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Immortal Devil Transformation – Volume 15 Chapter 46: Soul Merging Bahasa Indonesia

Lucky’s strength, compared to the Sea Fiend King, was still greatly different. However, after Nangong Weiyang, Lin Xi and the others all exhausted their soul force, it became the final straw that broke this Sea Fiend King’s back.

The hands of this Sea Fiend King that was releasing white cold air from its mouth still maintained a stance of continuing forward. Only, it could no longer move.

However, just like Lin Xi and Lucky hoped, even when large chunks of flesh fell and then the frigid vital energy was sent into its inner organs, it still didn’t die. An expression of bitter resentment and despair flickered within its slightly dispirited eyes.

This aged Sea Fiend King, together with the previous Sea Fiend King, was basically equivalent to an opponent as powerful as Wenren Cangyue.

When he saw the scene he hoped to see, the extremely weak and weary Lin Xi suddenly involuntarily relaxed.

Nangong Weiyang instead didn’t relax.

From the very start, what she needed to do the most was to use a Sea Fiend King for soul merging. It was because in all of Yunqin Empire, there were no fiend beasts as powerful as Sea Fiend Kings to be found.

The Sea Fiend King, for a cultivator like her, was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

That was why she still seriously sensed the minute changes in the surroundings.

She sensed that Chi He behind her was still attacking this aged Sea Fiend King.

Right now, this Sea Fiend King already lacked the power to stop this Fiend Race cultivator. That was why she directly took a step forward, moving closer to the Sea Fiend King, using her own body as a shield to stand between Chi He and this Sea Fiend King.


A dark red short spear stabbed through Nangong Weiyang’s clothes, and then flew out while brushing against Nangong Weiyang’s body.

Chi He who forcefully changed this momentum, to the extent where he couldn’t even control his own body also flew past Nangong Weiyang. Only after taking several steps on the ground, did he barely stabilize himself, breathing heavily, his face extremely ugly as he looked at Nangong Weiyang.

“A fiend beast of this level, for our Yunqin cultivators, is as precious as the most powerful soul weapons.” Nangong Weiyang was always extremely direct, which was why she directly told Chi He, “Our Yunqin cultivators can use soul merging as a cultivation method, absorbing a portion of its power. However, if it completely dies, this type of cultivation method cannot be displayed.”

Chi He stared blankly for a moment, and only then did he react, realizing why Chi Xiaoye and the others didn’t directly attack.

“There is still that other Sea Fiend King, I do not believe it will die that quickly.” Nangong Weiyang instead already didn’t look at him, instead looking at this aged Sea Fiend King whose mouth and nose were covered in frost, saying this to Lin Xi.

Lin Xi knew that for the current situation, this was an unexpected and rare source of power. As such, he nodded, raising his head and looking at the top of this canyon that now became a bit dark without that giant vine.

Nangong Weiyang also nodded. She turned around, giving Chi Yuyin who was wiping off the blood by her lips a look, seriously requesting, “Help us bring this Sea Fiend King up?”

The heavily wounded and dying Sea Fiend King was still extremely terrifying. Chi Yuyin’s injuries right now were also extremely heavy, but Nangong Weiyang’s tone and expression that disregarded her injuries instead made Chi Yuyin feel even more appreciation.

The golden Yunqin Meteor Sky Phoenix was like a golden sun in the darkness, bringing Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang out of the passage.

At the center of the passage next to the three Water Ghost Spiders, laid the Sea Fiend King that was previously struck down.

Nangong Weiyang released a light snort, using this type of method to display her inward satisfaction.

It was because that Sea Fiend King still didn’t die despite lying in place without moving in the quiet darkness, she could still clearly sense the chaotic auras surging within its body.

A thud sounded.

A muffled noise sounded by the entrance of the passage.

Chi Su, Chi Mang and the others sat on the ground, gasping for air. When they looked at that rigid aged Sea Fiend King lying next to them, their faces were filled with a bitter smile.

Even though this aged Sea Fiend King already lost a lot of its flesh during the battle, it was still over a thousand jin in weight. Draggin this Sea Fiend King into this passage… It was only transporting a corpse, yet it already pushed these Fiend Race cultivators to their limit.

When they heard the sound of this heavy body smashing into the ground, Lin Xi who knew that it was now time to discuss soul merging still couldn’t help but turn towards Nangong Weiyang, quietly asking, “That sword of yours before, why was it able to directly hit it?”

“I understood.” Nangong Weiyang replied directly, “I gained some enlightenment from your Big Black’s attack style. What it sensed was where my perception and attention are focused. However, where my flying sword really landed wasn’t that place, so its perception produced an error.”

“This is quite the powerful sword skill.” Lin Xi immediately felt deep veneration. It was because he knew that this was definitely not as simple as the sword not landing where her eyes were aimed.

“This is a Mind Intention Strike.” Nangong Weiyang thought for a bit, coming up with this name. She said this to Lin Xi, and then continued, “This sword not only deceives the enemy’s mind, one must first also deceive your own mind’s intentions.”

Lin Xi knew that with his current cultivation, he still couldn’t understand this type of sword skill, which was why he didn’t say much, only seriously remembering Nangong Weiyang’s words.

All of the Fiend Race cultivators already returned to the passage, dragging the aged Sea Fiend King’s body to Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang.

“I’ll try and use this Sea Fiend King for soul merging?” Nangong Weiyang reached out a hand to point at the aged Sea Fiend King, and then looked at Lin Xi. “You will try and use the other Sea Fiend King for soul merging?”

