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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 32: A Lewd Business Talk With A Suspicious Lady Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 32 – A Lewd Business Talk With a Suspicious Lady

「This is the merchant guild……」

The next day after Sonya visited the inn.

Sonya brought Alicia and me to a building that was prominently big even in this fortress city.

The merchant guild. A huge organization that managed the trade in this area. It was crowded with people wearing good attire. In the middle of that, Sonya led us to sneak inside the building from the backdoor.

Sonya turned toward us on the way.

「It was me who suggested this but……Eriol and Allie have some kind of circumstance, so don’t hesitate to tell me if you’re worried about the information of your skill getting leaked out okay? I absolutely won’t force you to talk.」

「Aa, yeah, well, certainly I’m feeling reluctant to tell others about my skill but, it’s Sonya’s acquaintance, and most of all we’re dealing with the actual merchant guild, so I’ll believe that my information won’t get leaked out.」

Sonya had kept bringing up this matter for who knew how many times. I answered her with a wry smile.

Trade was a world that was based on trust.

It was even said that telling others about secret business discussion was no different than committing suicide. There was nobody who was more trustworthy than merchant in this regard.

And with merchant guild, they would even use magic item to enforce the contract depending on the skill of the contract, so I wasn’t worried about information leak.

What worried me instead was the part where it seemed it would be necessary to display my obscene skill for the business talk.

How in the world my perverted skill would lead to procuring money for creating magic weapon?

A bad premonition was tormenting me heavily from that.

However Sonya gave me a very fervent speech about this proposal. And for some reason Alicia was also interested and gave me a push on the back. With that I entered into a room in the guild.

「Ah, you’re finally here.」

The one sitting on a soft looking sofa while waiting for us was a human female with an atmosphere that felt very suspicious. Her age seemed to be at her later twenty. She was a sexy beauty, but her clothes that exposed a lot of skin, tattoo, listless eyes, and the smoking pipe she was holding in her mouth made her looked peevish.

「This person is the leader of the merchant guild, Miss Rouge Kurou. She is my mother’s junior and she have been treating me well since I was little.」

Sonya introduced the woman. Alicia and I also introduced ourselves with our adventurer name.

Rouge-san crossed her legs seductively after we introduced ourselves and said 「Nice to meet you」 while exhaling smoke.

「Then now that we’ve finished the greeting, let’s begin the business meeting quickly. ……And? Where is this new product that lonely madams will jump at to buy?」


Rouge-san immediately broached the main topic. I became speechless hearing what she said.

New product that lonely madams would jump to……?

Eh, wait, don’t tell me, this business discussion is……eh!?

Sonya grabbed my shoulder tightly from the side while I was looking bewildered.

「Eriol, it’s fine. You don’t need to talk about your skill in detail, and obviously this is still just a talk so you can refuse if you don’t like what you hear. So first, please listen to the detail before jumping into conclusion, okay? For now, how about you take out that amazing thing?」

「……If you’re embarrassed……I’ll cover it up while you detach it.」

「Eh!? Eh!?」

Could it be that Alicia had heard about this beforehand from Sonya?

For some reason it wasn’t only Sonya. Alicia was also whispering that into my ear.

W-what’s this!? While thinking that, the atmosphere of the dimly lit room also affected me. I had activated Penis Detachment before I realized it.

My obscene thing was put on display on the table.

「Ha……? Wha……!? This is……!?」

Rouge-san who was looking listless until then opened her eyes wide in a flash.

My detached thing was energetically standing in front of her gaze.

Perhaps it was reacting to Rouge-san’s body. It was transforming automatically into a vulgar shape.

My body turned bright red from shame seeing that. I curled into myself. Meanwhile Rouge-san’s eyes sparkled even brighter.

「This is……the texture and the firmness are like the real thing……!? Even the temperature! What’s more this automatic transformation into this shape, it’s my ideal……don’t tell me it’s shape is matching my wish……!? What absurdity……hey, oi, can I Appraise this thing for a bit!? Don’t worry, the information I can see won’t be that detailed so……!」

The excited Rouge-san overwhelmed me. After thinking for a bit, I nodded 「R-right, if it’s just that」. Just like Rouge-san said, even the Appraisal skill of a veteran merchant shouldn’t be able to see any significant information that could lead to my true identity or Gift.

Rouge-san said 「Thanks」 after I gave my permission and filled her eyes with power.

「……!? It’s something that was created from self-amputation skill that some rare monster used, with its senses completely cut off from the main body……it’s practically the real thing other than its inability to disseminate seed……!? What a convenient item……furthermore it’ll vanish after getting separated from the main body for ten days……then it’ll be a disposable item and the customer will become repeater……it looks like the number of this that you can created at the same time is still not many but, that’ll be better for its scarcity value……」

It seemed that Rouge-san was a very high ranked merchant. She was muttering information about the penis that even I hadn’t investigated.

