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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 40: The Queen’S Power, The Penis’S Power Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 40 The Queen’s Power, The Penis’s Power

「Kishi kishi kishi. What admirable meats, to come here on your own initiative to become my food. This Regina shall not leave even a single drop of blood of yours to make up for all of my children that you humans had thoroughly devastated.」

「……!? No way, could you be……a demon Armor Ant Queen……!?」

The girl who introduced herself as Regina──she was undoubtedly the main culprit of the sequence of abnormal events. Standing at her presence caused sweat to soak my whole body.


It was the definition of monster that had lived long for hundreds of years and fulfilled special requirement to evolve.

Their traits were their intellect that became so high they could speak human language and acquiring personality, their form that was like a mix of human and monster, and them possessing powerful combat strength with most of them harboring strong malice toward human just like how monsters were enemy of humanity.

Just like human, each individual demon had strength that greatly differed from each other.

But the standard level that was used as reference for these monsters that had evolved until becoming this being called demon──was level 200 at the minimum even for the weak individual that had just been born.

「Alicia! I’ll buy you time! Heal Miriam-san and others!」


The members of Sunflower of the Wide Sky were still breathing faintly. Alicia kneeled beside them and put up the barrier of Sacred Defense to protect them from the surrounding ants.

I stood in front of the barrier with my penis sword to protect them.

The next instant,

「Oi oi, what are you doing with my food over there. After all the troubles I took to finish them.」

*Hyu hyu hyu hyu hyu0!*


The sound of something cutting through air struck my ears. It was countless wind blades.

But they didn’t target me.

(This girl, she targeted Alicia and others first……!?)

The dynamic vision of Incubus that had leveled up managed to perceive all of the super high speed slashes.

I transformed the penis sword and struck down all the attacks that tried to slip past my sides.


I overlooked a part of the attacks that looked like they wouldn’t hit Alicia and others, but those attacks carved astonishingly deep gashes into the earth wall behind us.

The path that we used to come here was blocked with rubbles, isolating us from the rest of the adventurers.

(What power! Alicia and others would be in jeopardy if I failed to strike even one of them……!)

「Hou……? So you blocked my <flying claws>. Then what about this?」

The demon girl who introduced herself as Regina swung her arm.

The surrounding ants instantly swarmed Alicia’s Sacred Defense as though they were obeying a single will.

At the same time, slashes in incomparable number than before also assaulted me.

「Gu, uuuuuuuuu!?」

I changed the penis sword constantly and struck down all those slashes.

But the powerful slashes that came to be just from a casual swing of arm showed no sign of stopping.

(My situation will only get worse at this rate……!)

I also didn’t know how long Sacred Defense would hold under the onslaught of the ants.

There was no time for me to just observe the situation carefully just because the opponent was a demon.

I got to decide this swiftly.

Fortunately, my Opposite Sex Effectiveness was apparently working even when the opponent was a demon.

My whole body was brimming with strength and it enabled me to perfectly see through even Regina’s attacks.

I weaved through the gaps of the attacks and closed the distance to the demon in front of me.


I struck down all the flying slashes using my penis sword that had its blade branching into many.

And then I kept the momentum going as I lengthened the sword and swung it with all my might toward Regina.

She should be unable to predict that my sword’s range could possibly change this drastically.

Regina didn’t have time to dodge and opened her eyes wide in astonishment at my attack.

(Got you……!)

The moment I believed that──*clang!*


Something unbelievable occurred.

The adamantite penis sword that could easily tear apart even the thick shell of Armor Ant until now──was stopped.

「Hoo, an adamantite magic sword huh. But in the end it’s just the physically hardest metal.」

Regina laughed boldly as she caught the penis sword with the carapace on her arm.

「It won’t be able to pierce mine shell that is strengthened with magic power.」


What crossed my mind was the “indestructible attribute” that was also enchanted to holy sword.

The demon’s ability that was just too out of the world made the inside of my head blanked. But,

「Then……I just need to aim at your exposed part!」

The penis sword’s essence was its flexibility to transform into near everything.

I combined my swordsmanship that was cultivated by my family with the penis sword and slashes at Regina from all directions simultaneously. But,


「Tsu!? This is impossible……!? Even the exposed flesh is harder than adamantite……!?」

「Do you have time to feel shocked like that? You’re full of opening you know?」


I showed an opening by freezing in shock for a moment seeing my attack was completely nullified. Regina’s powerful kick struck me in that timing. Although I immediately blocked using my penis sword──*BAGYAAAAAAAA!*

The hardest shield could also be used as the hardest blunt weapon.

The penis sword was crushed by Regina’s kick that was using the armored part of her leg.

I managed to soften the blow somewhat but, I still got blown away and crashed on the wall.


Luckily, the crushed penis sword immediately regained its original shape with Penis Regeneration.

But my mental damage from getting my penis crushed was enormous. It felt like my heart almost got crushed just like my penis.



Alicia’s sorrowful voice.

When I looked there, Miriam-san and others were still lying unconscious inside the barrier.

Their treatment was almost finished. But they had bled too much and showed no sign of waking up.

All of them would be beyond saving if I broke down here.

No……even before that…….

「Kishi kishi kishi. As I thought, this is the best that human who isn’t top class Holy Knight can do.」

Regina sported an inhuman smile as she approached me.

「However I can’t just keep playing around. I’ll slaughter you annoying humans who dare to make a mess of my stronghold, and then I shall hide myself again to gather strength. In the future mine children shall drive all humans into terror and chaos.」

Regina was the cause of all these unusual events.

In addition unlike the normal queen, she had small body. She could escape her nest and hide herself anywhere.

If I didn’t defeat her here, she would hide herself even more skillfully next time while increasing the number of ants secretly.

And that was in addition of making the people who participated in the mission today──including Alicia to be her “nourishment”.

There was absolutely no way I’d allow such thing.

That was why,

「This will take a lot of magic power, and on top of that I don’t know whether it’ll work on demon but……」

「……? What?」

Regina who approached to finish me off stopped moving.

It must be because she had seen my eyes as I stood up while tightening my grip on the penis sword strongly. They weren’t dead yet.

I instantly sent in all my magic power into my penis.

My penis couldn’t transform into object like poison, gas, or water.

But there was just one.

There was a major transformation that became possible after Penis Form Change reached level 10.

There were various adjectives that could be used when describing penis.

Big, small, hard, soft, thick, slender, long, short……

Until now my disgraceful skill had been able to transform my penis into various shapes that embodied various words.

──That’s why.


The adjective 「hot」 that sometimes was also used to describe penis must be also within the range of my skill.



My penis became blazing hot after devouring a lot of my magic power.

My hair was swept back from the tremendous heat. The underground’s temperature increased drastically.

「……!? What’s that……that wasn’t an adamantite magic sword!?」

Regina’s expression warped in surprise for the first time.

I looked straight at her.


「Penis Sword──Inferno」


Set your heart ablaze! Set your dick ablaze!

I fired up myself to wipe out the terror of getting my dick crushed──then I rushed at the monster before me once more.


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