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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 100: Debut, Part XII Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 100. Debut, Part XII

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Ivana looked irritably at her faint, sky-blue eyes, which had no liveliness at all with her dark hair. If she resembled the Marquis like her second child, Fjord, her hatred might have turned into love.

Ivana, with a nervous face, recalled the miserable old days.

For the five years after Christine was born and she had Fjord, she was in her husband’s arms only when a threatening letter from the Duke was delivered to the Anais mansion hastening a successor. Ivana was still good. It was because she was happy to be held in his arms.

So, when the heir to the family of Anais was born, she believed that the Marquis would return to her. Therefore, while Robert was in Vicern, she kicked out his lover and the blonde girl that she had given birth to from the mansion in Harrods Street.

It was a miscalculation. The Marquis who had returned from Vicern became furious and treated her like a stone strewn down the street. Her husband betrayed her belief that he would be faithful to his family once he had a successor.

How pleasant it was to announce their death to him, who only sought his lost lover and daughter, and who refused to love her.

Ivana was contemptuous of her daughter, who was trying to follow in her footsteps. In the first place, there was no love, so she wasn’t interested, but it was not pleasant to see her own foolish old self in her daughter.

“Are you going to stay and make a fool of yourself? Then I won’t stop you. Next time, you’d better figure out the color of the dress of the princess in advance and avoid wearing the same color.”

Christine looked only at Princess Kiellini dancing with her father, the Marquis, without caring about Ivana, who was leaving.

He was reluctant when he danced with her on her debut stage. He did not look at her affectionately like now, but rather tired, as if he were a little exhausted. That alone made Christine hate her cousin, the princess, so much that Ivana’s words pierced her heart.

A bright, crisp blue dress and colorful blond hues weighed down on her and her dark hair in a light-blue dress. Thinking of that, Christine turned around, and grit her teeth in anger. No matter how she felt, she had to show social kindness to the princess who had grown up in the

countryside all her life, as planned. If Princess Kiellini married Francis, Killian would no longer be able to resist her.

Christine had to put in much effort to force a smile as she walked toward the crowd of young people gathered there.

When Julietta and the Marquis left the dance hall after dancing, Christine came to them with the same kind of ladies as if she had waited for.

“Father, I’d like to introduce ladies to the princess. Will it be okay?”

The Marquis of Anais nodded with a regretful look, pressing down on his desire to be with his niece a little more. He felt that he should not interfere with the social life of a child who had grown up in rural areas without being able to interact with her peers all her life.

“Yes, Christine. You take good care of her. She’s a weak kid, so be careful not to overdo it.”

Christine forced a laugh, holding back that she wanted to scream at the scene of the worried Marquis.

“Yes, Father. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of her, my cousin. Princess, this is the lady of Count Patrick, this is the lady of Viscount Vieri, this is…”

The introduction of the ladies that Christine brought along continued. Julietta thought she should stay alert, as Christine’s image was like a gangster coming out to extort money. Her smiling mouth trembled as if she were been trying to be kind.

“It’s very kind of you to come here to say hello. It’s nice to meet you.”

Julietta nodded graciously and smiled pretentiously, as she had learned while being beaten red. Ladies were confused when she looked so different from the princess who was known for such big blotches on her face that she had stayed in a rural area. They greeted the princess and began to examine her to find fault.

Lady Patrick who was the first to be introduced asked, “You have a very unusual dress. Everybody was wondering when you didn’t order your clothes from Madame Louai, but whose dress is it?”

All their eyes glistened, waiting for Julietta’s answer, as they wondered who made such a dress among whom they knew

“She is a new designer. She is very good at her work.”

It was time for everyone to ask questions again, because they were all burning at the look of the princess avoiding a pointless conversation.

“All the most beautiful flowers in the world are blooming here. This Oswald is on the way to investigate the garden because it’s so lonely.”

Oswald naturally stepped in and twirled and bowed gracefully. Julietta quickly covered her face with a fan, as she would burst into laughter even several months later.

“Oh, Marquis Oswald. You’re here today. Didn’t you forget you promised to dance with me before?”

“No, it’s my turn this time. I don’t know how uninteresting the winter season was when Marquis Oswald was in Bertino.”

In an instant, the attention of the party members shifted from Julietta to Oswald. It would have been a strange thing to not get the spotlight, as he appeared so colorfully.

“Come on, ladies. This Oswald has one body. I’ve been overworked in Bertino and I’m not feeling very well right now. But I don’t think I’m going to get better without seeing the beautiful young ladies.”

“Mr. Oswald, where are you sick? Isn’t Prince Killian coming today?”

As soon as Oswald appeared, Julietta, who was enjoying watching Christine change her face and ask questions like a gentle sheep, was surprised at the mention of Killian.

The fact that Marquis Oswald was here meant that Prince Killian was back in Dublin. Julietta, who had not thought of seeing the Prince again while attending the party secretly stepped back behind the crowd. It was hard to recognize the fact, but she began to feel uncomfortable with Oswald.

Oswald was looking for a chance to try out what he had planned, making an agreeable response to the words of the ladies. Then, as Princess Kiellini stepped back as if she were going to leave, he became very urgent. He gracefully called over his servant, picked up a drink and ordered him to distribute some to the ladies, too. Then he turned and said to Princess Kiellini, holding out the glass, “Princess Kiellini, I’m sorry for the delay in greeting you. My name is Phillip Leslie Oswald.”

Julietta gave up trying to slip away at the greeting of the Marquis of Oswald. Turning reluctantly, she tried to greet him, taking the cup that was sticking out toward her. But the moment she reached for the glass, suddenly the Marquis of Oswald staggered.


A fragile groan came out of his mouth as the cup he was holding shook dangerously. Oswald wrapped his head with his glassless hand and began to lean toward her. Oswald’s servant came in a hurry as Julietta staggered, holding him in her arms.

“He must have been exhausted. Oh, my God, he said he wasn’t feeling well!”

Lady Patrick hovered around Oswald, who collapsed in a bust.


“Oh! The Marquis must have caught the dress of the princess as he collapsed. He won’t let go.”

Lady Vieri made a fuss, pointing to Oswald’s hand.

“Oh, my God. I guess he thought he caught a lifeline when he fell down.”

Someone in the back gave a sad sigh as if it was regrettable.

Julietta glared with a stunned look at Oswald’s hand, who was clasping the flowers on her chiffon dress. When she saw him skillfully throw over the glass he was holding as he fell down, she knew that Oswald’s fainting was fake.

She was so nervous that he might have recognized her, but she regained her composure because she thought it was not possible. For now, she had to find out why he was trying to get out of the party with her.

“I’ll have to go with him first. Hurry up and move the Marquis to the lounge.”

As his servant carried the fallen Marquis on his back, Julietta also stood up and walked out of the banquet hall. Julietta walked quickly, looking back at the string of worried people following. When some distance was secured, she whispered quietly to Marquis Oswald, “What’s your purpose?”


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