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Chapter 24 – Dungeon Outbreak

Fortunately, monsters didn’t surge out from the newly discovered dungeons. They were undoubtedly instant dungeons but, at the very least they hadn’t developed into magic saturated type yet.

However there were definitely dungeons manifesting in the area. At the very least there were five, but most likely the real number was greater than that. It was also possible that their number would still increase after this. In that case, it wouldn’t be strange for new magic saturated type that sent out monsters to manifest again.

Because of that we quickly returned to the village which caused a furor.

Contacting the city.

Crushing the dungeons that could be destroyed as many as possible while patrolling the area at the same time.

Preparing the villagers to evacuate.

Explaining the situation to the guild, anyway there were countless things to do.

And right now I had finally finished my report to the guild master Goudo-san who came running here together with the carriages for evacuating the villagers.

Goudo-san was sitting on a chair inside the countermeasures headquarter that was urgently set up in the destroyed village. He spoke gravely.

「Thanks for the report. To think that a quest for protecting some farms will become something this major……however fortunately we can take measures like this before the damage spread out. It’s all thanks to you who protected the village, immediately suppressed the saturated dungeon, and even detected the continuing abnormality. Once again, thank you.」

「No, that’s, our seniors also played a large part.」

I shrunk back when Goudo-san bowed to me.

Even so Goudo-san wouldn’t lift his head for a while. After that he began weaving some words to summarize my report.

「But dungeon outbreak huh. To think that it’s happening in the area I’m in charge of during my tenure……」

Dungeon outbreak.

It was a phenomenon that occurred in case abnormal inclination of magic power happened in a wide range. It was a natural disaster that produced a lot of instant dungeons in a short time.

It was a very rare phenomenon just like Goudo-san said. It was very fortunate this time that we could find out while the damage was still small.

「What’s terrifying from this disaster is when a lot of instant dungeons manifested. Most of them will be just normal dungeons with no special feature other than their fast growth, but the greater their number is, the more of them will transform into magic saturated dungeon. A stampede──monsters being born in number so great they can destroy even a fortress city in the blink of eye isn’t rare for this kind of disaster.」

The only countermeasure against dungeon outbreak was simply to keep crushing dungeons until no more new dungeon manifested. And so from here it would be necessary to repeatedly search and conquer dungeons using this village as a base.

「This duty will be assigned to all adventurers in this region. Sorry to ask this to you right after conquering a dungeon with just two people but, most likely the guild will keep relying on you two to conquer a lot of dungeons. We’ll pay handsomely in exchange, that’s why lend us your strength.」

「That’s only natural for adventurer. Let’s work hard to make this village safely habitable again as quickly as possible.」

I was banished from the capital as an Incubus, but my feeling that idolized Holy Knight that protected the country hadn’t vanished. The current situation wasn’t something that I could overlook at all.

「I’m glad to hear that. Good grief, such sincerity is unexpected coming from someone who saved a village and conquered a dangerous dungeon with just two people. You’re really a capable young man that I even want to take you as son.」

Goudo-san smiled somewhat happily.

There I remembered that there was something that I had to confirm with Goudo-san.

「Umm, about the dungeon that we conquered……actually it felt a bit strange as a saturated type. Certainly it was overflowing with monsters but, was that dungeon really a saturated type?」

I had also talked about the conquered dungeon while giving report, but I tried asking Goudo-san once more with my own subjectivity coloring my words this time.

Then Goudo-san hummed while stroking his chin.

「Certainly……it doesn’t sound like a saturated type now that you mention it. And yet monsters were gushing forth from it, perhaps it was due to dungeons interacting with each other.」

According to Goudo-san.

When a lot of dungeons manifested in a small area, the condensed magic power of the dungeons would rebound on each other. When that happened, the monsters inside would get wrongly alarmed 「The dungeon is breaking down!?」 and rushed outside to escape. It seemed such thing was possible.

「Dungeon outbreak itself is a disaster with few precedents, so I can’t be sure but, if by some chance the dungeon you conquered wasn’t a saturated type, then the only other possible explanation that I can think of why it had a lot of monsters is only that.」

Godou-san stated his opinion.

Hearing that I assented 「I see」.

But a new question came up if that was the case. Would a lot of monsters go outside the dungeon after this simply from interaction between dungeons like that?

However we also couldn’t thoroughly inspect that dungeon that we had already conquered at this point. For the time being I could only accept Goudo-san’s explanation.




And then some time after that.

The evacuation of the villagers was finished and a simple garrison was built in the village. We adventurers used that as our base while spending our days conquering dungeons endlessly.

A developing dungeon was filled with a lot of enemies but their level was low. Alicia and I conquered several dungeons by ourselves. We steadily accumulated real battle experience and increasing our level like that.

Just as Goudo-san declared, the reward for conquering dungeon was generous and our financial situation was rapidly improving.

……But, while the countermeasures against dungeon outbreak were smoothly progressing.

Two large problems occurred for us.

One of them was……

「You two abused your weapons too much in this short time! Even weapons of my creation will quickly break down if you come to service them this often!」

The cause was Alicia’s level up and the improvement to my basic combat strength, and so I dived into dungeon while refraining myself from using penis sword.

Our weapons got worn down quickly and so we asked for maintenance almost every day. It caused Weips-san to scold us loudly when she saw our faces.


Alicia Blueaiz 14 years old Human <Sacred Knight> Level 20

Skills in possession

Physical Enhancement [Super High] Lv 5

Swordsmanship Enhancement [High} Lv 3

Area Detection Lv 3

Care Heal Lv 3

Sacred Defense Lv 2

Demon God Killer Lv 2


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