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Chapter 20 – Incubus, Getting Serious

After leaving the wounded girl with Alicia, I hurried toward the girl’s village by myself.

A heavily wounded girl and a monster chasing after her.

It was clear that something was going on at the village that we planned to visit.

My legs’ strength rivaled even horse if it was just for very short range. I ran straight through the road.

Then the village’s entrance immediately came into view but……there wasn’t anything that could be called a village there anymore.

「What’s, this……!?」

It was destroyed.

The farms surrounding the village, the somewhat large fence surrounding the residential area, and then the houses where the villagers lived had been destroyed into a mess.

Also there wasn’t a single person in the village. In exchange there were countless monsters loitering around.

Spotted Snake, Blue Fang, Great Grizzly.

The monsters were attacking each other, perhaps because they were crowding together in a cramped space.

But their killing intents were completely directed toward me the instant they sensed human presence from me.


The monsters assaulted me simultaneously.

「Don’t get in the way.」


I cut down those enemies with the minimum movement.

It was the incomprehensible strength of Incubus that had reached level 78.

「I have defeated all the monsters in this area but……just what in the world is going on here.」

Judging from the situation, there was no doubt that a lot of monster had appeared here.

But the progression from monsters simply appearing often near the fields to an incident this serious happened in too short of a time.

The village should have its own force from the beginning to protect itself, and there should already be several groups of adventurers going ahead of us to here.

It was absurd that monsters in the number that could break through such defense and destroyed the village could suddenly descend on here.

There was also the abnormal inclination in monster appearance lately. Just what was going on in this area?

「……No, I should search for survivor first rather than thinking about that……!」

When I looked around, I didn’t find any wounded person or corpse despite the great damage to the village.

There were signs of fighting, but the amount of splattered blood wasn’t that much. There should be people who had escaped to somewhere else like that girl.

……On the other hand, the number of monster corpses also wasn’t that many.

There should still be a lot of monsters here that were capable to mess up this quite large village. I went deeper into the village while staying on my guard. It was then.



I heard monster roars that shook the ground from deeper inside the village.

I hurriedly headed over there.

The more I advanced deeper, the clearer I heard the atrocious roars of the monsters and sounds of fighting.


What entered my sight was a tough looking building that was placed near the center of the village.

And then surrounding it was a lot of monsters.

Monsters in a number that was easily more than a hundred were crowding the location, on top of that monsters with level around 50 or 60 could also be found all over the place.

「Shit! There isn’t any end to this! We aren’t gonna be able to hold any longer!」

「Our habit to always evacuate the women and children to here come back to bite us in the ass! To think this many monsters would march in without even any time for us to run away……ain’t no way!」

「Dammit! At least save my wife and daughter somehow……!」

The village’s warriors and people who seemed to be adventurers were fighting back with sword and magic to protect the building.

But that resistance was pointless in front of the overwhelming number.

The situation was the worst. The number of people fighting was already less than the number of the injured.

The defensive line was in the verge of collapsing.

There wasn’t even a moment left for hesitating.

「Form Change! Attribute Change!」

I activated my disgraceful skills without any hesitation.


A metallic pole instantly flew out from my trouser’s waist.

My penis that transformed into adamantite changed shape at the base into a sword’s handle before it settled snugly on my hand.


I drew out the transformed penis.

Like that what my hand was holding was a shape-shifting weapon that was made from the hardest metal adamantite, the penis sword.

I brandished that sword with a big motion and formed an image inside my mind.

What I imagined, was a shape to mow down a lot of monsters all at once.




The monsters that surrounded the building. More than ten of them expired from that single attack.

The penis sword that stretched out to be long and thin separated their upper and lower body. They died from being bisected into two.

The attack of the penis sword that boasted terrific sharpness didn’t end there.

I made another slash after the first swing to continue mowing down the monsters surrounding the building.

However the enemies’ number was inexhaustible.


The monsters surrounded me after noticing my surprise attack. They attacked me from all directions simultaneously. They charged to take advantage of the opening of my penis sword that was stretching long.

But it was pointless.

After all my penis had no determined shape.

「Form Change!」

My penis instantly shrunk before splitting into multiple blades.

If I had to make an example, it was a shape like a rake with extremely wide width.

That shape could cut apart the opponents in wide range with a single swing.

I rotated and smashed the sharpness of adamantite to the swarm of monsters!


It was a very rough attack but, there was no monster where that could block the penis sword that could easily tear apart even the solid shell of Armor Ant – Platoon.

Even hard and sharp claws or fangs were nothing more than paper scraps before my penis.


I charged into the swarm head on and swung my branching penis everywhere.

I only paid attention so that the blood splatters of the easily killed monsters didn’t enter my eyes as I rushed through the gaps of the crowding monsters. With just that, a lot of monsters were turned into unspeaking pieces of meat.

「W-what the hell is that……!? A magic sword!?」

「Are we, saved……?」

The villagers spoke up in astonishment seeing the sudden reinforcement.

But they were freezing in a daze like that only for several seconds.

「O-oi, don’t just stare like that! We’re going to be dead for sure if that person loses by any chance! Let’s rally ourselves and help out too!」

Their morale must have recovered after I decreased the number of monsters greatly.

Helped by their powerful assistance, the countless monsters that infested the village were safely annihilated after a while.


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