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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 31: It Was A Dream Buut! It Wasn’T A Dreamm! Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 31 – It was a dream buut! It wasn’t a dreamm!

I saw a dream of Sonya comforting herself using my detached penis.

From there my level went up.

Even I didn’t understand just what I’m saying but, the display of my status place told me that it was undoubtedly reality.

No, but, no way, really……? As I was standing stock still like that,

「……Erio, why has your level gone up?」


I must be really distracted.

Alicia had woke up and stood behind me without me noticing. I screamed and backed away when I noticed her.

「……Could it be, after you made me fainted last night……with other girl you……?」

Alicia wasn’t acting angry or sad.

She was simply breathing harder in excitement while saying 「If you got along with other girl, you will do it even more with me won’t you……?」. She looked like she was going to push me down even now.

「N-no, nothing like that happened……!?」

I spoke as though I was making excuse while my mind was still in chaos.

But there was only one way that came to mind for Incubus like me to level up this much in one night……if I was right, then this would be a matter of responsibility for my lower body.

After calming down Alicia, I hurriedly went to the place that I suspected in my mind.


「My apologies, my lady is unusually oversleeping this morning……if you don’t mind, please wait for a while at the reception room.」

When we arrived at Sonya’s home, a maid politely welcomed us at the front door.

I followed the maid to the reception room and walked through the wide hall of the mansion together with Alicia.

It was then.


She must have just woke up and doing her morning preparation right now.

Sonya who was still in her pajama was standing on the hall’s second floor that was in the form of an atrium.

But she was clearly acting strange.

「W-why are you here right from the morning……c-could it be I was found out……!? I-I know that I have to apologize but, this is too sudden, I can’t……!」

Her face turned bright red the moment she met my gaze. She looked really taken aback.

Then Sonya suddenly covered her face with both hands and started running──her legs got entangled.


She must be extremely panicked. She lost her balance completely and her body went over the high handrail. She was falling down head first.

「Tsu!? Watch out!」

My body moved on its own before Sonya herself and the maid could scream.

My physical ability that had clearly powered up compared to yesterday somehow allowed me to catch Sonya.

「Sonya, you alright!?」

「Hawa, awawawawawah!? If Eriol hug me like this, my memory from yesterday will……!」

I tried talking to her, but she didn’t look okay.

Sonya went bright red until the tips of her ears and she was completely at her wits’ end. Her words were also inarticulate. She was clearly not in the normal state even after taking into account that her life was in danger just now.

(……She fell from second floor from simply meeting my gaze and she is about to blow her fuse like this just from getting hugged……on top of that my physical ability has clearly improved compared to yesterday, it’s not just my imagination or the status plate getting an error……)

The answer was already plain to see.

I broached the topic bluntly.

「……Say Sonya. Yesterday, did you pick something inside our room……and did something strange with it?」

「……Tsu!? I-I’m sorryyy」

The maid came running toward us in panic. I whispered into Sonya’s ear so the maid wouldn’t be able to listen.

Then Sonya nodded in resignation while rubbing her thighs together and her body convulsing a little for some reason.


A while after that.

「Again, I’m very sorry!」

In the reception room.

Sonya finally calmed down to the point that she could talk properly. She was bowing her head really deeply toward us.

「Not only I took something inside your room without permission, I also, used it to my heart’s content……I’m really sorry that I’m such an obscene woman……」

「Y-you don’t need to apologize like that! Besides based from Sonya’s explanation, this was caused because we overslept!」

Sonya was bowing her head with bright red face and her body shaking uncontrollably. It made me bowed my head too in panic.

「Also that, just like I explained before, that thing is practically the real thing that increased because of my weird skill so……that such thing might have soiled an unmarried woman like Sonya without my knowledge……I’m the one who has to apologize here!」

When I saw that Sonya had calmed down, I explained to her about my skill to make it up to her.

As expected I couldn’t go as far as explaining my Gift too, but I thought that I should at least tell her this much as an apology.

Even so, Sonya wouldn’t accept that she wasn’t at fault,

「No no! There’s no need for Erio to apologize! How should I say it, it was as though I kidnapped Erio’s thing and raped it, perhaps I should say thank you for it……!」

「No no! Even so as expected it was because of my careless management of it, I’m really sorry for my mini me that became battle ready without caring of who it is with……!」

Somehow both of us had become at our wits’ end and the chain of apology just wouldn’t end.

But that loop finally stopped with the calm intermediation from Alicia who said 「……There won’t be any end to this so let’s just agree here for both sides to regard this matter as water under the bridge」.

「……Y-yeah, well, it’ll just make awkward atmosphere if both of us just keep digging it up.」

「Perhaps, it’ll be better if we just regard this as an unfortunate incident, that never happened……?」

Like that the matter was settled for the time being.

