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I’m Ready for Divorce! – Chapter 80 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 80

Translator: Latte

Ifrit was delighted. He stared at Elody with anticipation.

“Meow?” (What?)

“Can you guys make this?” Elody asked while showing them a piece of Elemental Crystal.

“Roar.” (We can’t do anything like that)

“Then, do you have any other abilities?”

“Ha! They can’t even make elemental crystals! What could they possibly do?” Ifrit snorted.

“Chirp! Chirp!” (Just watch! Let’s join forces!)

The baby bird said to the polar bear as it nodded in response.

They proceeded to sit on Caville and Elody’s lap. Then, as the baby bird chirped…

A gleam of light surrounded Elody’s body! It was so bright that the light obscured her vision, and before she knew it… everything went dark!

Fortunately, the light immediately flashed again and Elody regained her vision. But as she opened her eyes, the sight she saw was something remarkable.

“My wife!”

Scared she would disappear from his sight, Caville rushed to hug his dear wife.

“This is… unbelievable,” Elody muttered in surprise.

Elody and Caville were in the greenhouse. But somehow, they got teleported into their chambers!

“Chirp!” (It was a success!)

“Roar!” (Yeah!)

The baby bird and the polar bear were proud. Suddenly, their sights flashed again.

“Wait! You guys!”

They came back to the greenhouse again.

Ifrit screamed in surprise.

“Wait, what?! Did you just use teleportation magic?! You can do what high wind spirits and earth spirits do?!”

“Chirp-chirp, chirp!” (We joined forces!)

“Rowr! Roar!” (Yeah! We are strong!)

“My wife, are you alright?”


Caville examined Elody’s complexion.

Elody’s eyes were stiff, she wasn’t able to comprehend what had just happened.

“Oh, dear lord. The soil must be too good. I can’t believe that a low-ranking spirit has such a strong ability,” Ifrit muttered in shock.

“…But if the soil is that fertile, then why were only the low-ranking spirits born? Why not the high-ranking ones?” Elody asked.

“Hmm… I think… in order for more spirits to be born, the seals of the spirit kings should be released first.”

Meanwhile, Caville was struggling with the baby animals. They stuck to him like glue and he was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

“Can’t you guys go somewhere else?”

“Chirp!” (No.)

Elody’s expression brightened. Even if they weren’t high-ranking spirits. Having such an incredible skill is already a blessing.

‘Then, the kitten…’

“What are your abilities, little one?” Elody asked.


The kitten raised its leg and suddenly…

A small bolt of lightning burst out of its paws!

“…Can you make it stronger?”

“Meow! Meow-meow? Meow!” (Of course I can! Shall I try? But all of you will die!)

He said he could do it, but that last sentence was concerning…

Then Elody began to think. If lightning were to strike in the greenhouse, her crops would turn to ashes!

Thus, to avoid the worst possible outcome. Elody shook her hand, saying that it was alright.

But then she thought of a good idea. Elody planned to use the power of the lightning spirit for later.

“Well, I guess I have no choice but to grow a lot of strawberries now.”

In order to borrow the power of baby spirits, it was necessary to feed them food.


Ifrit laid down with a dissatisfied expression. Elody looked at the spirits that clung to Caville.

“Caville, it seems that the spirits are very fond of you,” Elody giggled.

“…I don’t like it.”

“Why? They’re very cute.”

Caville pouted. In his eyes, his wife was much cuter.

Elody turned to Ifrit.

“Ifrit, I’ll give you a special mission. Teach these kids to speak.”

“What? No!”

“I’ll give you more strawberries than the others.”


Elody smiled at Ifrit’s answer. He was really easy to bribe.

“That’s right, Caville. I still had something to show you.”

“What is it?”

Elody stood up to show what she had made.

Caville left the baby spirits to Ifrit, and he proceeded to follow his wife.

Elody handed him a blue jewel that laid on her desk.

“Look at this.”

“…Is it a gem?”

Caville looked closely at the tiny jewel that Elody held. Elody worked really hard to make it.

Caville’s ability to handle the duchy’s affairs allowed Elody to focus solely on her research.

She knew that he had been struggling with work, so she wanted Caville to be the first to receive it.

But there was another reason.

“This is what I’ve been working on every day while making magic pills. You’re the first to receive it.”

“What is this?”

Elody smiled.

“Our revenge for the Temple.”


“The temple gave us a communication tool as a gift of apology. Remember?”

“Yes. Wait… no way, is this?”

Seeing his response, Elody laughed and nodded her head.

What Elody made was a magic stone for communication.

She made it by copying the communication tool’s magic formula and modified it into a more efficient code.

After she crushed the elemental crystal into tiny pieces, she synthesized the particles and ordinary gemstones.

“Are you planning to commercialize this, my wife?”

“That’s right.”

‘As expected, he understands right away.’

Elody smiled.

Communication tools were known to have only been used by high priests and the imperial family.

‘But what they provided to the emperor was probably less functional, and maybe even wiretapped.’

Fortunately, the magic tools she received as a gift weren’t bugged.

