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Immortal In The Magic World – Chapter 275: Crushing Defeat and Victory Bahasa Indonesia

“Nikola, you’re very strong. Why don’t you join us? Ee can give you whatever the bloodline tower can give you, or even more!”

Lightning and death coexisted in the sky as Situ attacked while speaking to Nikola.

“Hmph, you can’t!” Nikola sneered.

Suddenly, the two of them also sensed the changes in the ground.

“Nikola, you have no chance of winning this time. If you’re willing to join us, I’ll let you go. Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape!”

What greeted him was only Nikola’s chuckling.

Situ was furious.

the two of them continued to fight, but Nikola’s eyes kept looking at the ground. He seemed worried but also full of confidence. Even Situ was confused.


The battlefield between Situ and Nikola was at the highest altitude.

Further down were the battlefields of the third circle warlocks.

Vivika was fighting against Sancher, who was a late-stage third-circle Warlock. His bloodline was the same as Situ’s, the bloodline of the giant lightning Eagle, and he was surrounded by lightning.

“With the spell formation’s support, you’re no match for me. Surrender as soon as possible. You won’t stand a chance in today’s battle!” Sancher looked at Vivika and said with a smile.

Vivika responded with a wind blade.

Sancher dodged it with a relaxed expression.

“Once the ground battle fails, you might not even have the chance to escape!” Sancher’s tall and thin figure moved left and right, approaching Vivika.

“Try me!”

Vivika smiled and extended her right hand. Wind elements gathered in her hand. Sancher quickly retreated. He thought Vivika was going to attack.

However, the next second, the wind elements gathered, and it shattered. An explosive sound could be heard throughout the battlefield.

Many people from the Holy tower looked over, dumbfounded.

What was Vivika doing?

Making a sound?

Everyone was a little confused, but many of them knew that Vivika was definitely not bluffing. But since it was not an attack…

Everyone lowered their heads.

On the battlefield, on the bloodline tower’s side, a blood-red light pillar suddenly flew out from the crowd and was reflected in everyone’s eyes.

Following that, light pillars appeared one after another.

The warlocks on the Holy tower’s side all widened their eyes.


They heard the explosion.

John knew it was time. He took out the blood core and cast the spell formation first!

At the same time, the others also released their spell formations.

Holding the spell formation, John felt a magical connection between all the warlocks. It was different from the mental connection on the Holy tower’s side. He felt that they were connected by blood.

The huge number of them seemed to have formed a single entity at this moment.

A hazy blood-red light appeared above the bloodline tower, forming a huge spider web that connected all the warlocks’ bloodlines. At this moment, all the warlocks felt that their bloodline power had been greatly enhanced.

“F * ck. What’s this? Could it be a spell formation of our bloodline tower?”

“Damn. The buff is so strong. No wonder we can’t beat the Holy Tower whenever they use their spell formations!”


The crowd looked at the blood-red substance draped over their bodies. Some were shocked, some were confused, some did not know what to do, and some were overjoyed.

However, there were also people who were puzzled. They looked at the spell formation that was completely different from the holy tower’s. However, everyone’s mood was lifted when they felt the increase in their bodies.


At the same time, the voice of the Warlock in charge of commanding the battle was transmitted to the ears of every Warlock.

All the warlocks of the bloodline tower shouted one after another, and a huge amount of bloodline power gathered, like a storm surging on the ground, and then rushed towards the Holy tower!

The long-range battle had ended, and it was time for the Warlock’s close combat!


On the other side, the Holy tower’s side was also bewildered as they watched the changes in the bloodline tower’s side.

However, someone immediately came out to stabilize the morale of the Army and shouted, “Don’t be afraid, everyone. Our spell formation is a treasure from the Mage era. They are definitely not our match.”

“All warlocks, listen to my command! Attack!”

When the warlocks heard the order, they regained their confidence.

All of them activated their bloodlines and burst into flames. The fire elements within a radius of several dozen miles gathered and transformed into a huge ball of flames that rushed toward the bloodline tower.

At this moment, all the third circle stopped and retreated to observe.

