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Chapter 16 – The Guild Master’s Favor Repayment

「Allow me to express my gratitude once more. I thank the two of you for saving my daughter who is more precious than even my life from monsters.」

「No no, please don’t! It was just a coincidence, we were only doing what we should! Please raise your head.」

After Rainy-san was successfully dragged away.

Alicia and I were led into the parlor in the guild’s second floor and there the guild master bowed his head at us.

It was the decorum to simply accept the thanks at this kind of time, but the guild master treated us too politely that I felt completely timid.

At this kind of time, other nobles surely wouldn’t react like this. They would be more, brazen when accepting the thanks. But it seemed that my disposition was completely unsuited for that.

「You’re still young just like my daughter said. I heard that you’re still 14 years old. Even though it’s already pretty rare for someone that young to be able to beat Rainy, you’re also really humble on top of that. Now I can’t even feel peevish with how passionately my daughter talked of you.」

No umm, rather than humble, I simply had a Gift that wouldn’t allow me to hold my head high……I’m just a bottomless Incubus…….

「My daughter is a kind girl you see. She went out of the city this time too was to prepare a birthday present for her mother. There’s a flower that only bloom on a hill a bit outside the city. Originally I should take her personally there but, I was just so busy that I entrusted her to my subordinates. I almost made the biggest mistake of my life because I prioritized my work. Again, I am nothing but grateful to you. If there’s anything that I can do to help you then just tell me, I’ll lend a hand.」

Guild master said that while laughing heartily.

He looked similar with Sonya who also told us 「I’ll definitely repay this debt」. I could certainly see that those two were father and daughter.


The weapons from Weips-san were already more than enough repayment but, it would also be rude to bluntly reject the kind words from someone like this.

However now that we had finished registering as adventurer, what could we ask from this person who was a guild master……as I was thinking that,

「……Erio, how about asking him, about things like rank limitation for quest, or something?」


Alicia poked on my leg and advised me like that.

Ah, I see.

I thought that we could only normally piled up accumulation bit by bit from zero as adventurer, but now that we were offered this chance…….

「Goudo-san, in that case I have something to ask. Can you do something about the rank limitation for the quests? We have a little problem and wish to accept high level quest as adventurer as quickly as possible.」

Rank limitation.

It referred to the limitation of what quest we could take.

Adventurers were sorted based on their accomplishment. They could only take quest with difficulty level that corresponded to their rank.

This limitation was to protect the lives of the adventurers, at the same time it was also a measure to lower the failure rate and maintain the trust to the guild.

The only way to raise the limitation was to accumulate accomplishment. It was arranged so that even those with excellent Gift had to diligently finish gathering and chore quests to increase their rank. There were a lot of people who were strong and yet inexperienced in understanding the terrain or didn’t have knowledge about materials and the like.

But there was exception to everything. In case someone could clearly display that they had extraordinary strength, they could also skip taking on beginner quests and started from quite high rank quests.

Although that was only for people who had proper standing and considerable strength and not really a practical method to rely on.

「What, that’s all?」

The guild master Goudo-san laughed heartily.

「There isn’t any problem at all! You annihilated a swarm of Armor Ants under the leadership of a Platoon and even overwhelmed that Rainy Emerald. I myself want you two to immediately start doing a lot of quests. I’ll make the arrangement right away.」

The story that I defeated the examiner Rainy-san was already spreading, so nobody would think it was strange even if we accepted difficult quest right from the start. And so Goudo-san readily consented to my request.

That’s great.

With this the time required for me to obtain the Master-Servant Contract breaking item had been shortened drastically.

The rest depended on whether we would be able to properly complete the quests or not.

As I was in high spirit like that.

「But well, I don’t recommend you taking difficult quest right from the start.」

Guild master’s expression suddenly turned grim.

