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Incubus Banishment – Chapter 15: Uterusurgent Examination Part 2 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 15 – UterusUrgent Examination Part 2

I won overwhelmingly in sword locking contest = pure contest of strength against the Herculean Warrior Rainy-san and sent her flying. She crashed on the wall and got completely buried under the crushed wall. The training ground was filled with silence.


The receptionist lady was dumbfounded by that result.

And the one who was even more astonished than her was me who was currently unable to close my hanging open mouth in a state of 「I can’t comprehend what’s going on at all」.

「W-what’s this……!?」

I felt my physical ability increasing to an impossible degree the moment I launched my attack at Rainy-san.

When I was level 65, I was also shocked by my own strength when clashing with my full strength against the Armor Ant – Platoon, but the strength I displayed just now was incomparable from that. To win overwhelmingly in strength against Level 80 Herculean Warrior was just too absurd no matter how I looked at it.

My mind was momentarily thrown into chaos by what just happened……before I got an idea of what was going on.

「Don’t tell me this is……the power of that Opposite Sex Effectiveness skill……!?」

I could imagine the effect of that skill from its name, so I skipped trying out its effect in detail.

I felt my strength increasing a little when I stopped the Sacred Knight Alicia’s sexual rampage, so I thought its effect was just to that degree but──I was astonished by the might it displayed in real battle.

「Wait, now isn’t the time for this……are you alright there Rainy-san!?」

I rushed toward Rainy-san who was buried under the rubble.

It was then.



Rainy-san blew away the pile of rubble and stood up while yelling loudly.

「Power that can overwhelm even me in contest of strength, excellent weapon, and in addition the high combat skill that clearly came from years of diligent training. The actual strength of the other one is still not clear but, surely there won’t be any problem with her if just you are already this strong. You two undisputedly deserve to pass!」

Rainy-san energetically declared that without any visible wound on her body. I felt relieved in various senses while patting my chest. Thank god, as expected from a Herculean Warrior. Her physical toughness was beyond reproach.

(It wasn’t a fair test because of the Opposite Sex Effectiveness but……a veteran adventurer gave me a passing mark including for my skill that I had polished until now while aiming to become a holy knight. I guess I can feel reassured for the time being.)

I managed to pass the exam safely, and I think I also managed to obtain satisfactory result from the test of strength.

And although it was based on hindsight, the power of Opposite Sex Effectiveness had also come to light before it could cause any serious incident. This exam gave me a result that surpassed my expectation.

……Even so my Incubus skills, they were all filled with really strange ability…….

I should have realized it enough from the misfire of Master-Servant Contract but, I needed to keep even more vigilant from here on……as I reflected on myself like that.


「Fue!? Wait, Rainy-san!? What’s the matter so suddenly!?」

Rainy-san had approached me before I noticed and called my fake name while hugging me!?

I was also taken aback by her high tension that somehow felt completely different from her first impression.

However Rainy-san didn’t listen to my words at all and rubbed her cheeks on me while,

「Aa as I thought, you don’t break even with me hugging you! Haa, just how long have I waited for this encounter……my uterus is tightening kyun kyun from hugging a fourteen years old boy with all my strength……! You pass, you pass in various senses!」

What’s with this person!?

Rainy-san was breathing hard haa haa. I turned red while drawing away from her, then Rainy-san started rattling on emotionally.

「Aa, this is really the best……you see, I can’t get excited unless it’s with a boy around 14 years old. But when I realized that fetish of mine, I already became too powerful as a Herculean Warrior. There wasn’t any 14 years old boy who could accept my monstrous strength, and most of the time that kind of child would keep their ability hidden so I also had no way of searching for them. I was at a loss there. It was then I reached the answer to my problem, this exam system. Most children who registered as adventurer while hiding their status are just weakling but, I heard the rumor that there are also children who are forced to receive exam in order to conceal their status that came from overly powerful rare Gift, and since then I had been waiting all this time like this……! However all who received the exam were just people who looked like they would die immediately even if they become adventurer……I continued going through heartbreaking days where I had to break the bones and hearts of cute boys so that they wouldn’t die meaninglessly but, in the end you appeared. Just as I aimed, exactly like I aimed……! Aa, this smooth skin and glossy hair, your adorable face and innocent reaction……I can’t hold back anymore, let’s just go back to my home right away? It’s alright, I’ll be gentle……wah!? What’s this, your thing down here is also this splendid……!? (Pat pat)」


I was screaming with all my strength.

What’s with this person!? She’s crazy!

But Alicia who was watching this,

「……As expected from Erio. So popular. As one would expected from my destined one. But I’m not a restrictive woman, so I’ll be satisfied as long as I’m Erio’s number one.」

For some reason she showed no sign of helping me and only watched with a composed expression!


The receptionist lady got back on her feet from the various shocks and rushed toward the guild.

「Haa!? No, don’t ask to do something absurd like stopping Rainy!」

「What we can do at best is comforting Rainy’s beating victim and giving them candy while getting drunk here in our holiday yeah!?」

「Rather, that brat just now really passed!? What the hell with that!?」

But I could only hear yelling of anger and confusion coming from inside.

It didn’t look like anyone would come to help me.

Guh, in that case I got to forcefully get away from her while also borrowing the effect of Opposite Sex Effectiveness……!

Eh huh? Could this be, Rainy-san was using body enhancement skill that she didn’t use while testing me!? It felt like her power was even stronger than before!

Just how serious is she!

I felt like I’d be able to get away if I gave it my all but, one of us might get injured if I carelessly struggled……as it looked like I might really gotten brought back by Rainy-san to her home,

「Oi! What’s with the commotion!」

A deep and loud male voice spread through the whole guild.

「Guild master! It’s, that’s, Miss Rainy is──」

「Has!a!? I don’t get it!」

Right after that the voice’s owner seemed to hear about the situation from the receptionist lady and rushed quickly to the training ground.

「Oi Rainy! What is a usually diligent worker like you doing huh!」

「Please don’t stop me master! I finally met my destined partner today!」

「Are you stupid!? Come back to your senses!」

A muscular male who looked like he had gotten through countless carnages──the guild master spoke in exasperation.

Then the moment his gaze caught me who was being restrained by Rainy-san, his eyes widened.

「You……being able to pass Rainy’s exam and that hair color……could it be that your name is Eriol?」

「? Y-yes, that’s right though?」

「Tsu! I see, so it’s you! Now I don’t need to waste time looking for you!」

The red haired guild master’s expression brightened the instant I replied like that.

「I’m the guild master Goudo Maxiel. My daughter──Sonya is in your debt.」

The guild master said that before dropping his fist on Rainy-san’s skull to save me.


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