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Chapter 5 – Even More Rapid Growth

「……Morning……no it’s, already noon……?」

When I opened my eyes, the almighty sun was already at the summit in the sky.

「Even so yesterday………………………………………a lot of things happened huhh」

I recalled various things as my sleepy head was clearing up.

How I got banished from the capital.

How the worst and lowest Gift, Incubus that I obtained showed a mysterious growth rate.

How I got attacked by a pack of man-eating boars.

After that……,


It felt like my face would burn just from remembering it.

「Alicia, you were too intense last night……」

To think that the usually cool Alicia would seek me that passionately…….

To be honest it made me extremely happy.

Like that my feeling toward Alicia kept swelling up inside me. But the more that feeling grew, the more I also thought that someone like her shouldn’t be together with the like of me, and yet…….

Now that I had realized just how much burning hot Alicia’s feeling toward me was, I couldn’t tell her to go home to the capital anymore.

Though I don’t know how far I would be able to protect her feeling with a stupid Gift like Incubus.

「Wait, where is Alicia……?」

As I felt puzzled why Alicia wasn’t anywhere on the messy bed,

「……Ah, you’re awake?」


She must be taking a shower in the bathroom that was provided in this room.

Alicia came back with only a single towel hiding her body. She entered inside the room with a smile.

That erotic figure reminded me even more clearly about the scene last night. I completely froze on the spot.

At the same time, heat was gathering once more in my lower body.

(Tsu! Even though I had gotten wrung dry like that last night……! It’s the Peerless skill’s fault……!?)

I turned red from the effect of the embarrassing skill and shrunk into myself.


But it was a wrong move to try to hide it like that.

Alicia noticed my strange response and she made a seductive expression like yesterday again.

「I’m so happy……you can continue again for me aren’t you……」

「No that’s not-」

My denial was meaningless.

Alicia closed her distance to me with an astonishing speed and pushed me down on the bed again.

「Wait, Alicia! It’s already noon! I can also sense people outside at the corridor!」

「Why are you resisting……? Even though Erio yourself also said you love me so many times yesterday……」

「N-no, yeah but……tsu」

I turned bright red again.

Certainly last night, when Alicia made my whole body melted like jelly, I remembered how my mind got hazy from the overwhelming pleasure while I kept saying such thing to her over and over.

Those words weren’t a lie.

But you know, there’s this thing called moderation.

「I want to use the day for moving, and there’s no way we can use the whole day just doing that, so for now let’s go eat at the dining hall──」

「……That kind of difficult thing, let’s just think about it again when both of us feel refreshed, okay……? I want to have a baby quickly……I’ll make Erio honest like yesterday.」

However my attempt in persuasion was futile. Alicia’s hand reached toward my lower body!

「Nonono! I’m telling you we shouldn’t do this now!」

I tried to oppose Alicia even knowing how pointless it was.

But for the Sacred Knight, a resistance from me was just like an adorable gesture. Rather it only served to fan up Alicia’s excitement.

……Or that was how it should be, but.

「……? ……Eh?」

Alicia whose hands were grabbed by me opened her eyes wide in amazement.

Next I also tilted my head in puzzlement.

Eh? Alicia is stopping?

「Alicia……? You finally understand……?」

「……No, I still plan to ravish you.」

After saying that, Alicia came closer again with her expression still looking serious!



Alicia was perhaps, trying to strip my clothes with all her strength.

But it was pointless.

Alicia couldn’t get any closer to me with my hands holding her back.

It wasn’t an overwhelming difference of strength, like I could hold her back without moving an inch.

But, I was definitely holding back Alicia’s rampage with my own strength.


My voice overlapped with Alicia’s.

And then I gasped before looking at my status plate.

Erio Scarlet 14 years old Human <Incubus> Level 50

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 5

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 1

Penis Attribute Change Lv 1

Penis Detachment Lv 1

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)


I was speechless.

Ha? Level 50?

Also what’s with these screwed up skills?

Several skills that I had never heard about and didn’t even want to know about showed up. It felt like my head would boil up seeing them.

But perhaps, this wasn’t anything strange at all.

My level increased just from comforting myself yesterday.

Then I 「got along」 with an outrageous beauty like Alicia so many times like that, so it could be said that this much growth was only natural.

……No as expected this Gift was screwed up. Really just what the hell…….

While I was in stupor like that,

「……Erio amazing. How do you get this much growth……?」


I realized that Alicia was peering at my shameful status plate and jumped in fright.

「WAAAAAAAAAH!? Don’t Alicia! Don’t look!」

Normally a status plate could be set so that only the owner could see its content or other people could be allowed too. But my mind was in chaos at this moment that Alicia could also see my status plate.

Because the content of your status plate could possibly put your life at risk if it became known, it was common for most people to feel reluctant to show it to other people.

In addition, in my case my status plate was filled with content that made my face burned, so I yelled as loud as I could at Alicia.

It was then,



My voice overlapped with Alicia’s again.

Alicia’s abdomen that was only covered by a single towel suddenly had light intensely shining from there.

The light died down immediately right after that……then that change entered my eyes and Alicia’s.

Alicia’s abdomen that peeked out from the towel’s shifted position.

Around her navel until below it.

A pattern that looked really similar with the crest on the body surface of a tamed monster, but one with a somewhat obscene design was distinctly engraved there.


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