「For these several days, the monsters’ appearance tendency is getting strange. Powerful monsters like Armor Ants appearing near the city is simply an example of that……it’s a strange occurrence even for me who has been the guild master of this city for many years. If not there was no way I would expose my daughter to that kind of danger.」

My eyes widened from Goudo-san’s words.

He said that the appearance tendency of monsters is strange……I wonder if similar things like the strange case of me getting attacked by a pack of man-eating boars were also occurring around here.

I slightly hid several facts so that my background wouldn’t get exposed while telling him about the appearance of man-eating boar that was out of season.

「What? So the same thing is also happening near the capital. Hmmm, right now we also have an investigation team that is in the middle of investigating right now but, the abnormality happened only recently and we’re still completely in the dark whether it’s just something temporary or not. Well, anyway, just like the disaster that befell my daughter, another irregularity might also befall you two out there, so I recommend for you two to take on quests near the city while observing the situation.」

「Understood. Thank you very much for everything. Not only for the accommodation you gave us, but also for the precious information.」

I sincerely bowed my head to Goudo-san who was genuinely worried for our safety.

Either way we still hadn’t completely grasped the geography of this area. Let’s follow the warning of our senior and started taking easier quest first to familiarize ourselves with how things worked.

When our talk with the guild master was almost finished.

「If that’s the case, I shall graciously give guidance to their party!」

Uwa, she is here!?

Suddenly the reception room’s door opened and an intruder──Rainy-san entered. I reflexively got on my feet.

「I’m a veteran adventurer who has been active around here for many years. I have vast knowledge about the local geography and the materials gathering spot. And even if irregular monsters show up, it’ll be safer with three people rather than just two, so guild master also won’t need to worry. Educating rookies is also an important work for adventurer. This Rainy Emerald wish to contribute in educating the next generation, free of charge.」

Rainy-san saluted to guild master with an elegant posture that was fitting for her pretty face.

The way she acted would look like a calm, serious, and capable adventurer to anyone.

But her gaze had been continuously staring fiiiixedly at me as though she was licking me all over with her eyes. It sent chills through my back.

A-awawa……this person is targeting my body…….

「That’s a wonderful attitude to have, young Rainy.」

After saying that, Goudo-san pressed his hand over his eyes while opening his mouth with a sigh.

「You’re this guild’s examiner. Although you’ve time to take quests in between, instructing these two who wish to obtain reputation as adventurer as quickly as possible will take too much of your time.」

「It’s pointless for me to continue doing that shitty job. I quit as examiner starting today.」

This person was just too frank huh!?

She was planning to come with me no matter what……I shuddered.

But Rainy-san’s design didn’t come to be.

「You can’t do that Rainy.」


「Have you forgotten the contract you signed? The work contract as the guild examiner is for a period of a year. It will be a breach of contract if you don’t continue working at least until the next contract renewal. There’ll be penalty for you in that case. And let me add, what the punishment is will depend on me to some degree. If you want to abandon the job because of self-interest, I won’t hesitate to freeze your adventurer qualification temporarily.」

Most likely Goudo-san said that as a bluff in part because of his consideration for me. But Rainy-san let out 「Ah」 in astonishment when the matter of contract was mentioned.

「T-that’s tyranny! Even if you’re the guild master that kind of extreme punishment is……are you trying to get in the way of my relationship with Eriol-kun!?」

「Yes yes yes Rainy-san, let’s get back to your post! Surely another boy that is your type will come registering soon!」

「Uwaaaaaah! Eriol-kuunnnnnnnnn!」

The receptionist lady persuaded Rainy-san while dozens of adventurers dragged her out of the room. Most likely even if she resisted with her monstrous strength, it would only invite the guild master’s fist to drop on her skull so she resigned herself.

I bowed my head again to the guild master inside the reception room that had fallen silent once more.

「……Again, thank you very much for all your help.」

「No……it was this guild’s member who was bothering you.」

In any case……like this I borrowed helps from a lot of people and safely (?) finished my adventurer registration.


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