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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 33: Incubus’S Secondary Sex Characteristic Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 33 – Incubus’s Secondary Sex Characteristic

A while after I signed the demonic contract where I sold my penis.

I learned a lot of things during the period where the penises got sold as trial product.

Currently the number of extra penises I could create in one occasion with Penis Detachment and Penis Regeneration was 15.

And just like Rouge-san saw with her Merchant skill Appraisal, the penis that got completely detached from me would vanish on its own in ten days regardless whether it was gold, silver, or plain.

They also had no function to plant seed. It was possible to use them purely for entertainment.

And so about my penises that got distributed as free sample, they were apparently very popular to a terrifying degree.

I was paid one golden coin for each penis before they got officially sold. But that amount was upped into one gold coin and fifty silver coins. It even made me screamed 「As expected there’s no way I can accept this much you know!?」.

But Rouge-san wouldn’t withdraw and insisted 『Price isn’t proportional to only effort but also function and rarity you know』『This is actually rather cheap for something that you can use as you please for ten days and guaranteed to make you feel good compared to the price of hiring high class male prostitute that come with the risk of getting pregnant or blackmailed』. With that my wallet was getting fattened with astonishing speed.

Of course there was also problem.

It was the lewd dream that I was also concerned about when signing the contract.

Fortunately I succeeded in cutting off the lewd dream by strongly thinking 「don’t get lewd dream」 before sleeping but……it didn’t go well at the beginning and I saw dreams about the people who received the free sample from Rouge-san.

Furthermore the worst thing was when those dreams contained familiar people.

Like the blacksmith Weips-san or the examiner Rainy-san.

『Aa shit……it’s annoying that I’m getting periodically horny even though I want to just concentrate on making weapon. Guess I’ll test the new product that damn Rouge gave me. …………Oh, what the hell, I don’t know the real thing but this thing feels totally real……oh? Wha-, this, crap……oooooooooooo!? ♥』

『W-what is this……it immediately changed shape but, at the beginning its shape and hardness were completely like Eriol-kyun’s thing that I felt up from over his clothes at that time……wait, even the smell is the same, what’s with this godly product!? Where in the world Rouge got her hand on this……!? Even if I have to torture here I’ll make her tell me……auuuuuuuuh!? ♥』

……What kind of face should I make the next time I met those two……or rather, would it okay if I met Weips-san. I was completely at a loss.

To think that my penis would reach a close acquaintance directly like that…….

Also one other thing, it felt like I also saw a dream of Sonya yelling 『I did it……! I did it……! It’s expensive so I can only buy it sometimes but, with this Eriol’s Eriol is legally……Allie also looked that happy, everyone is happy with this……haaaaaaaaaaaa!? ♥』, but my memory of it was just too hazy.

Well, somehow I got involved in a crazy business. It made me spent my days in trepidation seeing my saving rapidly piling up and the thing’s reputation rapidly going up but……in addition to that there was something even more horrifying.

“Lewd experience point” was filling up from selling the detached penis and my level went up.


Erio Scarlet Human <Incubus> Level 140

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 10

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 10

Penis Attribute Change Lv 9

Penis Detachment Lv 6

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 4

Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation (Lv None)

I was dumbfounded.

Level 140. It was a domain that mid-level Holy Knight would reach after accumulating experience for more than ten years.

Leveling up would become extremely hard after going past 100.

For that to happen in ten days and from level 100 right to 140, that was already beyond the level of absurdity.

But, halfway through this abnormal level up suddenly slowed down.

Incubus leveled up by doing perverted things but, it seemed there was a certain rule to it.

This was mostly just my guess but, it seemed that the experience point that could be obtained from new partner, high leveled partner, or partner with strong gift was high.

Especially new partner. The experience point from there was especially high. In short the higher the hurdle to do perverted thing with someone was, the higher the experience point that was gained.

My absurd level up when getting together with Alicia for the first time must be caused by that.

……My Gift, wasn’t it simply too sleazy?

Well, putting that aside.

The penises were distributed with Rouge-san’s valued customers getting prioritized. Halfway they ended up getting distributed to only the same faces. Because of that the leveling up’s speed slowed down. I couldn’t make any accurate comparison so I couldn’t be really sure but, I also got the feeling that the experience point from the detached penises was lowered.

Even so it didn’t change the fact that experience point was constantly flowing in. Sometimes I even leveled up just by sleeping. As the result I reached level 140.

「How high my level will go up……!?」

It was great that I was growing but, it immediately scared me with how much it was beyond my control.

But the possibility that a skill to dispel the Master-Servant Contract that got formed between Alicia and me would appear was also increasing with my level up. And the stronger I became, the possibility of my elopement with Alicia going well would also be higher.

Furthermore the profit I obtained from selling penises was significant. At this rate I would be able to save enough money for creating a holy sword quite soon. It was all good things.

All the tasks that had been burdening me recently were in the process of getting solved all at once. Although unintentional, my business discussion with Rouge-san was bringing me a lot of benefits.

「Hmmmm……but this, does it really not counted as cheating……? Although the senses are disconnected, they were originally something that grew from me. In the first place my level goes up means that it’s being counted as me doing it……」

「……Don’t worry, that’s not true. Even the country’s law doesn’t consider it as infidelity (because there is no way the lawmaker could possibly imagine this kind of situation)……and it only turned me on greatly without me thinking of it as cheating……Erio is still pure both in mind and body……that’s why, don’t return to your sanity……」

We were having lunch in a restaurant that Sonya introduced to us. There Alicia indifferently denied the doubt I was thinking.

……But did she say something about sanity at the end there? While I was feeling dubious, it was then,

「Oi, don’t screw with me!」

A gruff angry roar toward the employee came from a corner of the restaurant.


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