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Chapter 18 – Lucky Pervert

「Excuse me, where should we show the materials?」

We returned to the guild after hunting forest wolves and obtained ten pelts from them.

When I asked the receptionist about the place for showing the gathered materials, the receptionist lady’s eyes widened in surprise.

「Eh……? You two are back already!?」

It wouldn’t be long before it became evening.

I thought that our return was rather late because we were exploring the surrounding area of the city as though we were having a relaxed stroll, but it seemed that wasn’t the case with the receptionist lady.

「The forest wolves aren’t too strong but, they’re wary and top of that they formed a patrol with their pack, so even veteran adventurers who know the local terrain like the back of their hand will need some time to take care of them……」

Certainly the forest wolves were all lurking in places that were hard to spot. And even when they should have entered our field of vision, it was hard to identify them because blended with the scenery. It should be really hard to detect them.

In our case, we had Alicia’s excellent Area Detection skill. Thanks to that we were able to shorten the required time greatly.

「What’s more these pelts……most of them were killed with a single thrust to the throat. They are beautiful products with how little damage they have! You won even against Rainy-san, so I thought you’re purely a power type but, to think that even your technique is this amazing……!」

How frightening, the receptionist lady said with a gaze of awe.

……I couldn’t tell her.

I couldn’t say that with our strength the relatively weak but agile forest wolves would be smashed to pieces, so I finished them all with a stab using Penis Form Change to instantly transform my thing…….

I felt slightly awkward while carrying the pelts to the reception place for the good deliver.

The quest reward was increased somewhat because of the good quality of the pelts. I high-fived with Alicia in happiness of the unexpected extra income.

It was then.

「See, it’s just like I said! If it’s those two then they’ll immediately finish something easy like gathering forest wolves’ pelts and return right away!」

At the second floor of the guild.

The door that connected to the guild master’s office opened loudly and a lively voice came down from there.

It was a familiar voice. I looked up to see there.


The one who energetically rushed down the stairs was the red haired girl who Alicia and I saved when we came to this city.

She was the guild master’s only daughter. It seemed she also had good reputation inside the guild. The scary looking adventurers drinking alcohol around us called out to her 「Yo, tomboy!」「It was a disaster the other day huh!」 one after another.

Sonya fitted the description of a lively town girl to a tee. She courteously greeted back to each adventurer before she finally reached us with a small jog.

「Long time no see. I’m sorry, I was a bit busy after that from the treatment for Barbara and others, explaining the situation with the Armor Ants, and investigating the site……it made me late with visiting you two for saying my thanks. I was thinking to come uninvited to your inn but, dad said that you two took a quest from the guild, so I thought I can definitely meet you two by waiting here.」

Sonya laughed cheerfully while speaking in a small voice so that the surrounding couldn’t hear.

After that she suddenly fidgeted while looking hesitating to speak. Before long she resolved herself and said this.

「And, umm, I want to express my thanks to you two once more……if it’s not a bother, can you two come to my house tonight for dinner……?」


Weips-san had gifted us with weapons. The guild master Goudo-san had also accommodated us with the matter of rank limitation for taking quest. The favor for saving Sonya had been paid back to us by a lot.

I thought that just all of those had been too much even for repaying a favor, but from Sonya’s perspective, it wasn’t she herself who was repaying the favor to us. The present situation must be painful for her.

Because of that we happily accepted Sonya’s invitation.

That night.

「Then, I’ll show you the way to my house!」

Sonya came until our inn to pick us up. We followed her and our eyes widened in surprise when we saw her house.

The building that was Sonya’s house was something splendid that could even be mistaken as a noble’s mansion.

The location was also near the center of the city. It was puzzling that a building this lavish could be build with just the guild master position.

「Originally I wanted to pick up both of you at the inn using a carriage but……you two don’t want to stand out too much right?」

Sonya spoke to the surprised us.

It looked like she led us by walking in consideration to our circumstances, but it seemed that she would bring a carriage if that wasn’t the case. The way she acted felt even more like a noble.

I felt slightly wary considering the possibility that Sonya might be related to nobility. It was then,

「Ah, come to think of it, I never mentioned it before. Actually my mother is the number 2 of the commercial guild for this area. Depending on the business partner, it might be necessary for us to welcome them with noble standard, so this house was build with its ownership half owned by the guild. But well, it’s mostly just us using it, so it feels a little like an abuse of authority.」

Sonya explained jokingly.

Aa, I see, so it’s something like that.

I heard that top class merchant would often got into a business dealing with nobles, so a lot of them owned this kind of mansion for welcoming nobles.

