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Chapter 39 The Skittering Shadow

The guild was naturally turned into an uproar after hearing our report.

The first generation nest had to be found right away to stop the spreading of the smart ants.

But fortunately, after that the nest that seemed to be the main nest that was scattering the second generation ants everywhere was immediately found.

「It’s a silver lining. From the start our top ranked adventurers had been exploring everywhere in order to determine the cause of the abnormality in monster’s appearance. As the result, they found out that monsters were straying from the great forest at the west and continued investigating, but then this report from you guys came.」

Goudo-san who was sitting on a chair in his office looked at Alicia, Rainy-san, and me with a completely exhausted expression.

「The west great forest is the Armor Ants’ main habitat. I thought that there is something there and gave order to the local adventurers and……they found it. There’s a vast underground space there connected to multiple dungeons within the great forest. According to an owner of Gift that specialized in enemy search, second generation ants with wings are also confirmed crawling out from that nest. That nest is definitely the first generation, the origin of all this.」

In addition it also came to light that in rare occurrence monsters would sometimes run away from the dungeon.

It seemed that the recent abnormality in the trend of monster appearance was caused by the monsters being unable to endure the Armor Ants’ predation and flooded out from dungeon.

The abnormality in the trend of monster appearance was being reported from everywhere in the country.

There was high possibility that the reproduction of the second generation ants was even more than expected.

「First we’ll need to destroy the main nest as quickly as possible so that the second generation won’t increase any more than this. This time I’ll also take command directly right from the scene. I want you three to head to the scene immediately.」

「Yes, of course.」

This kind of situation couldn’t possibly be left alone.

Like that we ended up taking on the mission to destroy a nest for the second time.

We had no way of knowing what was waiting for us there.


Deep underground the great forest.

The underground labyrinth that was illuminated by the faint light of luminous moss was filled with countless squirming ants.

Among them there was one different existence mixing in.

It was a girl.

She sat on an Armor Ant while heartily devouring the meat lump that was served to her.

She had an impossibly refined look. Her body shape was also a sexy figure that human male would love.

If not for the feelers that grew from her head and metallic shell that protected parts of her body, even noble or royalty would propose her for marriage based on her look.

But──the atmosphere that the girl was clad in was too inhuman.

「……Hoo. So those humans found out my stronghold. They’re faster than I expected.」

The girl muttered while her mouth was stuffed full.

「But the current humans are unable to prepare any top class Holy Knight. I’m also getting tired of eating monster meat. Guess I’ll play with them a bit before moving this stronghold.」

The girl wore an inhuman smile in the space that originally should be occupied by the Armor Ant Queen.


Flight magic from multiple Wind Sorcerers was used to travel to the great forest where the origin nest was located.

Originally this was a travel method that could only be used with great cost of money, but this time the guild shouldered the cost because of the pressing situation.

Nearly 400 adventurers from the whole region were transported in one go until the great forest.

It should be better if the country not only forked money but also dispatched Holy Knights here but……,

「To think the neighboring country attack at this kind of timing……」

In a stroke of bad luck, the royal capital wasn’t in a state to do that right now.

And so the extermination of the Armor Ants was left to the local adventurers.

But the country’s decision wasn’t really that mistaken.

After all the gathered combat force here was more than sufficient to destroy a nest.

「So you’re the one credited with destroying the ant army. I have heard the story. I’ll be counting on you.」

Inside the great forest.

While the preparation to infiltrate the nest was being carried out, the field leader of the mission this time took the time to greet Alicia and me.

This person was a member of Sunflower of the Wide Sky, an adventurer party that Goudo-san claimed as number one in the city.

It was a team that consisted of female members only, and yet all of them had level around 90. It was also Rainy-san’s old party and they were veterans who also had experience in destroying Armor Ant’s nest.

Other than them there were also a lot of other powerful people joining the mission this time. No matter how vast the nest was, it was hard to imagine that this force would find any hard battle waiting inside there.

「Come to think of it Rainy, how long you’re planning to work as examiner? You don’t have any plan to return back to our party?」

「I’m planning to resign from that job this year to marry. Perhaps I’ll return to you all after that.」

Just who are you planning to marry…….

