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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 36: Incubus Dancing In The Battlefield Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 36 Incubus Dancing in the Battlefield

Penis club.

A blunt weapon not for cutting enemy, but to send them flying.

My penis that arrived at a new domain blew away the Armor Ant Fortresses altogether.

The ants behind them were pulverized entirely. The orderly formation was thrown into messy disarray.

「……Tsu! So this is the power of Incubus level 140……!?」

I myself was astonished by the destructive power that surpassed my expectation.

But the enemy was an army of monster that attacked emotionlessly and with no hesitation.


Perhaps it was the command from the Armor Ant General.

The ants squirmed to immediately repair the destroyed formation. In addition a lot of ants charged toward me. But,

「I’m not gonna give you any time to rally back!」

Penis club!

I hit several Fortresses once more and sent them flying, throwing the formation into disarray.

I charged into the formation through that opening and transformed my genital even further.

「Form Change!」

A blade that branched off into many.

If I had to describe it, it was a shape like a rake with extremely wide range.

The penis sword could carve apart enemies in wide range with a single swing using this shape.


I swung around the sword by rotating my body.

With just that, the ants who rushed at me from all directions got carved apart and died.

Like that, I mowed down dozens of ants that were under the leadership of the local commander an Armor Ant Platoon.


Suddenly my surrounding cleared up.

The ants that were attacking me retreated all at once.

The next moment──*DOBYUUUUUUUUUU!*

They must have realized that they were at disadvantage in close quarter.

The long range attack specialist, Armor Ant Cannons who were equal to level 90 fired their acid from every direction toward me. The acid bombardment also had physical destructive power using water pressure.

But, I had already expected that.

「Form Change! Attribute Change!」

My surrounding was covered with a spherical barrier──I changed the shape of my penis with such image.

In addition I also changed the penis’s attribute to block the acid safely.

A metal that had extremely strong resistance against acid──that meant gold.

Penis defensive technique……golden globe shield!

Its hardness was a bit unreliable but, my Penis Attribute Change had leveled up.

I changed the surface area that wasn’t directly hit by acid into adamantite to resolve the lack of hardness.

With this excellent defensive skill, I succeeded in completely shutting off the powerful acid attack.

「I can also completely block their long range attack, with this──!」

I could target the enemy’s general in one go.

I weaved my way through the acid bombardment while transforming my genital even more.

What I imagined was the rare plant that was cultivated at the east. The mukimuki bamboo. (TN: Mukimuki can also mean brawny)

The next moment my hands grasped a hard and flexible bamboo penis.

There was an open space because of the ants’ withdrawal. I sprinted in full force through that open space and stabbed that pole on the ground.

I made the bamboo bent to the very limit using the arm strength of Incubus that had reached level 140 and used the recoil to leap high toward the sky.

It was the technique of high jump using pole that a performer who once came to the capital displayed.

Penis high speed movement technique──Meat Pole High Jump.

It was a super fast jump that was only made possible by Incubus’s arm strength and its absurd skills. I passed through above the heads of the ants in a rush.

A lot of acid attacks targeted me, but most of them missed.

Even if they looked like they would hit me, I blocked them using the golden globe shield and arrived at my destination without slowing down at all.


Which meant, right before the supreme commander of this swarm──the Armor Ant General.



The level 120 monster roared in shock.

Its body wasn’t at all inferior compared to the Fortresses that were positioned around it. It was huge and overwhelming.

But the enemy was an excellent commander who commanded a swarm that numbered more than 400.

There was no way it would choose to face an unknown attacker head on. It chose to retreat together with the Fortresses around it that were acting as its bodyguards.

In addition the Armor Ant Mages used their earth magic to create a lot of earth wall to make me lost sight of it. But,


My penis grew thinner and stretched long toward the giant body of Armor Ant General.

It pierced the earth walls, stabbed through the bodyguard Fortress, and still it stretched even longer.

And then I strongly swung that elongated blade to the side.


With the level up of my Penis Form Change skill, the amount of mass that I could change had increased and my penis cut up all the obstacles before me. Even the Armor Ant Mages at the surrounding also got caught and died. All the walls that they created using earth magic collapsed.

Countless corpses were scattered within the opened up field of vision. The Armor Ant General had also gotten bisected and stopped moving.

But I also crushed its head with penis club, just in case.

The next instant.


The ants that had been moving in order until now as though it was an elite force had clearly changed their behavior.

Some ants stopped moving in bewilderment, some other ants simply followed their monster instinct and went into rampage. There wasn’t any trace of the previous formation and the army of ants was instantly reduced into a disorderly mob.

「Wha……am I dreaming……!? N-no more importantly──now! Everyone, finish off the Armor Ants!」

The chaos must have settled down while I was holding back the enemy advance.

Goudo-san yelled his order, at the same time the city’s fighting force started charging forward simultaneously.


I followed up their charge by rampaging in the middle of the swarm too.

A while after that, the swarm of ants that attacked the city was exterminated with not a single one left alive.


「……As a guild master, I know very well that prying about the ability of adventurer simply must not be done, but……」

After the fight ended.

Goudo-san talked with a dazed tone to me beside the Armor Ant General that had its head crushed.

「It’s strange no matter how I look at you……just how I the world you obtain strength like this when you’re still this young……!?」


I became strong because of your daughter’s instigation to me to sell high performance flesh dildos. I can’t possibly tell him that……absolutely not…….

I laughed to dodge the question while feeling relieved for the time being that I was able to protect the city without allowing any serious damage to occur.


Erio Scarlet Human <Incubus> Level 143

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 10

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 10

Penis Attribute Change Lv 10

Penis Detachment Lv 6

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 4

Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation (Lv None)


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