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Immortal Devil Transformation – Volume 15 Chapter 47: Friend Bahasa Indonesia

Lin Xi looked at this outwardly delicate Fiend Race youngster, seeing something from his slightly cowardly face. As such, he asked in shock, “You have a way that can prevent this Sea Fiend King from dying?”

Chi Jing was a bit embarrassed under Lin Xi’s gaze. He hung his head slightly and bashfully said, “Yes, I can use Seclusion Grass.”

Chi Su was shocked when he heard this, unable to help but say, “I have Seclusion Grass Seeds.”

Chi Jing looked at him and laughed, saying, “I know you have Seclusion Grass Seeds.”

“Since when were you able to use Seclusion Grass?” Chi Su poured a wave of soul force into the strange storage vessel in his hands, producing some dark black fine grass seeds, and then he was unable to help but ask Chi Jing.

Chi Jing quietly said, “It has already been two months.”

This type of question naturally raised Lin Xi, this curious cat’s curiosity.

He looked at the fine grass seeds in Chi Jing’s hands, unable to help but ask, “What are the uses of Seclusion Grass? Could it be that the plants every cultivator can control are different, that it is special?”

This type of question seemed extremely stupid in the eyes of Green Field City cultivators, an idiotic question. However, after this life and death great battle, all of these Fiend Race cultivators already completely changed their opinions of Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang. Moreover, the methods Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang displayed allowed these arrogant Fiend Race cultivators to fully understand that the outside cultivation world was entirely different from theirs. Similarly, they learned that things they considered extremely profound, became extremely ordinary in the eyes of outside cultivators.

“Seclusion Grass will take in some of a fiend beast’s nutrients, but it will also make fiend beasts enter the deepest state of sleep. They won’t die.”

Chi Yuyin walked up, handing the seven gemstones that now looked extremely ordinary to Lin Xi, at the same time explaining, “Every single plant has some of their own special vital energies. If we wish to communicate with the plants, we need some opportunities, some enlightenment. That is why the lower end is several, the higher end several dozen; every single clansmen will have plants they are proficient with and specialize in, we cannot all control all of the plants in this Ancient Witch Forest.”

Lin Xi accepted the seven gems, feeling that in his hands, they were no different from cobblestone, understanding a bit. “In other words, your clansmen who can borrow the power of these plants, they can only use several dozen plants at most, just like how we can only use several dozen different soul weapons?”

Chi Yuyin nodded.

Among all of these Fiend Race cultivators, the seemingly oldest full bearded cultivator also said a bit bashfully at this time, “My Fiend Eater Flower can only fight in close combat, which is why I couldn’t fight by your side all this time.”

“The most formidable part of your Fiend Eater Flower should be the juices they carry, right? I reckon it can even eat through ordinary armor?” Lin Xi looked at this habitually silent full bearded cultivator, saying with a smile, “I still don’t know your name.”

The full bearded cultivator nodded, replying, “I am Chi Hua.” [1]

Lin Xi couldn’t help but laugh, really unable to associate this name with this full bearded cultivator.

Chi Su laughed, looking at Lin Xi who was suppressing his laughter and explaining, “I’ve heard the wise ones say that your Yunqin has quite the tradition of placing articles before infants to see what they pick up. Our Green Field City has something similar, what is different is that when we reach a hundred days of age, we will hold this type of ceremony, see which plants our infants are closest to. Normally, a plant that is grabbed by an infant themselves will often become the plant they can communicate with first during their cultivation journey. Normally, our Green Field City’s tradition will also be to grant the child a name matching the item they picked.”

“This is just like one’s innate nature.” Lin Xi nodded, expressing that he understood. He looked at Chi Yuyin and Chi Xiaoye, “Your names are also related to this type of tradition?”

Chi Yuyin nodded and said, “I grabbed a Rain Song Banana. She grabbed Little Night Grass.”[2]

“Then what about you?” Lin Xi couldn’t help but look at Chi Su, and then at Chi Shan. “From what I’ve seen, you two seem to fight together?”

“Chi Shan is a rare Spiritualist in our clan, one of the people in our clan who can communicate and use the most plants. Now, she can already control more than seventy plants, and most of them are plants that can be used for battle.” Chi Yuyin’s expression became a bit more serious. “Chi Su is our clan’s Spirit Nurturer, he can communicate with Grain Fir Wood, able to preserve the vitality of many seeds.”[3]

Perhaps because she felt like she didn’t explain in enough detail, Chi Yuyin then added, “Spiritualists and Spirit Nurturers are both cultivators with unique aptitudes, also extremely rare in our clan. Many seeds, once they leave their parent bodies, if they are not preserved under some special conditions, will quickly die, Spirit Nurturers can use Grain Fir Wood’s vital energy to preserve these seeds, which is why the coordination between Spiritualists and Spirit Nurturers are one of the most powerful combinations in our clan.”

“Even if it is a heavy cavalry army of several thousands, they might still not necessarily be your match.” Lin Xi released a sincere sigh of admiration.

“Just like Chi Xiaoye, I can also grow Law Essence Vine.” Chi Yuyin looked at Lin Xi and said, “I will follow you back to Yunqin.”

