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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 30: If There Is A Penis Lying Around Then You’Re Going To Pick It Up Won’T You? Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 30 – If There is a Penis Lying Around Then You’re Going to Pick It Up Won’t You?

Sonya Maxiel was placed in the height of confusion.

When she visited her saviors’ inn to show them around the city, she discovered a magnificent penis inside their room.

Furthermore it belonged to none other than young man Eriol that she had witnessed and touched personally from the incident the other day. It made Sonya’s gaze to be fixed on it.

「T-the real thing……!?」

Even she herself thought that there was no way such thing was true, but that penis was the real thing no matter how she looked at it. If the extremely unnatural part where it was detached from its main body and lying on the ground, it was definitely Eriol’s thing that had been distinctly burned into her eyes that day.

She wondered if it was perhaps a magic item for adult, but even Sonya who was well connected with the merchant guild had never seen an adult toy this realistic.


*Gulp* Sonya swallowed her saliva and hesitantly reached out her hand toward that penis.

She slowly picked it up, as though her body was being controlled by an irrepressible impulse.

Instantly, the same texture, warmth, and pulsing that were exactly the same like what she felt that day spread through her palm.

And then when she observed the penis on her hand closely, a boy’s scent that sent her mind reeling was also drifting from it.

「W-what’s this……is it really, really the real thing……!?」

Sonya’s confusion deepened in faster rate while she kept fiddling with the penis by poking and grabbing it.

Then the penis was definitely starting to get harder and bigger within Sonya’s soft palm.


She didn’t know what was going on anymore.

However there was almost no doubt that what was in her hand right now was Eriol’s thing that had been in her mind all this time since she invited him to her house.

The instant she instinctually understood that, a heat gradually spread throughout Sonya’s lower abdomen.

And then it was as though her rational mind got melted by the scent that penis emitted. Her breathing quickened and her face moved closer. It was then,

「Sorry Sonya! It’s already this late but, we’ll finish preparing after Alicia’s hair get dry!」


*Click* Eriol opened the door to the bedroom and entered into the living room. It startled Sonya badly.

「A-aa, Eriol!? I-it’s completely fine you know!?」

Sonya said that as she turned toward Eriol while──her hand swiftly hid the penis in her grasp behind her back.

(If I get found toying around with a penis that was on the floor of a boy’s room……they’ll think that I’m a pervert!)

Even she herself didn’t really understand what she was thinking, but she at least had the self-awareness that she was doing something indecent.

She casually closed the cabinet that contained the golden penis and silver penis while desperately conducting herself so that the plain penis she was hiding behind her didn’t get found out by Eriol.

But, it was then.

「Tsu!? It’s getting bigger (in my hand)……!?」

It must be because she was putting too much strength into her grip as she desperately tried to hide the penis.

The penis was getting harder and bigger with incomparable intensity than before from receiving the stimulation.

That rate of expansion far surpassed Sonya’s imagination that it was about to protrude out from behind her slender back.

「Don’t come out!」

Sonya called out to the penis with a small voice, but a penis that wouldn’t get bigger after getting grabbed around by a girl’s soft hand didn’t exist. The penis was getting increasingly bigger inside Sonya’s hand.

While that expansion rate made Sonya’s heart pounded hard while her face was reddening,

「I’m really sorry that we overslept. I’ll brew tea now, so please wait for a bit more……eh, Sonya, what’s wrong? Your face is red……are you holding something behind your back?」

「Tsu!? I-I’m not holding anything!」

Sonya desperately denied Eriol’s words.

But she must be looking really suspicious.

Eriol tilted his head saying 「Really? You aren’t feeling unwell?」 while approaching Sonya.

When she thought that she was driven into a corner,



Eriol bumped on the table where the tea leaves were arranged and his focus was distracted from Sonya for just an instant.

Sonya instantly hid the penis under her clothes.

To be more accurate, she put it between her own breasts that had grown quite big for her age.

