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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 19: Jealousy Sex And Destroyed Village Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 19 – Jealousy Sex and Destroyed Village

「I-I’m really sorry about today……I’ll definitely lend a hand if you’re in trouble, so just ask me for anything anytime.」

Sonya managed to keep a composed expression throughout the dinner as though nothing had happened but, she must be really bothered inside.

She told me such thing with bright red face before I went home.

Although it was an incident, I had made her touched my thing. It should be me instead who had to make it up to her no matter what…….

But from where Sonya stood, as the host who invited us here, she must be thinking that she had to take responsibility for causing that misconduct.

Aah geez. Even though everyone around Sonya had paid us back so much, I made her to feel weighed down like this. I really blundered.

I walked back while thinking of such thing.


Alicia peered at my face and she suddenly said something like this.

「……Sonya acted strange, and I had been smelling the scent of your thing the whole time from her hand. Did something happen?」

She said that the smell of my thing came from Sonya’s hand?

Eh, what’s with that detection ability?

Was this a hidden ability of Sacred Knight?

I was bewildered for a moment but, perhaps it wasn’t related at all with being a Sacred Knight…….

「No, there was a small incident. You know, I made a ruckus from spilling tea on my clothes right? At that time I stumbled down together with Sonya──」

It wasn’t like I had done anything to feel guilty (more or less) about, so I explained to Alicia about what happened in detail.

Alicia was jealous to Sonya yesterday but, just like how composed she was when Rainy-san went crazy, this time too she would calmly listen to me and say 「……I see. That was a disaster wasn’t it」.

That was what I thought but,

「……I’m glad Erio didn’t get scalded. ……Yes, well, setting that aside」


The moment we arrived at the inn, Alicia grabbed my hand and pushed me on the wall!?

「……Even though I didn’t feel anything at that time with Rain-san……somehow, I’m feeling really turned on after hearing that story. ……Today, let’s……get along a lot……❤」

「Wait, Alici──umuguh!?」

She wouldn’t get jealous so easily, be that as it may, it seemed that her sexual desire would increase if I got along with a girl passed certain limit.

I was made to know about that side of Alicia throughout the night.

Erio Scarlet 14 years old Human <Incubus> Level 78

Skills in possession

Peerless Lv 7

Master-Servant Contract (Lv None)

Penis Form Change Lv 6

Penis Attribute Change Lv 6

Penis Detachment Lv 3

Opposite Sex Effectiveness (Lv None)

Penis Regeneration Lv 2

(The level up from yesterday’s getting along was also included)




The next day.

Alicia and I accepted a new quest and went out for a small outing.

Our destination was a village alongside a mountain that was half a day away from the city using carriage.

Apparently monsters had appeared often near the village recently and they damaged the crops. Just depending on the village’s warriors to take care of them wouldn’t be enough before long, so the village wanted the help of adventurers to help them clearing up the area around the village all at once. That was the detail of the quest.

The village was a bit too far for us to consider it as exploring and memorizing the terrain around the city, but exploring a mountainous region would become good experience for adventurer. Besides taking on a lot of monsters would be a good task as a warm up. We enthusiastically accepted this quest. We would also get money from selling the materials of the monsters we defeated.

But, there was one problem with accepting this quest.

I talked to Alicia who was sitting beside me while the carriage was rocking our body.

「Umm, Alicia? I’ll confirm once more. We might need to stay in the village for several days for this quest. A village like that surely won’t have any large inn, so let’s hold back from having sex during that time okay?」

「……I’ll try my best.」

「Say that while looking at my eyes! Also you don’t sound persuasive at all if you say that while touching my thigh you know!?」

Will we be fine…….

Alicia, she, was really loud, so the surrounding would hear if we did it in a small inn. I didn’t want other people to hear Alicia at all when she was in such state, so it looked like I would have to firmly rein in Alicia.

I had no wish at all to force Alicia to listen to me using Master-Servant Contract, but it was only at this kind of time that I wanted to curse the skill’s bias of not working at all for order that forbid doing lewd things.

「Hmmmm, I wonder if we should do other quest as expected.」

More than one adventurers were accepting this quest. I heard that several parties had gone ahead to the village. Surely there wouldn’t be any problem with eliminating the monsters even without us there.

「But, it will affect our reputation if we cancel the quest without any proper reason. As I thought, the only way is for me to be firm……it’ll be really difficult to reject Alicia’s temptation though.」

We were also going to arrive at the village soon. It looked like the only thing I could do was to accept my fate.

As I was thinking that.

「Oi you!? What’s wrong, are you alright!?」

Suddenly the carriage stopped abruptly. The coach driver’s yell could be heard.

Alicia and I rushed out from under the canopy to see what was the matter.

Then we found a wounded girl lying on the path to the village.

Her wound was quite deep. There were blood traces along the path that the girl had walked on.

「Alicia! Healing skill!」


I held up the girl’s body in panic and gave her a potion that I had while asking Alicia to use her skill. We still hadn’t tested Alicia’s healing skill but, its effect was more powerful than expected. The girl’s wound was closing quickly.

「Are you alright!? Why are you wounded like this!?」

The girl had narrowly escaped death for the time being. I questioned her about her state.

But the blood she lost couldn’t come back from just healing skill and potion. The wounded girl looked like her mind was still hazy.

「T-the village……everyone in the village……」

The girl was just barely able to respond to me with a hoarse voice.

「Everyone will die……someone, help……」

Most likely it was that one feeling that pushed this heavily wounded girl to run until this far.

The girl left behind those words before losing consciousness.

Right after that.



Was it chasing after the girl’s scent of blood?

A single monster came rushing from the path ahead.

A blue large body. It was a wolf type monster with estimated level of 40, Blue Fang.

It wasn’t a monster that could just be randomly encountered along the road.



I pulled out the sword hanging on my waist and slashed. I instantly killed that monster.

But I still couldn’t let my guard down with just that in this situation.

There wasn’t any doubt that something bad was happening at the village ahead from here.

「Alicia. Escort this girl and the coach driver to a safe place. I’ll head to the village first, but I think your healing skill will be needed there. I want you to go there as quickly as possible after you manage to secure these two’s safety.」

「……Got it.」

Alicia released the two horses from the carriage and got on one horse together with the unconscious girl.

The coach driver also got on the other horse and the three of them went back to the opposite direction of the road.

「Just what’s going on there……!」

The leg strength of Incubus had become faster than even horse if it was just for very short distance. Using that, I ran toward the village.


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