They didn’t dare to rashly enter the camp of thousands of warlocks. This was a real war. At this time, even if they were not careful, they might be torn to pieces!

“Spell formations?”

Situ stood at the highest point, observing the bloodline tower.

He couldn’t understand how the bloodline tower had so many high-quality spell formations.

Could it be that they had also excavated some ruins?

Was there such a huge relic on the West Coast?

He didn’t understand, but Herman’s figure flashed through his mind.

That man always seemed to cause them a lot of trouble.

Could it be him?

Impossible, he’s just a Warlock, how could he have such superb alchemy skills?

‘However, we also have our spell formations, so it shouldn’t be a big problem!’ Situ thought to himself.

In fact, he wasn’t the only one who thought this way. The other sorcerers of the Holy tower also thought this way.

As for the warlocks of the bloodline tower, they were very nervous. Because time was tight, they had not even tested the level of this batch of spell formations. They only knew that it was Vivika who had brought them back.

As for where it came from?

They guessed that it was from Sir Herman, who had temporarily left.

Everyone looked at the ground, waiting for the two sides to collide.

The distance of a few kilometers was very short for warlocks. After sprinting for more than ten seconds, they… They collided!

The green storm collided with the red Cloud of fire!

Instantly, the ground turned into two colors, one green, and one red.

The two parties seemed to be evenly matched, neither giving in to the other. However, after a few seconds, a change occurred. The Warlock in the sky was surprised to find that the storm seemed to be getting bigger and bigger while the fire clouds were decreasing.

The Holy tower was being suppressed! They had better numbers and quality, but they were suppressed!

All the warlocks in the sky were dumbfounded.

“It must be fake!” The corner of Situ’s mouth twitched.

However, he seemed to have noticed something different.

The bloodline tower’s spell formation seemed to be connected to the bloodlines of all warlocks, while the Holy tower was connected to mental strength. However, the main strength of warlocks was their bloodline!

So this was the reason why they were being suppressed?

Situ was at a loss. At this moment, the Holy tower’s side was completely suppressed on the ground. They were torn into several pieces, and a large number of warlocks were dying every second.

The Holy tower was defeated in one encounter?!

“What is this? Don’t we have the same spell formations? Why is there such a huge difference!”

“The bloodline tower’s formations are better than ours!”

The warlocks from the Holy tower’s side gritted their teeth in disbelief.

The original plan had been to tear apart the bloodline tower and take over their territory.

As the holy tower was defeated, the warlocks didn’t know what to do.

The entire battlefield was frozen for three minutes.

Seeing that the bloodline tower’s Army had already begun to condense their bloodline and was ready to push in further, Situ knew that it was time for him to make his decision.

He looked at Nikola and the others, his face full of unwillingness.

In the end, he gritted his teeth and said loudly, “Retreat!”

The signal to retreat was quickly sent out. The warlocks, who were already defeated, looked at this signal and their momentum collapsed even more. One by one, the spell formations were broken. All the warlocks did not care about anything else and flew into the distance!

Watching this scene, Nikola laughed out loud while Vivika shouted, “Kill them, keep them here!”

In an instant, the situation on the battlefield changed completely.

The war of resistance had turned into a war of pursuit and escape!



Three hours later, Vivika slowly landed on the ground of Silvermoon Valley.

The bloodline tower had completely occupied the area.

Vivika looked around and asked one of the three rings, “What’s our battle record?”

“My Lord, we lost three third circle warlocks but the Holy Tower lost six. As for the second and first circle warlocks, their losses were more than four times our losses. We don’t have the time to make an accurate count yet.”

Just looking at the numbers, this was a huge victory, and they had also occupied this key area.

They won!

Vivika took a deep breath. She had never thought that she would win so easily today.

The spell formation her teacher had given her was too powerful!

It was simply terrifying.

This was a power that the warlocks had given up. What kind of loss was that?

However, this was not the time to think about this. She shook her head.

She flew into the sky.

Looking at the warlocks of the bloodline tower which had returned, she shouted with a determined look,

“Everyone, this battle!”

“We won!”


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