If Sonya didn’t have any blood relation with nobles, then information about Alicia and me also wouldn’t spread out from her. We could feel relieved for now. Well, in the first place Sonya didn’t look like someone whose mouth was careless like that though.

……Even so, Sonya, she was someone even more important than I expected huh. To think that her parents were the guild master and the number 2 of the commercial guild.

I was surprised by various things while stepping inside Sonya’s home. I suddenly noticed then.

「Ah, but what to do. I never thought that we would have dinner in this kind of mansion, so we didn’t prepare any proper outfit.」

Sonya didn’t really specify any detail to us, so I thought there was no need to be bothered by dress code, but it made me felt like that we were doing something really bad because of the custom when I lived in the capital.

Sonya seemed to notice my feeling and,

「Ah, sorry that I didn’t notice. In that case we have many clothes here, so you can change into them.」

She suggested that with a smile.




「Hmm, I think this might be alright.」

I was showed into a guest room where and put on a formal suit that a maid selected for me. I checked my look in the mirror and nodded. Right now Alicia should also be changing clothes in a different room.

It shouldn’t have been that long since I got banished from the capital, but somehow it felt like it had been really long since I dressed up like this.

「Besides, I should have dressed up many times like this when attending a social event when I was little, and yet I’m still feeling a bit unused with it. It feels cramped……」

It felt like I wasn’t really suited with noble life with my personality even if said it myself.

I sipped the tea that the maid prepared for me in order to relax my tense mind.

「Tsu!? Hot-!?」

Just how nervous I was with dressing formally like this after so long?

I carelessly spilled the tea.

What’s more it splashed on the formal suit that Sonya lent me.

「Wah, crap! I need to take it off right away!」

Although it also depended on the tea’s type, whether a cloth would stain or not was fundamentally decided by how fast it got cleaned. I hurriedly pulled down the trouser that got splashed by tea.

It was then.

「Eriol? If you’ve finished changing then how about talking with me a little until the dinner is prepared──what’s that sound just now!? Eriol, are you alright!?」

She must have just arrived near my room’s door.

Sonya seemed to hear my scream and my noisy footsteps and rushed into the room.


Instantly, I who was pulling down my trouser near the door met Sonya’s eyes.

And then Sonya’s gaze moved immediately at my lower body.

My lower body that was fully exposed because I also pulled my underwear together with the trouser due to how panicked I was.


Sonya’s face instantly turned red and she screamed while staring fixedly at there.

「W-what’s this……a boy’s thing is that big……!? Ah, s-sorry-, I heard that you had finished changing so-!?」

Sonya tried to go out of the room quickly.

But it seemed that she was genuinely flustered and couldn’t even turn around properly so──she stumbled and fell toward me!?



It should be easy to catch her with my body that could win even against Herculean Warrior.

But right now my trouser and underwear were lowered until my ankles and my posture was also bad, and most of all I was in complete panic from the shock of having my thing seen.

I lost my balance and ended up falling with Sonya pushing me down.

「A-are you alright Sonya!? Eh……!?」

I tried to help Sonya stand in panic but I froze.

Because my thing down there was enveloped by a soft sensation of something.


When I looked down, I saw Sonya’s hand holding my thing firmly.

Fuu fuu, her warm and moist breathing caressed my thing. That was just how close her face was to it.

「E-Eriol’s thing……it’s, this texture that I never touched before, this smell that I never smelled before……I-I feel dizzy somehow……!?」


Sonya’s head must be in a mess right now. I hurriedly took some distance from her.

After that I quickly pulled up my trouser and bowed to her with all my strength.

「S-sorry! I spilled the tea and so I lowered my trouser! I’ll reimburse the clothes for sure! Also I’m really sorry for making you touch such strange thing!」

「Ha!? Ah, I-I’m the one who are sorry!?」

Sonya came back to her senses with gasp hearing my apology and she stood up.

「I-it’s just clothes, you don’t need to mind it! I also got to touch Eriol-kun down there so it was actually a fair exchange!? Rather it’s me who need to pay money for it you know!?」

Perhaps because both of our heads were in complete mess, it felt like we were saying some absurd things to each other.

But we somehow managed to feign composure before Alicia and the maid came running. Then all of us cleaned up the spilled tea together.

I finished changing for the second time with an air of innocence and somehow headed to the dining room without further problem.

After that.

With the entertainment from Goudo-san who was in a good mood and the skilled art of conversation from Sonya’s mother who was used to this kind of thing, the dinner progressed peacefully from start to end. Both Alicia and I were able to enjoy the dinner that wasn’t too extravagant but……at this time I couldn’t even imagine that the incident today could possibly lead to such shameless “business discussion” later on.

Author’s note: 2021.10.14 A part of the wording had been revised.


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