Her breasts that were suppressed by her bra sandwiched the thickening penis firmly. It was held in place without Sonya needing to use her hands.

Because her large breasts were pushing up her clothes from inside, there was always a bit of open space between Sonya’s stomach and clothes. It wasn’t visible at all from outside even with the big penis kept under her clothes.

「G-geez, you’re so absentminded despite being so strong Eriol. I’m not feeling unwell or anything at all, so you should worry about yourself more.」

「Ahaha, sorry.」

Sonya intentionally turned her back toward Eriol while picking the tea leaves that were scattered on the floor with both hands.

Like that Sonya successfully hid the fact that she was fiddling with a penis.

──After that, Sonya took Eriol and Allie around the city and showed them various restaurants with an innocent look despite the penis that was kept between her breasts. Sonya was looking for a chance to return the penis back into the cabinet but……that chance never presented itself to her.

And then,

「W-what now……」

That night.

Sonya took off her clothes inside her room in her house and muttered in a daze.

「I brought Eriol’s penis, back until here……」

Sonya was at a loss while staring at the penis that was lying limp on her bed.

This was like a case of theft, or perhaps a nasty case of kidnapping.

She had to return it quickly……feeling of guilt filled her chest to the brim.

However at the same time, the penis lying before her eyes was filling her room with boyish scent──

「I-if it’s just for a bit……」

Sonya’s face was approaching Eriol’s Eriol.

Not long after that……her rationality completely broke down.



That day after Sonya showed them a lot of delicious restaurants in the city.

After 「getting along」 a lot with Alicia, I checked the condition of the gold one, silver one, and plain one that I kept inside the shelf and my voice slipped out.

The reason was because one penis was gone from inside the leather bag where I hid them.

It was the plain penis that was gone. The one that I left alone in its original form without any change using form and attribute change.

「So it vanished after some time just as I thought. Thank god, with this there won’t be any problem with disposal even if I increase its number with regeneration. The gold and silver ones haven’t vanished, is it perhaps a time difference due to the form and attribute change……?」

I deeply pondered like that while patting my chest in relief from the fact that an extra penis had vanished. Then I finished my daily status check before getting to sleep.


Erio Scarlet Human <Incubus> Level 92

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 8

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 8

Penis Attribute Change Lv 7

Penis Detachment Lv 4

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 4

Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation (Lv None)


However, the next morning.


My body jumped to sitting position the moment I woke up.

My heart was pounding hard while my face was clearly bright red even without looking at the mirror.

If I was asked why I was in such a state……it was because I just saw a lewd dream so real that it felt completely realistic.

「W-what’s with that dream just now……it felt like it happened for real……furthermore in that dream, Sonya used the penis that should have vanished to comfort herself until she fainted. That was just preposterous……」

It was a realistic perverted dream that I had never experienced until now. It made me completely shaken up right from the morning.

Thanks to Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation, even the inexperienced Sonya was able to feel good right away. It made the dream felt strangely persuasive in its realness…….

「Sonya was certainly acting strange yesterday, and one of the extra penises was also gone but……even so there was no way Sonya would do something like that.」

Even though I had already 「got along」 a ton with Alicia, I saw that kind of dream about another girl…….

I was really the worst, and not because of my Gift……I got out of the bed while falling into a feeling of self-hatred.

But it was then, my mind instinctually thought of something and I took a look at my status plate. The dream just now felt too real just to be dismissed as my imagination, so I thought that perhaps I got another strange skill blooming inside me.

But, my expectation was completely off.


I was taken aback from seeing the status plate’s display.

「W-why……am I leveling up……?」

Even though the last time I checked my status was right after 「getting along」 with Alicia……how?

This fact hinted of something that was far worse than even a manifestation of new skill. I was unable to think of anything for a while after that.


Erio Scarlet Human <Incubus> Level 100

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 8

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 8

Penis Attribute Change Lv 8

Penis Detachment Lv 4

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 4

Automatic Perfect Fit Penis Transformation (Lv None)


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