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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor – Chapter 755: Fate Seed Bahasa Indonesia

Wang Wei reviewed his memory from the moment he was born all the way to his death, checking every detail to see if he missed any vital component. Regrettably, he found nothing.

He frowned, ‘Could it have something with my sealed memories?’ He looked at the memories after the space crack swallowed him, and he entered the void-like space. He saw a seal similar to the one containing all his Spiritual Power.

‘These memories are larger than even my time in the cultivation world,’ he pondered whether to remove the seal. With his current soul and overall power, it should be no problem.

‘No, let’s wait.’ These memories were vast and spawned eons, thus requiring more time to view and analyze. Furthermore, he will see how he acquired his immense Willpower, making it easier to control. However, this process requires a slow and long process; he did not know whether he could complete it before the Heaven Will Battle.

So, Wang Wei reviewed his memories from Earth, focusing on the tiniest detail. He wanted to know if his memories in life subtly influenced his current self.

‘My Earth memories formed my core personality and ideals despite how long I’ve spent in this world. Over time, I have been assimilated by my experience in the Myriad Emperor World, but certain core ideologies and personality traits remained the same.

‘So, how much influence do my Earth memories have on me?’

Wang Wei reviewed his memories, focusing on how the Earth has influenced his cultivation journey. And in the process, he found many subtle influences he did not notice before.

‘Wu Hong once told me how certain Paragons’ repressed memories have influenced their mind and Dao Heart, so a few of them will erase or seal the memories of their past life to prevent this from happening. Maybe, she already saw my situation,’ he thought before as he continued to comb through his mind and analyze how his past experiences influenced his current self.

‘Even though I have used many ideas from Earth, I usually treat my experience there as if it had no relationship with this life; it was as if I had cut off my karma with my past.’

Wang Wei treated his past life as such–his past life. Besides a few regrets he had and hoped to make up for one day once his cultivation reached a certain level, he cared little about his experience on Earth and did not think they had such a significant influence on him.

As for his obsession with controlling Earth? Before the Mortal Dust, he did not think it was an obsession; he thought it was a common goal or ambition he had after coming to this cultivation world. It was only after experiencing Mortal Dust he realized his desire to control Fate was abnormal and wanted to find the cause.

‘Was I wrong? Was my desire to become free and unfettered a product of my environment on Earth, or is there something more to it?’

He frowned as he reviewed his memories over and over but found nothing. ‘Do I need to review my seal memories? No, it will take too much time to search; I have a better way.’

A projection of the River of Fare manifested above his head as he divined the truth he wanted. Wang Wei’s mind traveled through the river made of white and silver strings, combing through the universe.

He searched for the truth he wanted but was unsuccessful. But he did not give up. He pushed his body, soul, and Dao to the limit for this divination.


His Dao Tree cracked, and blood spilled from his eyes, mouth, ears, and nose. His hair turned dull gray like an old man, but he did not care. Wang Wei continued roaming through the River of Fate to find the answer he wanted.

Bang! A vast amount of information entered his mind when he was on the verge of reaching his limit.

[Fate Seed: Chosen individual scattered throughout the Chaos Universe with the destiny to one day take control of the River of Fate–to become one of the Six Cardinals–The Abjucator of Fate.]

More information entered his mind, such as Fate Seeds are often people that do not like to be bound by rules and restrictions, people who pursue freedom. Most Fate Seeds are True Devils, but not all True Devils are Fate Seeds.

‘Another taboo,’ pondered Wang Wei, who was now numb since it was like the fifth or sixth one. So, he focused on the crucial information.

‘Fate Seeds, controlling the River of Fate. Why does the River of Fate need control?’


He did not finish his thought as he saw the River of Fate’s projection suddenly turn into a real one. Then, he heard a loud voice full of killing intent.

“You little ant. The River of Fate protects the seeds from my eyes, but you were stupid enough to divine the truth.”

As Wang Wei heard the voice, he suddenly found himself unable to move, and his thoughts slowed down.

‘Shit,’ he cursed as he knew he might truly be in trouble this time. Furthermore, he no longer has his powerful wife to protect him. Wang Wei quickly calmed down as his intuition told him Wu Hong would also be powerless if she were present.