I felt some chills from the friendly conversation that was exchanged between Rainy-san and the Sunflower of the Wide Sky.

Then, the party leader Miriam-san said 「Well, let’s stop with the small talk here」 and her atmosphere changed.

A notification came from the communication crystal that the preparation for the large scale mission was finished.

「It’s a race against time. You might not want to show your magic sword’s ability in front of too many people but……I ask you to fight with all your strength inside there.」


After Miriam-san sid that, I stood in front of the nest’s entrance that had been dug out by the hands of the adventurers.

Penis Detection.

My penis stretched out very thinly and penetrated into the nest.

This nest was far bigger than the previously discovered nest. It took time to map it out.

「Found it……I’ve mapped out the shortest route to the queen’s room.」

I also borrowed the ability of a Thief whose specialty was in mapping and quickly created a map.

The information was shared to each party and then Miriam-san gave the order.

「Then let’s go! Begin the nest destruction mission!」


The total of 400 adventurers were split into two big teams in the mission this time.

One team was the outside team led by Goudo-san. They stood guard over the whole nest from the sky to prevent the second generation locust type to scatter to all directions all at once.

And then the other team was the nest infiltration team led by Miriam-san.

Naturally Alicia, Rainy-san, and I were also participating in the infiltration team. We moved deeper into the nest in rapid pace.


Powerful ants descended on us in great number, but it didn’t matter.

My penis sword and the strength of Sunflower of the Wide Sky were overwhelming. Even when level 90 Armor Ant Fortresses surged toward and pushed at us, they couldn’t slow us down.

Even so, this was still a large scale nest that had produced locust type.

Countless shadows stood on our way when we arrived until in front of the queen’s room.

「What’s with this number of Armor Ant Guardians……!」

All the adventurers including Miriam-san looked in astonishment.

But that was only natural.

Waiting for us in that spacious area was Armor Ant Guardians in a number that easily surpassed twenty.

Monsters that were equal to level 120 each formed a group while also having other countless ants obeying them. They attacked the nest infiltration team.

「As expected this is……! Form Change! Attribute Change!」

I quickly changed the penis that everyone thought as a 「unique magic sword」.

The extensible adamantite sword bisected a guardian.

But as expected it was impossible to instantly kill all twenty. I protected the adventurers while yelling.

「Miriam-san! Please go ahead and take care of the queen! If only the queen is defeated, the guardians will also stop working together and it will make it easier to fight!」

「Sorry, I’ll leave this place to you!」

As expected from a veteran adventurer.

She immediately made her decision based on the situation and led her party to rush through the defeated Guardian into the queen’s room.


With this the nest’s queen would be exterminated, the ants would be unable to work together, and it would become far easier to fight.

I swung my penis sword more while thinking that to reduce the number of the guardians. It was then.


「W-what the hell are you……!? Don’t tell me……GUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!?」




The screams of Miriam-san and her party members resounded loudly from the queen’s room.

And then no more sound came from the queen’s room at all after that.

「What in the world……!? Alicia!」


I got a really bad premonition.

I left the remaining guardians that survived my mowing to the other adventurers and rushed into the queen’s room together with Alicia who could use healing skill.


The next instant, an unbelievable sight entered our sight.

Countless ants squirming inside the queen’s room.

The members of Sunflower of the Wide Sky whose whole bodies were covered in blood with their limbs blown away.

And then,

「Oh ho, another energetic young live baits have come again.」

A peerless beauty with feelers growing from her head, and steel colored armor that looked similar with Armor Ant’s shell directly growing from her body.

That girl who was smiling with imperturbable composure inside this monster nest was clearly not a human──

「No way……a demon……!?」

What was waiting for us deep underground where no help would come was a special grade irregular. A hoarse voice leaked out from my mouth.


Erio Scarlet Human <Incubus> Level 150

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 10

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 10

Penis Attribute Change Lv 10

Penis Detachment Lv 6

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 4

Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation (Lv None)


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