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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 103: Chartreu, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 103. Chartreu, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Have Adam go down to Tilia Territory as soon as he returns from Vicern.”


“I wonder what important business he has and why he went down to the Land during the only season of his successor’s debut. Tell him to say he is there to ask for investment in the jewelry business, and he’s to stay in the Territory for a while and watch him closely.”

“Did you decide that Princess Kiellini is fit for the seat of the Queen?”

“She is better than Anais.” ‘And I can smell something suspicious from Princess Kiellini.’

Killian seemed to have found a spark of smoke rising at a creepy pace. His eyes glowed coldly at the thought of having to ascertain the cause of the fire.


Julietta thought for a moment, and headed to the parlor that was assigned to the family of Duke Kiellini.

On the surface, she pretended to be arrogant and haughty, but her hands shook violently and her complexion was a little pale. When he asked her, “Have you ever met me?” her heart had crashed to the ground. She had to deal with the aftermath

It was really fortunate that the lounge of the royal family and the one of the family of the Duke weren’t too far apart. Having been able to arrive safely without being noticed by others, she sat back on a fluffy sofa.

“What happened?”

Vera, who was waiting in the lounge, came running over in amazement at Julietta’s pale face. Julietta tried to be all right, but managed to speak in a dying voice from the pressure of her chest. “Vera, my chest is so stuffy that I can’t breathe. I need to loosen the corset for a moment.”

Her heart and breath had run too fast when facing the Prince. As they continued to subside, it was no longer easy to bear.

“Oh my gosh, it would be frustrating to tighten your waist, but I’m sure you’ll be devastated by that.”

Vera clicked her tongue, stripped off the top of her dress, released her corset, and covered her naked upper body with a cape. As soon as the corset was released, Julietta took a heavy breath and breathed deeply.

“When I was just sitting still, I was fine, but I danced, and a loud man fell towards me, so I had to take him in. And I guess my fall made it even more serious.”

“Did you fall? Did you faint because of the corset?”

“No, that’s not it. I lost my footing for a moment.” Julietta casually brought up the story of the fall in the Prince’s lounge and quickly glossed it over.

“Well, are you hurt anywhere?”

“No. Fortunately, I am okay.” Julietta sighed with delight as soon as she drank a sip of tea Vera gave her.

“If madame sees you talking to me in honorific language, you’ll get in trouble again.” Vera warned Julietta, who always spoke an honorific language when they were alone.

“I don’t make mistakes in front of her now.”

Vera deliberately spoke more harshly to Julietta, who could not easily talk to herself, “Even if you’re a substitute, you’re Princess Kiellini now. But you haven’t talked to me yet in a casual way. From the bottom of your heart, you have to think of yourself as a noble person to make all your actions more natural. So be confident.”

“All right, Vera. Starting tomorrow, I’ll start thinking of myself as a noble princess and act accordingly.”

Julietta knew Vera was pretty good for her. So, when she answered, she couldn’t stop smiling, and Vera looked askance at her and laughed. “Now I have to go back to the banquet hall. Please tie back the corset.”

She wanted to go back to the mansion after hanging on like this, but she had to show her face as much as she could, as it was her first day. Julietta stood and grumbled, showing her back to Vera, who was adjusting her clothes again.

“No one can easily play the role of a princess. They have to do this boring thing over and over again.”

“What do you mean with the boring thing?”

“It’s about coming to the party and making ‘Ha-ha-ha’ smiles and cursing others.”

“For women of noble birth, position and connections in society are both power and wealth. If we look at the Queens now, the first Queen, who is dominant over the social circle, has more power than the second Queen, who stands back.”

“Then the real princess won’t be able to be actively engaged in the social circle after I finish my role as a substitute.”

“Social activities are important to those who want to have something and have to compete with others. But as the sole heir who has a strong future, such as property, land and titles, it’s not necessary for her. The only thing that she is really short of is health.”

“That’s sad. Having everything, but not the most important thing.”

Recalling Regina’s skinny figure, Julietta spoke with sincerity. Vera muttered low because she knew how cruel and cold-hearted Regina could be about things she didn’t like since she was a child. “If that is the only thing she doesn’t have, I don’t need to worry about her.”


8. Chartreu

After getting off the wagon as a perfect princess, Julietta passed through a transparent glass door with no speck of dust that Gibson had opened, and entered the dressing shop.

Before she knew it, there was a waiting sofa and a table on both sides of the wide hall that had been perfectly arranged. In the middle of the hall, a round stage was set up to see the person in the dress from all sides.

As she entered the sewing room, Amelie and Sophie who were cutting the cloth frantically ran to her in a hurry. “You’re here, Julietta. Did you safely finish the party yesterday?”

“Yes. I did a great job yesterday. I acted gracefully without making mistakes, just like I’ve learned. No one doubted me.”

Sophie patted Julietta’s butt and complimented her, “Good job, good job. How much trouble did you have in the corset? You did a great job.”

“How was your dress? I was worried because it’s too different from the dress in fashion.”

Julietta smiled brightly at Amelia’s concern. “It was bedlam at the party, as it was pretty. You’ll have to be prepared, because the dressing shop is going to get busy soon. I think we need to get more people, but we don’t have enough cash to pay for their wages. Please send the bill for the new dress to the mansion of Duke Kielini by writing it down as previously set. I’ll start the upstairs construction when the bill comes in.”

“What should I say about the designer if there are any guests in the future? No matter if we have an illustration book prepared and displayed our costumes in the hall, there must be someone who wants to meet a designer.”

“Tell them that the designer doesn’t want to be in front of people. On the contrary, such mysticism will become more interesting. But I think I’ll need a manager. We’ll need someone else to manage our guest list, bills, and deliveries. I also need to get someone to handle the hall. We can’t afford to leave the hall empty, because we’re going to have customers coming and going.”

“We’ve got many things to spend money at all over the place.”

Julietta hugged the shoulders of Amelie, who sighed as if she was worried about that.


“The clothes I will wear are mostly made, so now make some clothes for you two.”

“For us, too?”

“Yes. You two need to face the guests face-to-face on behalf of the designer, and baste the clothes of the customers. So, make them with the best fabric. I think it’s better for you to deal with customers as an assistant designer. Since you make clothes by yourselves, you’ll be the fastest to receive the customers’ requests on my behalf.”

“Do we have to deal with the guests in person?”

Julietta tried to answer Sophie’s words, but first she accepted the dress Gibson had brought. He had stopped a carriage in the coach house next to the mansion.

Julietta’s debut dress was to be displayed in the hall starting today. She was afraid that someone would see it, so Gibson had brought it separately.

When he handed the dress to her, he casually went to the table on the terrace and sat down. Amelie gave him some cold water-studded Peniroz tea and returned. Julietta who had been watching his casual appearance suddenly became emotional and rubbed her chest.


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