“That won’t do.”

Lin Xi shook his head. He looked at Nangong Weiyang and said, “I cannot carry out soul merging. Also… if you use this old Sea Fiend King for soul merging, you will fail.”

Chi Yuyin, Chi Shan and all of the others just happened to hear these two sentences clearly.

They only felt that Lin Xi’s expression changed in an instant, as well as the dialogue itself being a bit strange. This type of strange feeling made them feel as if a scene was skipped right before their eyes.

A sacred level cultivator consulting a State Master level cultivator about cultivation was already extremely strange to begin with. However, what was even more strange was that this State Master level cultivator really could give an extremely definitive answer.

“It is because this aged Sea Fiend King’s soul force cultivation is too powerful? …Then let me try with this one?”

Nangong Weiyang instead didn’t feel that this was strange at all. Her brows furrowed slightly, turning around to look at the Sea Fiend King who was struck down before.

Lin Xi nodded. “You can give it a try.”

Nangong Weiyang didn’t say anything else, walking towards the vegetable-like Sea Fiend King.

Chi Yuyin suddenly thought of something, unable to help but quietly ask Lin Xi, “What kind of consequences are there if soul merging fails?”

“You will lose yourself, become an idiot, a madman, remain unconscious until death, or even just directly die.” Lin Xi quietly replied.

Chi Yuyin, Chi Mang and the others were all stunned, in a bit of admiration, but also a bit disheartened.

She remained this calm even when facing life and death, no wonder someone like Nangong Weiyang would reach the Sacred Expert level before all of them.

Nangong Weiyang sat down next to this Sea Fiend King.

She pressed her hand against this Sea Fiend King’s eye injury. Then, everyone heard a light noise, sensing a wave of soul force breaking through her palm, and then penetrating deep into this Sea Fiend King’s body.

Everyone felt like this was an extremely painful thing, but Nangong Weiyang looked like nothing happened to her. She only closed her eyes, as if forgetting her own existence, quickly entering a state of meditation cultivation.

A unique aura began to twist about Nangong Weiyang and this Sea Fiend King’s body, the two as if gradually becoming one body. It also seemed like this time, Nangong Weiyang’s meditation cultivation couldn’t obtain any vital energy from the surrounding heaven and earth, and that this Sea Fiend King’s body seemed to have instead become the world outside her body during this instance of cultivation.

As time slowly passed, as wisps of vital energy flow became extremely clear, that Sea Fiend King’s breathing became completely cut off, but his body was just like Nangong Weiyang’s, releasing faint yellow radiance, Lin Xi released a breath of air, saying quietly with a happy voice, “She succeeded.”

Since this was related to Nangong Weiyang’s life and death, that was why during this process that wasn’t that long in reality, Chi Yuyin and the others didn’t dare utter any sounds. When they heard Lin Xi’s words, Chi Yuyin finally couldn’t help but look at Lin Xi, quietly asking, “Your Yunqin cultivators’ soul merging, just what kind of cultivation method is it?”

Chi Xiaoye had already obtained deeper understanding regarding Yunqin cultivators not long after entering Great Desolate Swamp, so she directly explained to Chi Yuyin and the others who didn’t understand Yunqin cultivators, “To put it in the simplest way, it is a type of meditation cultivation that absorbs vital energy from the body of a fiend beast that cannot resist. However, this type of cultivation method that has been passed down from the ancient times, when entering meditation cultivation, is the same as being in the same spiritual world as this fiend beast. It is like linking up in mind, extremely profound. Cultivators must resist some of the fiend beast’s consciousness invasion, continue to maintain a stance of meditation cultivation for this to succeed in the end.”

Chi Yuyin couldn’t help but exchange a look with Chi Mang and the others.

This was indeed a type of cultivation method they couldn’t imagine, a powerful method that was entirely different from Green Field City’s cultivation methods.

Nangong Weiyang was already a sacred level cultivator. After obtaining a bit of the Sea Fiend King’s power, wouldn’t that make her even more powerful?

Previously, these Fiend Race younger generation experts were all extremely prideful. However, ever since the previous battles, when they saw Lin Xi and Nangong Weiyang’s performances and thought about how Nangong Weiyang who succeeded in soul merging already had individual strength no one in Green Field City could match, and then about how Nangong Weiyang and Lin Xi came for the sake of requesting help, realizing that the world outside had even more powerful cultivators, their pride turned into shock and deep concern.

“Big Bro Lin… this type of soul merging, roughly how much of a fiend beast’s strength can be obtained?” Right at this time, a timid voice sounded.

The one who spoke was surprisingly the youngest Chi Jing who looked just as delicate and frail as Chi Shan.

“At least forty to fifty percent I reckon.” Lin Xi gently looked at this extremely polite Fiend Race youngster, patiently explaining, “However, this type of power isn’t increasing soul force density, it is instead equivalent to an additional layer of power. Moreover, the key is that this type of method is like nurturing a small fiend beast within your body. As your own soul force cultivation grows, this type of additive power will grow at a corresponding degree.”

Chi Jing understood. Only, there was no greater shock on his face, the results seemingly similar to what he deduced himself. He continued to timidly ask quietly, “Then, as long as the fiend beast doesn’t die, even if we don’t have the ability to carry out soul merging now, when we have the ability in the future, we can still do the soul merging at any time then?”


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