswald replied after a moment of agonizing, “Then how about doing this? We arranged an appointment with Marquise Raban to have Princess Kiellini return to the mansion of the Duke that day, and then we would use the dressing shop.”

“The staff in the dressing shop has raised Julietta. The next day, it will be in the ear of the child.”

“They have no reason to object if it’s good for Julietta. The more help we have around us, the easier it will go. Let’s set an appointment with the dressing shop.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Then I’ll put in a message like that. If His Excellency Marquis Anais is going straight to the dressing shop, he may be doubted, so I’ll ask him to come and see the performance first, and I will let him leave after a while during the performance. I’ll go to the dressing shop with His Excellency the Marquis.”

“I am supposed to visit the new dressing shop in the morning to order the formal attire for my subordinates. Oswald, you have to make people think I’m interested in the peculiar interior decor of the dressing shop and the business sense of Princess Kiellini.”

“Me?” Oswald was surprised at the sudden remark. Killian ignored his question and went on talking about tomorrow’s plan.

“After fitting the clothes of my subordinates in the dressing shop the morning of the appointment, I will head to the Harrods’ mansion. I’ll let Francis think I have another woman and relax his attention. It will be okay to spend a day there. For Mrs. Raban, she can visit at the time when the Marquis comes to the costume shop.”

“Yes, Your Highness, but I’m so sorry that you’re there so early and you will wait for us to come…”

“Never mind. I’ll take care of my own affairs, so you and the Marquis only pay attention to coming unnoticed.”

‘There will be no problem if he goes early because Julietta is there.’

When Oswald noticed Killian’s position and making a strange expression, Maribel’s eyes were narrowed and bent as she watched.

Maribel bowed deeply in a polite manner, indicating that the Prince had nothing to fear under heaven. “Yes, Your Highness. I’ll be as careful as I can.”


Julietta told Killian, who hadn’t thought there was a place like this for the secret meeting, recalling what had happened yesterday.

“Your Highness, I have an appointment in the afternoon, and I have to go back in a few minutes. Why don’t you just go home now?”

Killian was appalled at the sudden citation. “If I’m not here to see the princess, why should I leave because the princess is going back? I really like this place. Just in time, as Asta Castle’s chef packed me lunch, I’ll eat lunch and relax here. So you don’t worry about me and just go back.”

“Your Highness, this is strictly the private space of Amelie and Sophie. How uncomfortable would they be?”

Killian turned around Sophie at Julietta’s protest. Sophie shook her head quickly at the silent question of the Prince.

“No, Your Highness. We’re fine. Rather, it’s an honor. You can stay as long as you like.”

“That’s good to hear. If it wasn’t convenient for me to come here, I was going to get you a separate mansion next to the dressing shop.”

Julietta gave up because she was dumbfounded by the arrogant Prince’s words. Knowing the nature of the Prince and having to wrestle for no reason only made her mouth hurt. It was clear that he would kick Amelie and Sophie out of here and use it as he pleased.

Killian grinned as Julietta sighed, “The princess said it is an afternoon appointment anyway, so let’s have lunch together. The chef of Asta Castle is very good at cooking.”

‘How long will you stay here with the lunch?’ She gave up on him completely. “No, Your Highness. I think it would be good for my health to get back quickly.”

It was not yet time for Gibson to come back, and Julietta thought she would just go back to the mansion in a business carriage. Oswald sadly watched her escape from the annex, pressing on her forehead as if she had a headache, and muttered, “The princess, it’s the beginning…”


“Is this the costume shop where Princess Kiellini got her clothes, right?”

Amelie replied politely to a lady in front of her, who looked at every corner of the dressing shop as if she had scored a point, “Yes, Miss. That’s right. These are the clothes Princess Kiellini wore for her debut party and tea party.”

Christine nodded, having been looking at the eye-catching dresses that stood on the small stage since she entered. It was definitely a very unique dressing shop, unlike anywhere else.

This was why Princess Kiellini must have refused Madame Louai. She bit her lips in anger over not finding this place first.

“I heard that Prince Killian visited here recently. What brought him here?”

Amelie replied, relieved that she had sent Julietta to a separate house, “I think he thought our dressing shop was unique, as he passed by, and he came in to take a closer look.”

Amelie pointed to the stage before her. Christine nodded as she looked at the strange sculptures in dresses once again.

“Did he say anything else?”

“No, My Lady. He saw the glass door outside and this stage, and he left right away.”

Christine could not hide her irritation, because she thought she had been out this morning due to an unnecessary misunderstanding.

“I heard Princess Kiellini often visits here. When is she going to visit?”

She was worried that Prince Killian and the princess might have run into each other here. When asked about the itinerary of her visit to see how often she came, the staff shook her head as if she was not sure.

“I don’t know, but she won’t come today.”


Amelie lowered her eyes, lying without batting an eye, “Yesterday, we finished the basting of the last dress she had ordered.”

“Then, how often does she visit the dressing shop? Was she here when His Highness visited?”

Amelie grasped her intentions at the sharp question of a seemingly sweet lady. “No. The princess didn’t visit me that day.”


Christine briefly agonized over the calm responses of the dressing shop staff. It was funny how she looked at herself, and if she ordered a dress, it was unpleasant to follow Princess Kiellini.

“Would you like to order some clothes?” Amelie asked Christine, who was lost in thought for a moment. Christine, who was trying to say no, sat on the sofa in the hall and picked up the illustrated book next to her.

The thin-thick book had only a party dress with a design similar to that worn by Princess Kiellini, and a few dresses that looked plain at first glance. Christine threw the book back onto the table while trying to pass through the dress paintings in dry eyes which were not in particular, unlike the unique indoor atmosphere.

“It’s disappointing. It’s just a design that’s no different from anywhere else. I don’t think I need to fit a dress here.”

When she got back up, Christine looked back at Amelie as if she had thought of something as she was heading toward the entrance to the dressing shop.

“I want you to contact the family of Marquis Anais as soon as Prince Killian visits again.”

Amelie deliberately opened her eyes wide and pretended to be surprised at Christine’s words.

“His Highness is over there in the cafe. He has been here since the morning to oversee the formal suits of his subordinates.”


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