The Temple used this magic tool to monopolize the network, a system that delivers all mail and newsletters to the entire continent.

The newsletter was issued by the Temple to inform the political situation of the capital and the news of the border.

However, they even went so far as to steal Elody’s letters and supplies, and they did so in pretext of managing the security of the battlefield!

‘What nonsense. I will never forgive them!’

Elody would never forget that the temple had stolen her letters for seven long years.

She vowed to get her vengeance. However, she didn’t want a typical revenge.

Thanks to the elemental crystals given by Ifrit, the time of her revenge was accelerated.

Elody thoroughly synthesized the communication manastone to prevent the Temple from using divine power to disassemble the tool.

‘No one will ever be able to learn the secret of my communication manastone.’”

And Elody was planning to commercialize this at a very high price.

Starting from the nobles of the capital, to the imperial family.

This would no doubt weaken the Temple’s power.

‘They have been pretending to be the only ones who can make communication tools. But with this, I can change everything.’

“This will be a good revenge,” Caville smirked.

“Isn’t it? Ah! One more thing, I’m trying to find a craftsman. If we process this with pretty ornaments, we’ll be able to sell it at a more expensive price.”

The magic tools of the Temple had the shape of a rectangle and the size of a palm. It was uncomfortable to carry and unpleasant to look at.

But what if there were attractive-looking communication tools?

The nobles of the capital would rush to buy it without a second thought.

“You want to process it into a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace?”

“That’s right.”

“That sounds like a great idea!”

Caville tucked Elody’s hair behind her ears. Then, he put the blue gemstone on Elody’s earlobe.

“It would look beautiful as earrings.”

For a moment, Elody was embarrassed by his sudden touch, and Caville’s finger felt hot.

No, in truth, her ears were the one that felt hot.


Her heart was racing.

Elody averted her gaze to avoid Caville’s stare. She strangely found it difficult to make eye contact with him.

“Shall I wear earrings too?”


Raising her head, Caville was smiling with the gemstone on his own ear. Seeing his exceptionally pretty smile, Elody felt her throat burning.

Elody nodded her head awkwardly.

Caville with piercings… Just by imagining it, she could already know that he would look good in them.

“But I think it’s better to get rings, right? Because we are a married couple.”

Caville put the jewelry down and intertwined his fingers to hers.

Elody looked down to her own hand.

Caville then kissed her ring finger. His lips felt soft and ticklish.

“…D-do as you please.”

Elody pulled out her hands in embarrassment. Her cheeks were as red as roses.

Caville laughed. Sometimes he wondered if she was actually seducing him on purpose.

The next day, Elody asked Norman to send someone to the merchant guild, Rhondia.

They were going to introduce her to an outstanding craftsman.

Then, she locked herself in the lab. She was researching a way to create an infinite amount of elemental strawberries.

‘What’s the difference?’

The spirits really ate the strawberries constantly. So she couldn’t afford to make more without infinite refills.

Elody observed the peach tree that could be generated infinitely. She then infused the mana there into the strawberry seeds.

She also included a small amount of elemental crystals and some reagents she used for the rejuvenating ointment.

As a result of the experiment, the infinite regeneration failed.

Fortunately, Elody was able to achieve results after her seventh try. It was not infinite regeneration, but the elemental strawberries could grow back once every 5 minutes.

‘It’s not what I wanted. But it’s not bad.’

Elody believed that the spirits would be able to be patient for 5 minutes.

Though on the contrary, the spirits ate all of the strawberries in one minute.

“Chirp!” (Oh no!)

“Meow…!” (I’m hungry.)

“Grr…” (Give me more.)

Elody let out a deep sigh.

“Why do they eat so fast…”

“They eat a lot. Especially that polar bear over there. He’s seriously not a joke,” Ifrit said, glancing at the baby polar bear.

“That guy took all of my strawberries…”

Elody stroked Ifrit’s head, telling him to stay strong. Sadly, Ifrit wasn’t the only one who struggled to teach the spirits.

“Those guys… If they want to learn how to talk, they’ll have to grow a bit more. Though, if they eat like this, they’ll be able to grow up quickly.”

“Then will their appearance change?”

“Only if they can! From what I know, only the almighty spirit king Ifrit can change forms! Those little guys have to live with that insignificant form all their lives.”

“What’s your real form?”

Ifrit snorted at Elody’s question.

“Then shall I show it to you?”

“Yes, please.”

Ifrit began to brag, saying that Elody might fall in love with him when she sees his huge wings.

But then. An uninvited guest appeared.

“Madame! A guest is here,” Anna reported.

“A guest?” Elody said as she raised from her seat.

“The Commander of the Paladins came from the Temple. He requested to meet you, madame.”

[T/N] Hello everyone. As you see, I haven’t posted in a long time. I have been very busy and have honestly lost interest in this novel. For now, I do not know what I will do with the novel (Maybe another translator will pick it up or maybe we’ll drop it). But as of now, I will be focusing on another novel. My sincerest apologies and thank you for reading.


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