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Immortal In The Magic World – Chapter 276: Influence Bahasa Indonesia

Above the Silver Moon Valley.

Everyone cheered when they heard Vivika’s victory announcement.

Before the battle, no one had thought that they would actually win. After all, their fighting strength was too weak, and the Holy tower was not to be trifled with. Whether it was the allocation of manpower or the spell formation, they were both big problems.

However, with the spell formation that was brought back by tower master Vivika, all the problems were solved.

No one would have thought that the once powerful Holy tower Army would be so weak after the magic circle gathered everyone’s power. The thing that helped them was the spell formation from the era gone by.

Everyone looked up at Vivika, their hearts full of hope.

However, they also had their own questions. Where did these spell formations come from?

Only a few people had their own speculations.

“It’s definitely His Excellency’s aura!” Nikola squinted his eyes, feeling the feeling of the spell formation. As a former mage, he knew that it must have been made by his Lord.

“Grandmaster?” Aisha took a deep breath.

She knew that her teacher had gone to the South, but she didn’t know where he went.

If there were anyone who could save the bloodline tower, it would be the Grandmaster.

As for the others, they didn’t think too much about it. They were all immersed in the joy of victory.

“Since we’ve won, the next step is to counterattack!”

Looking at the happy people of the bloodline tower, Vivika turned her eyes to the North.

This was only the first important point of the battle between the two forces. Taking this place only proved that they would have a much easier time in the future, but it did not mean that they could relax.

What they should do next was to pursue the victory and maximize the results of the battle as much as possible, turning the victory into actual resources and magic stones in preparation for the long war that was still ahead.

She looked at the other three-circle warlocks with sharp eyes and said, “Everyone, it’s not time to celebrate yet. After resting for three hours, we’ll continue to head north!”


All the warlocks ‘eyes lit up.

After being beaten up for so long, it was finally time to counterattack!


At this moment, in a mountain range, there were layers of thick fog!

And in the thick fog, a team was moving forward like a long Dragon!

However, it was different from an ordinary team. The entire team looked very scattered, and everyone’s eyes were downcast, even confused. Their faces were stained with blood, and some of them were physically disabled, wailing from time to time!

This was the Holy tower’s side that had been defeated in Silvermoon Lake Valley, and they were on their way back.

At the forefront of the group, on a venom Wyvern, four warlocks, three men and one woman, were in a circle. They were all silent.

“Who can tell me what the bloodline tower’s spell formation is all about?” In the end, one of them slowly opened his mouth. His round body allowed others to identify him as Situ easily.

“I don’t know,” Sancher shook his head.

He was still in a state of confusion.

He could not understand how they had lost and how they had lost so thoroughly.

They were both spell formations, but the difference was so great.

The two other third-circle warlocks were silent. They had lost this battle completely!

Situ shook his head, looked at Sancher, and asked, “The reason for our defeat this time was all because of those spell formations. I found those spell formations very interesting as if they were tailor-made for warlocks. I wonder where they got them from?”

“I don’t know either. Even in the Mage era, there were very few spell formations that targeted warlocks. Furthermore, this is the warlock’s world. I don’t know where they got them from!” Sancher shook his head. This was what he was most confused about.

“Hmph, then do you think we can modify the spell formation to the same effect?” After a few seconds, Situ looked at the three of them.

“I don’t think so!” Sancher shook his head.

“My Lord, I’m afraid no one can do such a difficult experiment in the hourglass. Oh, if I remember correctly, there hasn’t been a mechanical Alchemist in the time hourglass for almost a hundred years!” The male Warlock said in silence.

Indeed, the last Alchemist in the hourglass of time seemed to have died decades ago.

Situ, “…”

He silently covered his face with his hands and didn’t say anything.

This was difficult!

“Why don’t we get Lord Klay to make a move?”

“No, master Klay will only make a move once. We have to get him to deal with Herman.” Situ shook his head.

A few of them fell silent again!

Looking at the depressed mood of the few people, Situ knew that he had to pull himself together and said, “Everyone, we don’t have to worry too much. It’s not like we don’t have any other methods besides spell formations!

“We collected a lot of dark Mages’s things back then.”

“We even have the soul slaves in our hands that once belonged to a dark mage. However, it will take a long time to remove the seal, so we don’t have to worry!”

A few of them raised their heads again, and their eyes were filled with shock.

Soul slaves?

They were a little surprised that Situ could actually find such a thing!

“Hehe, everyone, relax. We’ll definitely win!” Situ laughed, and the mood of the few people gradually relaxed.

Suddenly, a venom Wyvern and a Warlock slowly approached them.

A few of them looked over.

“Sir, the people from the bloodline tower have caught up. They don’t seem to have any plans to attack us!” The Warlock’s eyes were anxious.


A few of them spoke loudly, their tone somewhat flustered.


“We won!”

It was already three days later when Eli received the news of the bloodline tower’s victory!

Looking at the information that Nina handed over, Eli’s eyes lit up.

According to the intelligence, Vivika, who had won in Silvermoon Valley, did not choose to retreat. Instead, she bravely advanced. Not only did she catch up with the Holy tower’s side, but she also killed nearly half of them and occupied several Holy tower areas.

With the help of the spell formation, the bloodline tower was inspired. They were able to go on a killing spree in a small area. They only retreated when reinforcements from the holy tower had arrived.

But no matter what, with this victory …

The bloodline tower’s territory expanded by a quarter once again, and a large number of warlocks, as well as many forces that had been observing from the sidelines, finally decided to join the bloodline tower.

But that was all!

The Holy tower was a powerful force, and it would be impossible to destroy them in one go.

This defeat also made the Holy tower calm down and reflect on their action. They directly made new adjustments to their forces and gathered their forces. Although they had shrunk, their strength had become stronger.

Furthermore, once the bloodline tower army left Silvermoon lake, the effects of the spell formation were greatly reduced. The two forces had once again returned to their previous state of confrontation.

No one knew how long this confrontation would last.

Vivika asked if Eli wanted to do anything!

Eli stated that he wouldn’t do anything. The main thing was that he couldn’t do anything.

Although they won, the holy tower wasn’t a weakling!

It was best for him to drag this out!

When Eli could defeat the half-step celestial, things would change. Before then, it was best to drag it out.

Furthermore, this victory allowed the bloodline tower to obtain a large number of items. The materials for Eli’s chimera were almost all gathered.

He could start making chimeras!


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