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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 102: Debut, Part XIV Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 102. Debut, Part XIV

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

“Raise me up.”

When it was difficult to get up alone due to a corset pressing to the chest, Julietta reached out to the two men with an air of lofty dignity.

Embarrassed, Spencer and Oswald hurriedly grabbed her hands one by one, and carefully helped her to stand up. Julietta managed to pull herself relying on two men. Then she brushed off her crumpled dress hem and sat down gracefully on the sofa opposite Killian.

After two and a half months, the Prince had not changed at all.

‘Would it have changed if his hair had gotten a little longer and he looked more handsome? It would be sorry that he would be able to remain in history like this, if his personality followed even half of his appearance,’ thought Julietta, looking at the Prince.

“At least I don’t think you are a noble with a hollow spirit. You have guts and wit. I think you’ll be able to overcome any difficulties with that adaptation to circumstances.”

“Do you have a job for me?” Julietta opened her eyes suspiciously at the Prince’s words, as he praised her differently from the previous harsh manner. She began to feel uneasy about the thought of something bad happening to her, after his rare show of kindness.

Killian smiled satisfactorily to the princess who immediately noticed his intentions and appeared wary. “I think you are perfect for the future Empress.”

Julietta suddenly felt as if time and space had returned to two and a half months ago. She could see Sir Albert sitting in front of her in her vision, so she blinked her eyes.

“Are you so happy that you can’t talk? I’m sure. I am talking about how to be the Queen and Crown Princess of Austern, and the Princess of the Principality of Bertino. But if it comes so hard that if you fall in a faint because you are so moved… if you want to do that, go to the family of the Duke and do it.”

While Julietta was picking at his words in a stunned silence, Killian continued to speak. “And as soon as I get married, I’m going to take in a concubine. There’s someone I’ve seen. Since you get the seat of the noblest woman in Austern, you will understand, right?”

When she saw Killian playing a one-man show by himself, a sigh came out of her mouth. How could there be no progress?

It had only been two and a half months, so how much progress could he have made, even if he wanted to improve? Julietta nodded, determined to be generous. Fortunately, unlike Julietta Salman of two and a half months ago, she was now the princess Iris Kiellini on the surface.

Julietta apathetically answered the Prince who sat there haughtily. She had to answer the question because she was being asked to marry him, at any rate. “I’m going to reject.”

Heavy silence fell in the room, which was decorated with the purple, silver, and black colors unique to Prince Killian.

Killian’s angry voice flew over Julietta, the room so quiet they could hear the sound of a needle drop… and that Oswald couldn’t hold his breath.



“Why? Have you already had contact with Francis? He can never be an Emperor, because I don’t intend to let him have his way. If you want to be the Empress, you have to catch the line I threw.”

Julietta thought she would dig in her ear and blow the earwax off at the Prince. She thought she had to do so if she wanted him to accept that her ear canal was normal and that she understood what he said correctly, and then refused. The arrogance of believing that she would unconditionally accept his proposal was so brazen. What nerve!

“I don’t want to be the Empress. I have to take over the family. After making my debut in society safely, I’m going to go back to Tilia Territory. I’m going to marry a man my father will choose and take over the title of the duke.”

Killian’s sparkling silver eyes and Julietta’s fresh green eyes clashed in the air. Killian, who had been staring at Julietta without a word, soon opened his mouth. “If you are concerned about the title of the duke, you can have your agent take care of it and pass it on to our child after it is born.”

“I don’t want to.”

“At the very least we’ll have more than one.”

“I only need one child to take over the title of the duke. Of course, the father of the child is not the Emperor of the future.”

“Are you rebelling because I’m going to take in a concubine? Don’t spend any idle time like this, because I won’t give up that concubine.”

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you take three or four concubines.”

“That’s a relief. When is the Duke of Kiellini coming back to Dublin? If the Duke is not scheduled to come up for a while, it’s okay for me to go down.”

As if he had no intention of listening to the refusal of the princess, the Prince only said what he wanted to say.

Julietta thought she was in real trouble when she heard about the Duke. She thought the arrogant Prince would not persist when his pride was hurt by her refusal, but she was embarrassed by his persistence, which was different from what she expected. When the Duke found out about this, she could be killed and would vanish without a trace.

Julietta was in a hurry and spoke to the Prince clearly again and again.

“Your Highness, I will never marry you. I promise I will never marry another Prince, too. You can kill me if I break what I said today and marry Prince Francis.”

Killian realized she was sincere after the princess’s hard expression. It was not an attempt to negotiate in a favorable manner. She hadn’t even had a connection with Prince Francis. He finally began to look closely at the princess in front of him.

The woman’s appearance was certainly very impressive, as Oswald had admired. For Killian, however, a woman’s appearance didn’t have much weight; it was just like looking at beautiful jewels and scenery. He suddenly felt something strange while he was looking at the woman closely.

“Have you ever met me?”

When asked by Killian, Julietta’s heart sank with a thud. “That did not happen. Up until a month ago, I never left Tilia Territory.”

Killian grimaced after observing the princess’s tiny nose and perfect curve lips, delicate jawline, slender neck and graceful shoulders, like measuring with a ruler. It was because the lady sitting haughtily in front of them and Julietta looked so alike.

“All right. I know the princess’s opinion, so get out of here.”

As soon as the order to get out fell from the mouth of Killian who had been looking at her with fierce eyes, Julietta hurried up to her feet. Her heart was so nervous that she was worried that she would make a mistake.


“Then I’ll step back. I wish you all the glory in your future.”

Looking carefully at the back of the princess who had wished for him a glorious future and retreated from the parlor as if she would never see him again, Kilian murmured. “It’s different in shape and height.”

Unlike the low shoes she had worn when she had been a maid, she wore high party shoes, forcing him to think that she was different from Julietta. But his feelings continued to send signals, even though there was no way to connect the precious Princess Kielini with the woman who had grown up in the theater.

Oswald was sitting at a table by the window with Spencer, watching the war of words between the Prince and the princess. He moved opposite Killian and asked, “Your Highness, what do you mean?”

“No. Oswald, put a man on Princess Kiellini.”

At Killian’s command, Spencer was also surprised and sat down next to Oswald. “Don’t tell me, you think the princess will make an appointment, and she is going to come in contact with Francis?”

“No, I don’t believe that. But don’t you think she’s too healthy to say she has never left Tilia Territory before a month ago?”

Killian looked alternately at the two and asked for their opinions. When Spencer heard the remark, he thought, clasping his chin like a habit, and finally nodded, “It certainly is. She looks more lively than Lillian.”


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