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Chapter 4 – Sex Fiend

「Alicia!? Eh!? Why are you here!?」

「……I told you. I heard that Erio got banished from the city, so I also ran from home.」

When I asked in shock, Alicia answered me like that indifferently.

She was expressionless like usual that I couldn’t really understand what she was thinking but, I could feel an unusual amount of resoluteness in her tone.

「Ran from home……you must not! Unlike me Alicia is a Sacred Knight right!? One day you’ll be tasked to protect the capi──muguh!?」

「More importantly……」

Alicia put her finger on my lips as I babbled incoherently.

「……There is something else for you to say right?」

I looked around after she said that to me.

Countless corpses of man-eating boars were lying everywhere, and in addition was the boss monster that was blocking our way (it was already split in two now).

After that I also confirmed that Gil-san wasn’t hurt at all though he still couldn’t stand from the shock before I,

「……Thank you for saving us.」

「Your welcome.」

Thanked my childhood friend whose thinking was mysterious to me.

Even so……wasn’t Sacred Knight too powerful……?




「……Anyway, let’s head to the next city quickly. I also got attacked by monsters many times on my way here. For some reason the monsters are acting differently than usual.」

We did as Alicia said and hurriedly headed toward the next city.

This city was also prosperous because of its close distance to the capital. We were able to immediately find a somewhat large inn.

There was a limit to my money, so in actuality I should go to a cheaper inn, but I couldn’t say that with a beauty like Alicia being together with me.

We parted from Gil-san temporarily before renting two rooms. After that I talked with Alicia once more.

「Look Alicia. You really saved us from danger back there. But to run away from home……It won’t be just Blueaiz House, surely my house too won’t allow it. The appearance of the Sacred Knight is a serious affair, so surely people will come soon to bring you back.」

Because it was midnight already, I was inside Alicia’s room facing her.

I’m really happy that she want to come with someone like me who was gifted with a Gift that would make everyone point at my back and laugh but……Alicia isn’t someone who should have her life wasted for the like of me.

Besides no matter how top class Sacred Knight was, she wouldn’t be a match against the adult Holy Knights. I tried to persuade Alicia to reconsider before this matter became a major incident that troubled a lot of people.


「……It’s fine. Because I said that I’m going for a training trip to become strong as quickly as possible. ……My family, Blueaiz House is from the lineage of musclebra……self-made people who climbed up with strength. They can be tricked for a while if they think I’m in a training trip……also, I have properly considered what to do in the long term too so that they can’t take me back.」


Alicia declared with awfully confident tone.

She had considered it…….

Even though the excuse of going to a training trip without getting accompanied by any guard is already difficult to pass any muster, she said that she has a way so that the Sacred Knight could never be dragged back. I don’t think that’s possible but…….

While I was taken aback like that──*pull*.

Alicia pulled my hand with a terrific strength. Eh!?

「Fua!? Wait, Alicia!?」

I already got tossed on top of the soft bed when I realized it. And then Alicia hovered on top of me!?

Alicia straddled me and quickly took off her rugged equipments. Immediately she became only in her underwear. Her face that was illuminated by the magic stone lamp was blushing seductively.

Eh!? What’s this!? What’s this!?

「……Sacred Knight is the highest class of sacred Gift that serve the king and church, protecting the people……that’s what said about this Class. If someone with such class become pregnant with the child of someone who got driven out from the capital……as expected they won’t be able to take me back won’t they?」


Alicia is strange!

No, she was already a strange person even normally but, Alicia today was even stranger than usual!

Her thinking was just too out there no matter how I looked at it. And in the first place there were a mountain of other problems that needed to be considered first before that!

「You need to treasure yourself more! I don’t know why do you want to go that far just to come with me but, you mustn’t do that kind of thing rashly like this!」

Alicia was a girl, and a noble lady on top of that. Furthermore she possessed a legendary Gift.

She wasn’t someone who should rashly do something like this that was just bad in multiple levels.

That was why I resisted Alicia’s advance while yelling that at her but,

「……I’m not being rash.」

Alicia held down my body firmly while speaking.

I couldn’t move my body at all.

The Sacred Knight’s physical ability was just too highhh!

「……You, told me that this white hair is pretty. This white hair that often weird out everyone. Besides, you were kind to me who got avoided because the others couldn’t understand what I’m thinking, and helped me joining your circle of friends.」

「……tsu. That’s, not anything special at all.」


「Isn’t it you who are a kind person since the start? You’re really awkward and easy to be misunderstood but, you tried to help an injured animal, you couldn’t leave someone in trouble alone, and many other things. It’s only natural for me to help you because you’re that kind of person. Even if I didn’t help you, surely someone else would do so one day. That’s why I don’t have any qualification to make you go this far for me.」

I’m just someone worthless who was given the worst Gift like Incubus.

Alicia mustn’t come with me just because of that kind of childish reason that got imprinted into her.

I desperately pleaded to her with that reasoning but,

「……As I thought」

For some reason my insistence only seemed to have the opposite effect.

「……You’re the only one for me. I absolutely won’t go back to the capital where Erio isn’t there.」


──After that.

Alicia got excited like an animal. She greedily devoured my body all over. When the morning sun rose, I was already squeezed dry until I couldn’t resist anymore even with my Peerless skill.

It seemed that Sacred Knight that excelled in battle had stamina that far exceeded ordinary people in all respects.


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