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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 8: Skill Inspection Part 2   Penis Attribute Change   Penis Detachment……And Then Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 8 – Skill Inspection Part 2 Penis Attribute Change Penis Detachment……And Then

「Penis Attribute Change」

*Crack crack crackk!*

My thing hardened like rock the instant I spoke the skill name.

Yep, just kill me already.

「……Waa, amazing. It’s like a rock, or rather, it’s rock.」

「Wait, Alicia, I told you don’t touch it when we’re outside……!」

*Poke poke. Tap tap.*

Alicia toyed with my thing with her fingertip.

Just as she said, my thing wasn’t 「hard like rock」, it looked like it had become 「a rock itself」. A vibration of solid material spread throughout my lower body.

But somehow its sense of touch was still there like normal. I drew back my waist from the sensation of Alicia’s soft finger.

……By the way.

Since my Peerless skill reached level 5, I became able to control my own lust perfectly. My sex drive would be at the level of ordinary people when I suppressed it, but when it was time for night battle, I would be able to display a literally bottomless vitality.

Without that I would definitely get swallowed whole by my magnified lust and got along (suggestive meaning) with Alicia for the whole day about this time. Even now I might explode in multiple senses from getting my thing poked.

……Well, setting aside the unexpected effect of the Peerless skill, let’s continue with the skill inspection.

Anyway it seemed that this Penis Attribute Change could change the material property of my thing.

Just like the previous thorough test, I tried imagining various things while chanting Penis Attribute Change.

Then just as I imagined, my thing changed into wood then iron.

The transformation speed was similar to Penis Form Change. It was almost instantaneous.

Then suddenly a bad premonition rushed through me.

「……This, it can’t change to dangerous things right?」

The main reason for the inspection this time was to check for unexpected danger like with the misfire of the Master-Servant Contract skill. Therefore my thinking naturally leaned toward the risk rather than how to use the skill in practice.

「Penis Attribute Change.」

I pulled away Alicia from my thing while activating the skill with the image of harmful material like poison, flame, or miasma.

But luckily, my thing didn’t transform into that kind of dangerous material.

I tried some more but, it looked like the transformation was limited to only solid matter. It was a relief.

「But well, who knows if it will change when the level increase. I think it’ll be better to check each time it level up but……for now let’s move on to the next.」

I moved my focus to the next skill after confirming the safety of Penis Attribute Change.

In a sense, this skill was the biggest problem for today.

Penis Detachment Lv 2

……Yeah, well, I could imagine the effect from those words though.

I put my hand over it, then activated the skill hesitantly.

「Penis Detachment」



I was unconsciously screaming seeing that sight that made the inside of my stomach shrunk in fear.

Just as expected……or rather, it was even more than expected, my penis was torn off from the base far easier than expected.

The part it grew from was totally smooth as though there was nothing that had ever grown from there.

My thing that fell off on my hand was pulsing *thump thump* even though it had separated from my body.

What the hell is this!? Just what the hell is this Incubus Gift that it manifested this kind of skill!?

While I felt like I was going to faint because of that horror skill,


A shriek of a girl who wasn’t Alicia echoed inside the forest.


I jumped in fright thinking that I was seen with my lower body exposed and my thing detached from there!?

I pulled up my trouser mostly in reflex──then I noticed that I was still holding on my detached thing.

「Uwaaaaah!? I forgot to return it back! Or rather, will it return back like before!?」

I wanted to pull down my trouser again to see whether it can connect back but, I won’t be able to deny that I’m a pervert if I pull my trouser down again here.

The panic in my mind got accelerated by the pressing situation and put my penis into my chest pocket.

It was then.

「……No. Erio. This scream, it wasn’t because of seeing us.」

Alicia looked around with a serious expression.

Come to think of it……Alicia could use detection skill so she should notice if someone got close.

Alicia reacted late because the girl who screamed was quite far from here.

Thinking back, certainly the scream just now sounded like it came from far away.

In other words, the cause of the scream wasn’t me……

「Let’s go Alicia!」


I ran toward the direction of the scream together with Alicia.

After going through several bushes, that scene entered our eyes.

