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Chapter 34 – Attack

「There is rat in my food! What’s the deal with this restaurant huuh!」

A threatening voice resounded inside the restaurant.

When I turned toward the direction where that angry voice came from, I found some men around a table calling at a waiter and started ranting.

The men looked like ruffians from their appearance. They hit the table threateningly while ranting on and on to the trembling waiter.

「What are you going to do if we got sick from eating something like this!? Call the manager here! Show us your damn sincerity, sincerity!」

It seemed the men wanted to demand for some reparation money because they almost ate rat in their food.

But it was impossible for a rat to get mixed in their food.

This was a lovely restaurant that Sonya introduced to us. I couldn’t overlook this outrage and stood up.

「Umm, can you stop yelling for a bit?」

「Aa? What is it you brat.」

「You said that there is a rat in your food, but that’s impossible isn’t it? A decent restaurant like this will normally hire someone with excellent Gift in detection and exterminate all the pests. Not to mention you’re claiming that a whole rat like this got mixed in, that’s just impossible no matter how I look at it.」

I tried arguing in the place of the waiter.

But the men apparently had no intention to get into proper debate from the start.

「Haa? Do you know who you’re arguing with you bastard? All of us got level 70 combat Gift y’know? You might get carried away because you just got your Gift, but don’t try acting high and mighty with us you misunderstanding idiot!」

The man said that while standing up and bumped me with his large body.

It was more for threatening rather than attacking.

I judged that I would just get even more underestimated if I dodged it, so I intentionally let him bumped on me.




The man and me let out a taken aback voice at the same time.

After all I wasn’t shaken at the slightest from the man’s bumping on me.

On the contrary it was the man who got bounced back hard and fell on his butt.

Eh? W-what’s the meaning of this?

I had put myself on guard somewhat but, I was basically just standing without doing anything else, and yet.

The man also didn’t understand what just happened. He was in a daze with his mouth hanging open, but before long an expression of fury surfaced on his face.

「Asshole, you must have used some kind of skill! If not how can a level 70 Swordsman like me got……! How dare you embarrass me, don’t think I’ll go easy on you anymore!」

Screams rose inside the restaurant.

Because the man unsheathed his weapon and slashed at me.

「Uwah!? Wait, what are you doing so suddenly──!?」

As expected this was bad.

But I couldn’t possibly fight seriously in this kind of place. I quickly parried the man’s attack. Then,



The man flew toward the street while dragging his friends along.

The men fainted with foams in their mouth. They stopped moving completely.

The people who were watching the commotion from afar froze speechlessly.

I was also in the same state.


I muttered in a daze, unable to comprehend what happened.

But after several seconds, I noticed the change in my body and felt dumbfounded.

That’s right. Right now I was already level 140.

「No but this, just how strong I’ve become……!?」

Swordsman level 70 meant that the man was middle ranked as an adventurer. He could be said as almost veteran.

The disparity in performance between each Gift was great, so it was impossible to compare them easily, but considering that the examiner Rainy-san was level 80, those man couldn’t be said as weak by all means.

For all of them to get blown away together just from me parrying an attack for a bit…….

Furthermore this time Opposite Sex Effectiveness also shouldn’t be in effect.

It seemed that my control and adjustment of my strength couldn’t keep up with my dramatic level up that had gone past level 100. Recently I also had held back from going into dungeon in case selling my penises would cause some kind of problem, which made my self-awareness to fall behind even more. The dungeon outbreak had also become mostly concluded, so there was no need for me to hurry in going to the dungeon…….

Then I gasped in realization.

I just damaged the restaurant from repelling the men.

「I’m sorry for the commotion! I’ll pay the cost for repair!」

「No no, you did it to protect this restaurant!」 The restaurant owner said with firm refusal, but I said 「I can’t possibly do that!」 and forced him to accept my money while seriously reflecting on myself.

I needed to grasp my full strength quickly and practiced to adjust my strength when in battle…….

Being strength in itself wasn’t a bad thing in order to continue my elopement life, but I would stand out in a bad way by causing unneeded commotion like just now if I made a mistake in controlling my strength.

But an opponent that could endure my level 140 strength wouldn’t be that easy to find. As I got troubled by that──it was at such timing.

It really came out of nowhere.

If only I have an opponent that I can test my strength against……it was like that thinking of me got granted in the worst way possible. An ear-piercing sound of siren resounded throughout the city.

『Emergency alert! Emergency alert! Adventurers are to equip themselves and head toward the north gate quickly!』


『A swarm of Armor Ant is attacking from the north of the city! Their number is more than 400! It’s military type! All adventurers are to prepare for interception immediately! Everyone else is to evacuate to the south gate!』


My eyes opened wide hearing the announcement from a user of sound magic.

Military type Armor Ants!?

And they came from the north of the city……

「……They’re from the direction of Algo Village……where the dungeon outbreak occurred……?」

「Just what in the world happened……!?」

The dungeon outbreak──the disaster that could possibly develop into the cause of the appearance of countless monsters had almost been solved and the guild also should have confirmed the safety of the surrounding area, and yet

Alicia and I looked to each other before running through the main street that was enveloped in uproar.

Sonya 「──That’s why, I’m thinking of a business to sell Eriol’s thing but……Alicia, umm, do you have objection about your lover’s thing getting sold like that?」

Alicia 「……I don’t mind. Rather, I’ll welcome it greatly.」

Sonya 「Really!? Is it fine!?」

Alicia 「……Erio……l, he doesn’t show it openly but, it looks like he’s feeling troubled about getting money for weapon.」

Alicia 「……I don’t want to be a burden for Eriol……I’m glad to hear this idea of how to raise a lot of money……」

Alicia 「Besides, how should I say it……when I imagine Eriol’s thing getting popular among other women too……it turned me on……」

Alicia 「That’s why I agree……I’ll help too with persuading Eriol when he get embarrassed or it looks like he’s going back into his common sense……」

Sonya 「As I thought, you’re someone who can relate with others!」

Sonya 「Then see you again tomorrow! I’ll pick up both of you first thing in the morning!」

Alicia 「……Yes, I’ll be waiting.」


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