He then saw a man with dark gray hair, pure black eyes, and short hair, handsome and ethereal, appearing from the River of Fate. The man sat on a throne, his eyes exuding the pride of someone who has looked down on all myriad beings.

The young man looked at Wang Wei directly from the River of Fate that flowed throughout the entire Chaos Universe. A terrifying killing entered Wang Wei’s mind, almost collapsing his soul; he could feel even his Willpower was useless in front of this young man’s gaze.

‘Is this what true power is?’ he thought calmly. In this brief situation, he realized how powerless he was. All his intelligence, cunningness, and power were useless before this person.

His mind tried to work and find a way out. Unfortunately, even his thinking had drastically decreased; he felt it took millions of years to think of a single word.

‘A desperate and impossible situation,’ he concluded. Regardless, he did not give up trying and remained calm.

“It’s you,” said the ethereal young man, his voice full of fear, anger, and hatred; his eyes–who seemed to have been calmed and without fluctuation for millions of Yuan Epochs–suddenly shook, displaying his uncontrolled emotions.

He looked at Wang Wei with gritted teeth. He snorted before leaving. The River of Fate disappeared as if it had never appeared.

Wang Wei exhaled deeply, his mind working correctly.

‘This person knows me? No, it should be future me,’ he postulated. ‘This finally concluded my future self truly reached transcendence. At least, took a half step like Maitreya and Supreme Unity.’

This person gave him a feeling similar to Grand Dao–grand, noble, supreme, and irresistible. Although his aura was not the same as the Grand Dao Eye, their essence was similar. As such, he did not doubt the latter surpassed the power of Paragon.

‘Transcendence–a being that has escaped the shackles of space-time, of the River of Time,’ analyzed Wang Wei as he realized why this person knew him.

As for why this person did not kill him? There are many possibilities, but the greatest is he could not; most likely, his future self would intervene.

‘Paragons can travel to the past and kill Emperors before they prove the Dao. So, they could technically do the same with other Paragons. So, a battle between Paragons can quickly turn into a battle to protect their past selves.’

Wang Wei frowned as he could imagine his Paragon Future Self is currently fighting many enemies trying to travel downstream of the River of Fate trying to kill the current him.

‘In the future, I might have the power to fight Paragons at the Empyrean Level. However, I should never reveal my identity.’ He could foresee that he could defeat a Paragon, but the latter ran to the past to kill him, but he will be powerless since he’s only an Empyrean. Maybe he could protect himself to some extent since he controls Time Dao, but he did not want to take risks.

So, he warned himself to be cautious.

‘I need to focus on the more important thing. Paragons should have some limitations on how much they influence the past,’ he continued. ‘However, Half-Step Transcendence might not have such restrictions.’

His mind worked faster now he was free.

‘This person is probably the current Abjucator of Fate. However, for some reason, the River of Fate or Grand Dao is not satisfied with him, so they are already planning his replacement. So, he wants to eradicate all the Fate Seeds to ensure his position.

‘So, why does the River of Fate want to replace him? Did he do something? Could there be any relations with the Ultimate Taboo?’

His mind calculated numerous possibilities, but he could not conclude anything because of the lack of information.

‘I just acquired some answers, but I also have more questions. If my future self took a half step into transcendence, why did he not take control of the River of Fate?’

Wang Wei paused as he realized the reason. Since he found the existence of Fate Seed, he would probably refuse to take control of the river. After all, he wants true detachment, so he despises the River of Fate that has been planning against him since birth.

‘So, instead of controlling the River of Fate, I should….’ His eyes squinted as he began to plan for his path of Transcendence. Although he only has vague ideas and no concrete plan, it was more than 99% of sentient beings in the Chaos Universe.

Wang Wei breathed out as he found his Dao Heart was perfected about finding his status as a Fate Seed. He looked at his terrible state and knew he would soon visit Elder Dao.

So, he prepared to return to the sect. But his step suddenly stopped.

‘No, things are not so simple as it seems on the surface,’ he pondered as he thought of something that made him see the chess game that spawns across space and time.


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