「Don’t come! Don’t come here!」

A red haired girl who seemed to be our age was being attacked by monster.

There were people who looked like bodyguards lying on the ground. That girl was holding a sword and stood her ground, as though she couldn’t bear to abandon those people. But her hands were shaking fiercely. She was completely feeling scared.

But that was because the girl didn’t look like someone who was familiar with fighting……and there was another reason.

「Armor Ant……!?」

Approaching the girl was a swarm of insect type monster that was said to be around level 40. This type of monster should be living deep in the forest, but for some reason it was this close to the city……I set aside that question for later.

Alicia and I pulled out our sword and placed ourselves between the girl and monsters.

「Alicia! These monsters have hard skin like metal! It will chip our sword if we slash at them, so strike them with the handle!」

「……Got it.」


I hit the heads of the ants that approached the girl.

The ants were down in one hit from me who had reached level 65.

Alicia too, even though her level should be still really low, she landed effective blow against the level 40 ants over and over. As expected from the legendary Gift Sacred Knight.


The red haired girl let out a dumbfounded voice seeing our sudden assistance.

But she immediately guessed the situation and ran toward the bodyguards to move them to a safe place so that they wouldn’t get in the way of the fighting.


At this rate we would have no trouble cleaning up the monsters and bringing the wounded until the city. Right after I thought that.


The wounded ants clicked their teeth simultaneously.

My heart instantly skipped a beat.

That’s right, if I remembered right, this monster swarm……the information that I learned in the capital crossed my head. In that instant.


Most likely the ants that attacked the red haired girl were like a scouting party.

The cry of the ants served as an emergency alert. Called by it, ten more Armor Ants led by a huge silhouette appeared from the other side of the bush.

Armor Ant – Platoon.

The boss of the man-eating boars was a powerful individual picked from among the same race. But this one was different.

This one was a completely superior species that led a platoon of Armor Ants.

There would be individual difference but……this one’s level was most likely 80.

「……Tsu! Alicia! Take care of that girl and the unconscious people!」

「……Yes, leave it to me.」

I entrusted the people who should be protected to Alicia while facing off against that huge enemy.

The stupidly huge ant looked like it could bite off several large trees altogether. I hit it with my sword’s handle as hard as I could.



The large body of Armored Ant – Platoon was blown away from my full powered attack.

Its body mowed down trees before hitting the ground and caused a tremor.

「A-amazing……even though he looks like my age……who in the world……?」

「……As expected from Erio, someone who I can’t push down no matter how hard I try.」

The red haired girl whispered with an astonished tone. Alicia was holding back the swarm of ant while mumbling her comment.

This was also my first time going at full power since reaching this level. My eyes widened in shock. Just what the hell was Incubus again?



The ant leader stood up with composed look.

The part that I hit was dented but, it was far from lethal.

As expected from a superior type of Armor Ant, the toughness of its metal shell was also at a different level.

In contrast,

「My sword……!?」

It couldn’t endure my full strength and the ant’s hardness.

Even though the sword handle should be really robust, it had started breaking down from just one attack. It looked like it would break completely after several more attacks.

「Kuh……my equipment’s quality is just not enough at all……!」

My sword wasn’t a cheap thing with low quality at all.

But the leader of the ants clearly possessed a strength that was out-of-place. My sword’s durability was simply lacking to face such an opponent.

If Alicia had a holy sword that was the symbol of Holy Knight, then perhaps it would be a different story but, she had run away from home immediately after receiving her Gift, so the weapon she had with her wasn’t that high quality.

Normally our only choice here was to run away but……it was questionable whether we would be able to escape from the agile ants while carrying the wounded bodyguards.

If it was like this, then I could only fight barehanded with all my strength or using the broken trees…….

Those plans crossed my mind but, all of them were desperate measure. It was unthinkable that they would work well at all.

「Kuh, I won’t lose at all in basic physical ability, so if only I at least have a hard weapon that can work against that shell……!」

It happened when I gritted my teeth like that.



As though responding to my strong wish.

A sword flew out from my chest pocket──the place where I stored my detached penis.


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