Lin Xi didn’t expect Chi Yuyin to directly say this at this time, momentarily in a bit of a daze.

“Me too.”

Chi Shan whose entire face was covered in fatigue, before Lin Xi even spoke again, already seriously and resolutely said this.

Chi Mang and Chi Su exchanged a look, both of them seeing through some type of intention in the other party’s eyes. Even though they didn’t speak, they both smiled while looking at Lin Xi.

“I will also go.”

Since they didn’t speak, a voice that wasn’t loud, but quite timid, instead became exceptionally clear.

The one who spoke was Chi Jing who looked to be the weakest.

“Don’t look down on him.” Chi Yuyin said seriously, “He is a Wasp Controller in our Green Field City.”

“Wasp Controller?” Lin Xi stared blankly, starting to snap back to reality, saying with shock, “You can control the Sky Jade Wasps in the Wasp Towers?”

“That’s right.” Perhaps out of fear that Lin Xi would reject him, Chi Jing timidly but quickly said, “I can nurture Wasp Towers, control some Sky Jade Wasps… Just that the Sky Jade Wasps I brought out have all been killed by that Sea Fiend King, so you cannot see them right now.”

“Formidable.” Lin Xi spoke this word in a stunned manner.

“These clansmen of mine are enough to help you organize a giant lizard army… Don’t you feel like you are now a great figure, suddenly rising up, now full of followers?” Chi Xiaoye now completely relaxed. While looking at the completely stunned Lin Xi, she couldn’t help but quietly tease him.

Lin Xi heard Chi Xiaoye’s voice, but he didn’t joke around with Chi Xiaoye like before, instead seriously shaking his head, saying with a voice only the two of them could hear, “Not at all, because I know that they are helping me not because they feel that me and Nangong Weiyang are formidable, but rather because they view us as friends.”

Under Chi Xiaoye’s silence, Nangong Weiyang began to slowly open her eyes.

The soul force within her body was still extremely empty. After fighting against two Sea Fiend Kings one after the next, she already suffered quite a few internal injuries.

However, even if there weren’t many soul force fluctuations around her, when she opened her eyes, there was clearly a type of deep ocean aura around her.

It was as if as long as she willed it, there would be a dark blue sea that could be formed beneath her feet at any time.

Lin Xi knew that this was the aura that naturally flowed after she succeeded in soul merging.

This tender faced young Sacred Expert was a top level existence among Sacred Experts to begin with. Now that she succeeded in merging souls with this Sea Fiend King, she would completely become like Wenren Cangyue and Gu Xinyin, exceeding the realm of ordinary Sacred Experts. Even if it was an expert like the Shadow Sacred Expert from Central Continent City, perhaps in the future, they might not be able to endure a single attack from her.

However, when he saw Nangong Weiyang who slowly opened her eyes, Lin Xi didn’t feel much happiness inside.

During that previous period that Chi Yuyin and the others felt was a bit strange, he actually already tried out some things.

He found out that he couldn’t carry out soul merging at all.

It wasn’t because the Sea Fiend King’s cultivation realm was much higher than his own, that he couldn’t win against this Sea Fiend King in the mysterious and profound struggle of will, but rather that when he tried to soul merge, his body already instinctively refused, his mind seemingly already occupied by another type of great power.

That was a thunder prison that was entirely different from a deep sea, a golden sea of lighting that carried even greater destructive power.

That was why this proved a suspicion he had a long time ago.

From a certain standpoint, Yunqin’s Changsun Clan could be viewed as a type of powerful fiend beast with golden blood flowing through their veins.

Whether they were described as humanoid fiend beasts or evolved fiend beasts, it was already insignificant.

What he cared about was that after Jadefall City, the reason he could use unique vital energy power like Yunqin Emperor, able to release powerful golden lightning, wasn’t because of a miracle or strange change, but rather because in that particular moment, Changsun Wujiang took the initiative to carry out soul merging.

Changsun Wujiang already knew that he would die.

However, he hoped that Lin Xi could continue living. That was why before dying, he took the initiative to soul merge.

It was because he viewed Lin Xi as a friend.

Moreover, at this moment, Lin Xi also understood the other intention Changsun Wujiang had.

This was a request.

Lin Xi previously promised Changsun Wujiang that he would do his best to carry patience towards his father, the Yunqin Emperor, for him to empathize with a father who lost a son he cared deeply about.

This type of power that could release golden lightning was precisely the reciprocation Changsun Wujiang gave in return for Lin Xi’s agreement.

Lin Xi understood all of this.

In his mind, he could even still see the expression in Changsun Wujiang’s eyes when he brought up this request.

He also wanted to continue yielding, fulfilling the request of this friend of his.

Only, would Changsun Wujiang know what Green Luan Academy and Yunqin Empire were currently experiencing?

Did he know what the past Yunqin Emperor who seemed brilliant and only wished to develop the empire ended up becoming now?

He felt like if Changsun Wujiang was still alive, he would most likely make the same decision as himself.


That was why he silently said this to his friend in his heart.

1. Chi is the surname, Hua is flower

2. Yuyin = Rain Song, Xiaoye = Little Night

3. Su = Grain


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