And so I stood up from the chair while turning toward Sonya saying 「Ah, I almost forgot」.

「Then we will leave after taking back my thing.」



Sonya made a strange reply at my words.

Eh? Why was Sonya looking bewildered there?

An unmarried woman like Sonya holding on such thing would do no good at all and only bring her a lot of harms though…….

「……Ah, n-no, of course! It belong to Eriol in the first place, and I’m in the wrong for bringing it back without permission, so obviously I have to return it! J-just what am I thinking!」

Sonya said that and ran out of the reception room, then she returned with my son wrapped in a cloth.

Like that she handed it to me but…….


For some reason Sonya’s grip on my detached thing wouldn’t open up and let go of it.

「……S-Sonya? I can’t take it if you don’t let go of it though……?」

「Hah! Ah, no I’m sorry! For some reason I’m acting really strange today!」

Sonya said that and hurriedly let go of my thing. She then saw off Alicia and me leaving her mansion.

……Somehow Sonya kept acting strange until the end. I wonder if she was really alright.

I felt a bit worried.

But me thinking like that made Alicia jealous and it increased her sexual drive. I couldn’t think any deeper about that when she assaulted me.


The next day after Erio collected the penis.


Sonya groaned while strolling through a street of the frontier fortress city Gretona.

Her head was filled with the memory of the night of the day before yesterday. About Eriol’s Eriol that had driven such intense pleasure into her.

「No good……I tried strolling in the city to clear up my head but……I can’t forget that pleasure……」

Sonya had been feeling pent up the whole time after she returned that thing to Eriol yesterday.

Yesterday she tried comforting herself with her finger, and used her favorite toy that she purchased secretly from an acquaintance in the merchant guild, but they were all completely no good.

Rather her pent up feeling kept worsening and she couldn’t feel satisfied at all both physically and mentally.

「Uu……other thing might not be able to satisfy me anymore after experiencing something like that as my first time……」

Of course, it wasn’t a frustration that was at the level that she couldn’t endure.

But it made her wanted it even more when she thought that she would never be able to taste that pleasure anymore in the future.

「In that case I should ask Eriol……no, but that’s just too indecent……uu, isn’t there any way to secretly get my hand on Eriol’s Eriol again in a legal way……」

As Sonya was walking in the city with the itch inside her feeling unmanageable like that,

「Oh? Ain’t this the tomboy of Maxiel family. Why are you making listless face like that?」

She ran into an acquaintance when she entered a narrow alley.

It was the blacksmith Weips whose skill was the best in this area……no, it was even possible that she could be classified as a top class blacksmith in this country.

She chatted with Sonya with her usual hearty mood.

While exchanging words like that, Weips recalled something and said 「Ah, come to think of it」 while rubbing her chin.

「Ask your merchant guild top brass mother if she has some kind of good moneymaking scheme or not.」

「Eh? Why so suddenly? It’s unusual for Weips-san to bring up the topic of money like this.」

「No, it’s not for me. It’s for those two, Eriol and Allie. Those two, they gonna need a lot of money for procuring weapon before long. That’s why, well, I’m wondering if you might be able to use your connection to introduce them to some good jobs.」

「I see……if it’s for something like that then I really want to be of help but, that kind of job can’t be found so easily like Weips-san thi──」

It was then.

The pink brain cells of Sonya who had the second in command of the merchant guild as her mother began to rapidly turn as she received a divine revelation.

(That’s right, this way I’ll be able to legally get Eriol’s thing……but this is going to be a big gamble, everything will depend on Eriol’s thought……! But based from my observation yesterday, Alicia who originally should be the biggest obstacle against this feels like she might help me out instead for this plan……!)

Sonya was convinced of that based on her experience of knowing a lot of adventurers and merchants for many years.

Sonya broke out running at the next moment.

「Ah!? Oi Sonya!? What’s with the hurry!」

「Thank you Weips-san! I’ll show you my gratitude for this next time!」


Sonya turned her back on the bewildered Weips and obeyed the heat inside her body to run toward the merchant guild in order to make an appointment with her acquaintance.


「Eh? What’s the matter Sonya? It’s already this late.」

At the evening of the next day after I collected that from Sonya.

I opened my eyes wide in surprise seeing Sonya visiting the inn while breathing heavily.

As I wondered just what was going on,

「Say Eriol, Allie. You two need money in order to purchase weapon right?」

Sonya was fidgeting with slight awkwardness while saying that with mysterious enthusiasm in her gaze.

「Umm……of course this is assuming that the two of you have no problem with talking about that detaching skill to other person but……I have a nice proposal if that’s the case. Do you want to give it a try?」


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