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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 116: Preparation, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 116. Preparation, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“You’re trying to beat me.”

“How dare would I, being of so humble a status?” Maribel lowered her posture further, as if she would never do so.

“What do you have in mind?” asked Killian, as if he had finally given up fighting against her.

“Would you like to receive Julietta as a Queen? Then I’ll tell you.”

“If I don’t want to?”

“If you give up Julietta, I’ll let you have the family of Kiellini.”

“Whether it is Julietta or Kiellini, do I have to choose one?” Killian frowned disagreeably. “What are you, how dare you ask me to choose? I can have both if I want to.”

“You know both are difficult. The charge of impersonating a noble is comparable to that of civil war. It’s shaking the foundation of the social system, so no matter who you are, you won’t be able to save Julietta.”

Oswald watched the breathtaking war of nerves from behind and threw his tongue away. He knew that the owner of the Eileen Theater was unusual, but he never thought she was so magnanimous. It was not easy for him or Adam, or even his cousin, the Marquis of Rhodius, or Valerian, to stand up to the Prince this way.

Ignorant of Oswald’s admiration behind him, Killian took a moment to think. She was a very useful person, with this level of ideas and talent. Furthermore, no one would think of this woman as his follower, as she was the owner of the theater.

He finally made up his mind.

“Let’s just listen to your plan. If it’s a bad plan, you’ll be punished solidly for what you’ve thrown at me.”

Maribel swept her chest at the Prince’s permission. The dice that were thrown in a hurry went off without a hitch.

Maribel had been lying on the floor, but she raised herself and told Killian, “Your Highness, please take Julietta to the Empress.”

9. Preparation

Unaware of what Killian and Maribel were planning to do for her now, Julietta was urged on by the joy of solving her financial problems. It seemed as if it was okay to run into the Prince, thinking that she could now have staff in the dressing shop, where there were only Amelie and Sophie before.

Julietta began humming and drawing up specific plans for employees’ accommodation and meals.

“I guess there was nothing special between the two of them,” Sophie accepted.

Amelie murmured, worried, “You know what? I was so surprised to find out what happened earlier.”

Both went to the worktable and continued their work, relieved by the presence of Julietta humming and writing down something.

“Did you say that Lillian lives in Harrods’ mansion?” asked Julietta, who came into the studio with a note scribbled full of letters, as if she had finished arrangements.

“Yes, I heard that His Excellency Marquis Rhodius bought her a mansion on the Harrods Street. By the way, is it okay for you if you stay so long?”

If it was a normal day, it was time to go back. Sophie looked at her anxiously as she wandered around seeing if there was anything to do.

“Marquise Raban has gone to Tilia Territory. She’ll be back today, but she won’t be here until dinner, so I’ll just have to go before then.”

Julietta looked silently at the hands of the two who were deftly cutting the fabric.

“Shall we go out for lunch? You feel probably stuffy because you’ve been in the costume shop all these days.”

“Will the noble princess go out to eat together with the staff working in the costume shop? No way!” Unlike Sophie who welcomed the chance, Amelie scolded Julietta for her carefree manner.

“Look, there’s a wig. I can go out in disguise.”

Julietta went to the drawer in the dressing room and took out the wig she had put at the bottom.

Julietta was about to put the familiar red wig on her head, and stopped. Even though Prince Killian had just walked in and out, wearing a red wig might bring a big problem if she came across him. She took off the wig, put it back in the drawer and took out the black wig she had worn from Bertino to Tilia Territory.

She thought she would have a decent disguise. Julietta left the dressing room wearing a veiled hat over a wig.

“How is it? Even though I just changed my hair color, I look like someone else, right?”

“Now that your face is known, shouldn’t you be careful? What if there’s someone who recognizes you?”

Amelie clicked her tongue in disapproval, but Julietta didn’t care.

“Come on, you two get ready, too. We don’t know when we’ll get another chance like this. As I said before, change into new clothes. Let’s go eat at the best restaurant in Dublin.”

Amelie and Sophie laughed at her image of letting nagging go in one ear and out the other and pushing forward as she wanted to make them recall the days when they were in the theater.


So prepared, the three set out for the most famous restaurant in the heart of Eloz Street.

The restaurant had four floors in total had different floors that could be used, depending on status. Entering the first floor available to the common people, Julietta rejoiced when she was guided to a window seat.

“I thought it would be hard to get a window seat because it’s lunchtime, but we are lucky.”

Amelie and Sophie were curious about the restaurant they had never been to before, so they looked around and whispered, fearing that someone could hear them, “When have you been to this place?”

Julietta replied, looking through the menu brought by the staff.

“It’s my first time. I’ve never been to a place like this. Which do you like better, seafood or meat?”

Sophie was amazed when she saw Julietta who was asking the staff this or that and ordering while saying that she had never been here before.

“There is nothing you can’t do. I think you would live well even if you were dropped on an island all alone.”

“Clearly she is not an ordinary child.”

When Amelie responded, Julietta laughed. She was so happy to associate with people who only saw the good things she had.

“It’s all the same in the places people live. I ordered her to give us the best food in this restaurant. I think it’s best to ask if you don’t know.”

After finishing the order safely, Julietta smiled and looked around the inside.

The restaurant was across from the Eileen Theater. It was so densely packed that no one could find a vacancy, as it was used by people who came to the opera or shopped.

“Nicole, long time no see. How have you been?”

Julietta had been waiting for food and was greatly surprised at the voice of a passing woman and the familiar name, and looked back. Nicole, the former maid of Bertino mansion on the Harrods Street, was seated at a table a few steps away from their seats, and there was Anna, approaching the table.

“Why? Do you know them?”

Amelie and Sophie looked at Julietta, who was surprised by the unexpected encounter with the two girls who had been ejected from the mansion, and they also looked over them.


“Yes. They used to work together with me when I worked at the Harrods’ mansion.”

“Oh, well, you never thought of meeting them here, of all people. I’m relieved they won’t recognize you, though.”

There was no way they could hear each other’s conversations because the seats were separated, but Amelie was worried and lowered her voice.

“It’s not unusual to meet someone; this is a place where people can afford to make the most of their appointments,” Sophie said, taking the food the clerk had just put in front of her.

“You know what? Men don’t have to come to restaurants because there are men’s clubs all over, but women don’t have a place to go. In fact, how difficult is it for ordinary people to eat at a restaurant like this? Usually, a dining hall belongs to an inn, so women can’t use it unless they’re staying.”

Amelie’s grumbling stuck in Julietta’s ear as she glanced back and forth to Anna’s side.

“That’s right. When I took a vacation on Harrods Street, I went to the theater to meet Amelie and Sophie. There was no other place to meet outside. I couldn’t even afford a restaurant like this.”

Julietta began to think quickly.


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