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Julietta’s Dressup – Chapter 10: Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part I Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 10. Bertino Mansion on Harrods Street, Part I

Translator: Khan

Editor: Aelryinth

Killian was out of bed, throwing away the beseeching woman’s hand with her glossy red hair hanging down, and ordered the wiry black-haired maid who was waiting in the corner, “Send her out.”

When the maid standing in the corner stared at him stupidly, without responding to the Prince’s order, the angry Killian shouted, “Jeff! Jeff!”

Jeff, who was waiting outside, hurried into the room at his call. Moira screamed and hid in the sheets.

“Is this how you train the maid? Look at her! Get Albert now. This is not once or twice. What the hell is going on here?”

With Killian’s angry attitude, Jeff hurried and glared at the maid, who did not know what to do.

She must have not heard his order, as she was deeply attracted to the Prince. As it was not repeated again, Jeff ran to call the butler. He sighed deeply, thinking that his master’s mood would hit the bottom again today.


“Albert, how long do I have to call you for this?”

After Jeff hurried to bring in Sir Albert Michel Manfredo, the butler and the grand chamberlain of Prince Killian, and a member of the family of Baron Manfredo, the Prince’s bedroom was fortunately drawn clean.

No matter how passionately he loved a woman in bed, all that went by when the moment of obsession passed. His cool, knife-like nature often made his women lose their understanding and whine. That was why the Prince changed his lover from time to time, even though his taste for women was not very different.

For the Prince, there was only one condition for his lover: not to bother him. Today’s incident was a great one for the nature of the Prince, who put silence above any external beauty.

Killian’s mood fell to the floor, irritated by a thirst he didn’t satisfy even if he made love with a woman longer than usual. The woman’s brick-colored, rough hair seemed to overlap the reddish-brown hair of a woman holding him in bed. Just as the maid who kept the bedroom provoked his mood, his irritation turned into anger and stabbed the sky.

Albert, who had been called before the Prince, began to suggest this and that way to soothe his master’s feelings, wiping away sweat that was not even there.

“Your Highness, I can’t do anything with my own manpower. If a maid is fascinated by you, it’s because she has eyes to see. So why don’t you take this opportunity to ask a male servant to wait on you?”

“Even though he is a servant, do you dare to let another man see the naked body of the woman in my bedroom?”

Albert barely kept his mouth shut, trying to mutter, and offered a different opinion for the Prince who had no affection for women, but was strangely stubborn, “Then why don’t you go to the woman’s bedroom? Then you don’t have to suffer this kind of inconvenience. You don’t have to try to get rid of a woman who doesn’t want to leave. All the other Princes are doing that…”

“How can I know what’s in those women’s rooms and go to them?”

Albert muttered inwardly, thinking of his political opponents, who were looking for the most vulnerable time for the Prince. ‘No, I know. I feel heavy with worries and do this.’

“Then, Your Highness, I hear there are men in the southern island country who can’t serve as men. They work in the care of women of higher status. Why don’t you try to find one?” Albert carefully told his master what Spencer had told him the last time he had visited.

“Does that mean that it is a man who manages a woman of the royal family in the country? You’re saying he’s a man, anyway. I need only a good working maid. Is it that hard?”

In Killian’s cold manner of questioning his ability, Albert lowered his tail and obeyed. “I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’ll take responsibility and find the perfect maid.”

Exactly a week after the incident that she wanted to erase forever from her mind, Julietta arrived at Harrods Street, where she and her mother had lived under the protection of Marquis Anais.

Julietta, who paid the cost of a carriage ride with a little money Amelie and Sophie had given her, stood at the magnificent iron gate guarded by knights in dark gray armor and looked at the mansion. The mansion, decorated in dark purple, the color of the family of Bertino, and silver and black, the color of Prince Killian, was so powerful that it broke her spirits at the entrance.

Julietta recalled what had happened a few days ago, lifting the thick iron glasses hanging on her small face.


The day after Prince Bertino went to the theater, Lillian visited Julieta.

“Julie, I heard something big happened yesterday?”

When asked yesterday about pouring wine on the noble Prince, Julietta sighed and said in a low voice, “Does the head of the troupe know?”

“Fortunately, she doesn’t. I heard it from Marquis Rhodius yesterday. I’m so glad you’re alright, without any problems.”

Lillian swept up her dark chestnut hair, consoling the downcast girl in front of her. She was the daughter of Stella, who had taken care of her like an older sister after she had just come up from the countryside. She became a trainee at Eileen Theater, where she had learned to sing and dance.

When Stella had fallen in love with Marquis Anais and retired to a mansion, Lillian had been as happy as if it was herself. When Stella had been kicked out overnight and returned to the theater with her young daughter and died of illness less than a year ago, she had felt gloomy, as she had looked forward to her future.

Lillian, who turned twenty-eight this year, was slowly taking over the prima donna position at Eileen Theater and preparing to return to the countryside. Her relationship with Marquis Rhodius would end the moment she retired from the theater. Like other actresses, she didn’t want to die a shabby death while playing the toy of a nobleman.

She felt more sorry for Julietta than others, who had suddenly become a scoundrel after living in luxury under the protection of the Marquis, even though she was a bastard. Lillian, who wanted to be someone the young girl could rely on while she still had her popularity and strength as an actress, said sincerely, “Julie, if anything happens, make sure you contact me. Can you promise me you won’t decide everything by yourself or jump into something dangerous? I know you’re a very brave and self-reliant child, but just remember you’re not alone.”

Julie smiled at Lillian’s friendly brown eyes. “Thank you for taking care of me. I was very happy to have a place to visit when I was having a hard time. I really appreciate it.”

“I want to give you a present as a commemoration of getting a new job out of the theater. Is there anything you want to have?”

When Lillian asked, Julietta hesitated for a moment before carefully saying, “I want glasses, not the expensive ones worn by aristocrats, but rather the big, thick ones worn by Morgan, the manager of the Eileen Theater.”


“Glasses? Why all of a sudden?”

“I’m sure I won’t run into the Prince when I go in as a cleaning maid, but I’m just trying to be careful if he recognizes me by any possibility. He forgave me yesterday, but I’m afraid he’ll get angry when he sees my face.”

In order to prevent anxiety in advance, Julietta desperately needed heavy glasses to hide her face.

“Oh, it’s Bertino mansion where you will work as a maid,” Lillian nodded and added again, “Yes, I’ll find out and order it for you. Actually, I want to find another place for you to work, but I’m running out of time. I feel uneasy I can get you anywhere. Still, I hope you won’t have any problems, as you have a recommendation letter from Marquis Rhodius.”


Recalling Lillian’s affectionate words, Julietta was once again determined, and extended a letter of recommendation to the gatekeeper, avoiding the harsh eyes of the knights. The gatekeeper looked at the letter of recommendation with suspicious eyes and soon opened the door, guiding her to the back door used by the servants and maids.

“My God, no matter how it is the introduction of Marquis Rhodius, how fat and ugly a maid to work in the Prince’s mansion is! This is undermining the dignity of His Highness.”

A head maid, Johanna, looked at Julieta and frowned deeply.


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