While I was looking dumbfounded by what was going on,

「Yosh, I’m sold! I’ll take responsibility to sell this through my back channel that is selling adult toys! The price for one of this will be one golden coin at least. I’ll buy all that you have in stocks semipermanently!」

A penis that was created with no cost at all and also would vanish in ten days was priced one golden coin!?

Furthermore she offered a semipermanent contract without asking any guarantee at all!?

N-no, there was something more important!

「Selling this thing, where would you sell this and for what!?」

「Haaa? This kind of convenient super high performance dildo, obviously I’m going to sell them through an extremely secret route for lonely rich madams.」

As I thought!

As I thought, this was a dangerous type of business talk! What’s the meaning of this Sonya!?

「Don’t worry you brat. I’ve heard that you got some kind of circumstance. I give you my word that you absolutely won’t get found out, so sell this thing to me. Just think of it as helping others, okay?」

「Helping others, what kind of helping will come from selling something like this!?」

「Kekeke, you know, there are unexpectedly a lot of ladies who are troubled with taking care of their excessive desire y’see. Especially the rich madams.」

Rouge-san unexpectedly argued against my protest with a honest tone.

What’s the meaning of this!?

「A lot of rich people or nobles kept young women as lover or mistress right? But even though they got obsessed with young women like that, they absolutely won’t allow their neglected first wife and old concubine to cheat. There are a lot of selfish old man like that out there. Like that the woman can’t even secretly rely on male prostitute and their stress piled up quickly. Actually there are a lot of madams in that kind of situation y’know.」

「……What a tearjerker story.」

Alicia wiped her eyes from hearing Rouge-san’s story. Why!?

「And so, this super high performance dildo is terrifyingly perfect for that kind of demand. Not only it has the function to make the madams feel good, it’s completely risk free compared to keeping male prostitute or hidden lover. Even if in the worst case it get found out, they can just make excuse that it’s a super high class magic dildo. I know a lot of valued customers who will be saved mentally and physically with this.」

Rouge-san’s eyes were serious.

She wasn’t sweet talking me as a merchant. She was seriously believing that there were people who would saved by selling my thing to them.

「N-no, but that, I have Alici……Allie. I only have her in my heart……Allie too, you’ll dislike it if this got sold off to some unknown women right!? It doesn’t matter even if it’s something that has already completely separate from me!」

「……I, I don’t mind as long as I’m your number one. It’s a very good thing if there are those who can be saved with this. ……Besides, this is something that I had only noticed recently but」

Alicia quietly averted her eyes from me.

「…………A part of me, feel extremely turned on when imagining you sleeping with other girl.」


Eh!? What!? Was she waking up toward some kind of strange fetish!? Was she alright!?

「E-errr……ah, that’s right! This detached thing, it actually has really bad demerit, I can see when it’s being used through dream! It’s really not good for privacy isn’t it!?」

Next I cited the example with Sonya’s case. But,

「Hah. But that kind of thing normally can be resolved depending on your proficiency with the skill. I’m planning to first distribute it to people I can trust as trial product, then we’ll be able to see how problematic it is. Besides, for a dildo this high performance, there will still be a ton of people who want to buy it even knowing that demerit.」

「Yep……I think there will be buyers for this. There absolutely will, no matter what.」


Even Sonya shut down my argument.

And then three beauties cornered me inside the dimly lit room until they got so close it was almost a kissing distance.


「Listen, making money isn’t that much different from helping people. The strong hunt monster, the skilled create items, the diligent grow crops, they earn money by being useful to somebody else. And in your case, other than hunting monster you also have the talent to help other using this detached penis. Don’t think too complicated, okay? If your senses have also gotten completely separated from it then it also can’t be considered as cheating or anything, you’ll be able to save women who can only wet their pillow with tears every night and receive money for it, ain’t that the best?」

「……I think this is fine. Knowing that your power can be useful for others will make me happy……and turned on. It’s bliss.」

「It’s fine, I said that you can refuse this if you dislike it right? But, you need money in order to obtain proper equipments in order to protect Allie-chan and you yourself, and I think this will be the best method for it you seee」

「A, uuu……!?」

And then when I came to my senses.

Pushed by the words like 「This isn’t cheating but helping people」 or 「It turned me on. Bliss」, I signed an exclusive contract with Rouge-san.

Anyhow, I couldn’t deny that I would need a lot of money in order to continue my elopement with Alicia.

I at least wouldn’t compromise with my last line and managed to win the concession of being able to annul the contract anytime but……w-would this, really turn out okay…….


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