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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 9: Unparalleled! Penis Sword! Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 9 – Unparalleled! Penis Sword!

That sword suddenly appeared from around where I was hiding my detached penis. It settled in my hand with a careful aim.

The sword fitted perfectly in my hand as though it was something that I had been wielding for years.

I was shocked seeing that sword that fitted perfectly in my grasp.

「This……the form change and attribute change also activated together with the Penis Detachment……!?」

The penis took the shape of sword with Form Change.

It was made from metal through the Attribute Change.

Like that my penis transformed into a sword. Now it was settled within my grasp while still detached from my crotch.


I wanted to hold my head and screamed even though I was still in the middle of battle.

But before I could fall into despair toward my skills, the material of the sword my hand was grasping entered my eyes.

「Don’t tell me……!?」

It gave off an overwhelming sense of presence that I had only seen several times before when I was living in the capital.

Beautiful dark grey color that looked transparent, and a texture without the slightest cloudiness.

And then exactly like the description in the books, its weight was shockingly light in contrast to its size.

If I didn’t remember wrong, this material was most likely a type of rare metal that could seldom be found at the lowest floor of high difficulty dungeon.

It was adamantite.

「Nonono! That’s just crazy……!?」

I immediately refused to believe the name of the hardest metal that crossed my mind.

Certainly Penis Attribute Change had displayed various transformation like changing my thing to rock, iron, or wood.

But to change into something like adamantite……there was no way a skill of just level 4 and manifested when I was still level 50 could exhibit such outrageous effect.

Far from testing it, the idea didn’t even cross my mind during my inspection of the skill because of just how absurd it was. I was unable to accept the fact right away.

But, I didn’t have any time to stay in confusion like that.



The Armor Ant – Platoon regained its balance and charged at me.

A giant body that was covered by thick metal shell. In addition was its moving speed that didn’t match its size.

Even the current me wouldn’t get away unscathed if I got hit by that attack.

In addition the surrounding ants worked together to hinder my evasion or defense.

This wasn’t the time to lose my focus just because my penis transformed into sword.


I quickly jumped over the heads of the ants.

And then I replaced my sword that almost broke at the handle and reflexively gripped the sword that was my transformed penis.

As expected I couldn’t believe that this was really made from adamantite.

But please at least be more robust than my former sword……!

I prayed while striking the Armor Ant – Platoon’s body with the handle of my sword.

The next moment.




The Armor Ant – Platoon raised a shriek that was far louder than before.

The spot that my sword’s handle struck was greatly dented.

And then as I landed and looked at the penis sword in my grasp……there wasn’t a single scratch on it.

My penis, isn’t it too hard……?

「T-this is a joke right……!?」

I muttered with a dumbfounded tone from the absurdity.

But, while I was distracted by the shock for who knew how many times it was today.


The red haired girl’s scream entered my ears.

When I looked there, there were more than ten ants swarming toward Alicia and others. They were going to bare their fangs toward the unconscious bodyguards.


Alicia was fighting hard.

But there was a limit in how much area she could cover alone against the many ants that were swarming her from all directions.

「Tsu! I’m an idiot! How can I let my mind wander around about penis in the middle of battle!」

I quickly tried to rush there but, as expected in this short time it was……! As I gritted my teeth in frustration like that.



Something slashed through the air.

That was the penis sword in my hand.

It was as though it was responding to my thought again. Its shape was changing in the blink of eye.

Into an extremely long sword that closed the distance to the enemy to 0.



The shell of the Armor Ant that normally would deflect normal blade was pierced very easily.

In addition, the might of the penis sword didn’t stop there.


I quickly swung the sword horizontally. It passed through the Armor Ant’s body without any resistance at all.

It continued to cut apart the swarm beside it like butter.

Furthermore, the penis sword shockingly didn’t show any sign of damage at all after that.

Right now this sword’s blade had become very thin in order to extend its range. It must be because there was a limit of mass that it could transform to. Right now it was even thinner than my fingertip.

Even so it didn’t snap at all. It didn’t even show any sign of breaking.

Like that the sword kept changing shape as I willed it and with Alicia’s help, all the ants got dismembered to pieces with not a single one still alive.


The only one left was the Armor Ant – Platoon that couldn’t move because of my strike.

It attacked me from behind to at least bring me down together with it at the end. But,

「Form Change.」

This time I activated the skill with a firm image.

Then the penis sword transformed to be long and narrow. I made the blade to be even thinner and split into five blades that extended to behind me.



The ant leader let out a small dying breath together with the sound of the blades cutting through air.

And then the next sound that came was the sound of the huge body falling to the ground in pieces just like the soldier ants.


The battle ended one-sidedly like that and silence returned to the forest. There, I could only accept the fact.

Toughness that completely surpassed the Armor Ant’s shell. Its hardness. Sharpness.

This thing, this sword that was formed by my skill was genuinely adamantite.

Furthermore although it had mass limitation, it also seemed to be a magic sword that could change shape as I willed it.


Although it was a result of simultaneously activating multiple skills, the result was still too abnormal.

With this facing ordinary enemy wouldn’t pose any problem at all to me.


「Fighting using my own penis as weapon……I don’t have any excuse to avoid being called a pervert anymore……!」

What penis sword. That’s just nuts.

I slumped and fell on my knees.

Compared to Sacred Knight, I’m just a Sexual Knight……no, a Genital Knight. (TN: Fun fact, in Japanese, Holy Knight, Sex Knight, Genital Knight, they are all read as Seikishi)

I was really glad that nobody died.

But my spirit was beaten to the death once more by the fact that I was rapidly deviating away from the <Holy Knight> that I innocently dreamed about when I was a child


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