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I Was Sick of Loving You chapter 104

104 – (Side story) life

“The day the flowers with the scent of spring withered and the sun-soaked green colored the world.

It was confirmed that Iris had conceived. We were delighted and congratulated by the fact, but we are actually a little uneasy. I am worried that Evan might be the child to be born. I suppressed my anxiety and touched the token of blessing that Rachel had brought as a gift.

Then, the token engraved on the wrist hummed with a little light. It felt like it was telling me to be at ease. When I thought that, my anxiety subsided a little.

As my anxiety subsided a little, I remembered the book my mother had left behind. I read it again and now I am writing this book waiting for the children who will come to me like this. And I hope that someday the day will come when I read this book and reminisce about life.

The day when the hot air died down a lot and a cool breeze started to blow.

Iris said to prepare things for the child. It’s still a long way before a child is born, but it’s probably because of the guilt and regret of the previous life. Knowing her heart, I agreed with her words.

In the afternoon, we went up to the capital by magic and picked out something for the child. He returned with the items and decorated the child’s room. The finished room was a bit fancy and large for a child to use, but it didn’t stop her as she wanted it. And when the child is born, I will live with it for a while, so it won’t matter.

Thinking so, I pictured in my mind the days I would spend with the child in the child’s room.

The day when the colorfully colored leaves began to lose their vitality.

As I read the story while stroking Iris’ visibly swollen belly, I felt very weak movements. It was the first time I experienced it, and it felt like a child was responding to me. As if she felt the same way, she smiled and stroked her stomach.

He hugged her once and whispered to the child inside her belly.

Grow up and be born healthy.

The day when all the colorful leaves fall and the cold seeps in white.

Iris’s stomach swelled up a lot and we started making clothes for her. I could just buy it or have someone else do it, but I did it because I wanted to give my child a special gift. However, if there is a problem, it was the first time for both of us to do something like this, so the result was disastrous.

We laughed at the result and started making children’s clothes again. While making clothes again, she suggested a bet. A bet that grants the wish of the person who makes the prettiest clothes before the child is born.

I have nothing to wish for because my current life is a wish itself, but I accepted the bet because I thought it would be enjoyable. That’s how we got a new impetus and fell in love with making children’s clothes.

The day when an impatient wind came early with warmth.

It wasn’t long before the baby was born. Since that time came, we showed each other the clothes we made. It was the first time we challenged each other, and there was no significant difference because we used the same fabric. The only difference is that I had to squeeze in some time because I was doing things on her behalf, and she had plenty of time.

Despite such a difference, I claimed that I won because the results were similar, but she denied my claim, saying that she should only look at the results purely. Then, I asked my father-in-law to judge. Naturally, the father-in-law sided with Iris.

I’m a bit dissatisfied with the result, but I accepted the result because I started it for fun from the beginning. Accepting the result and asking her for a wish, she smiled if she would tell me later. Looking at her like that, we laughed together and ended the day.

The day when the world dyed white melts with the scent of spring.

Iris had colic, and I waited impatiently for the results outside the room. I don’t know why I’m so nervous even though I’ve already experienced it twice. I waited for her and Yi Yi in a nervousness that I was not used to.

As time passed, the lawmaker said in a bright voice that it was okay to come in. Hearing that voice, the nervousness did not go away. I went to the place where she and the child were, hiding the nervousness that did not go away. Then came the unforgettable cry.

At the sound of her cry, her nervousness melted like snow, and her trembling legs began to gain strength. And when I checked the appearance of the child, I was able to completely put down the anxiety hidden in the other side of my mind. I put down the burden on my heart and carefully hugged Evan. Light but unforgettable warmth is felt in the arms.

You came back to me who was weak and lacking. And it brings great joy again. thanks. my son bless my life

A day when flowers slowly embrace spring and prepare to bloom.

For the first time, we put the clothes we made on Evan. Fortunately, the clothes fit Evan’s body perfectly, and Evan smiled brightly without crying. It is so happy and warm.

The day when even the flowers that I slept in all bloomed and the sun was stinging.

Evan babbles for the first time. Although it had already been experienced, it did not dull this great happiness.

The day when the strong sunlight started to weaken little by little.

When Evan grunted, he turned over. The father-in-law was very happy with that appearance and liked it saying that he would become a strong knight. To such a father-in-law, Iris said she would let the child do what she wanted, and told her not to look at her. A happy smile leaked out at a sight I hadn’t seen before in my previous life.

A day when the world is dyed in various colors and the sky is blue.

A few days ago, when Evan got out of my arms, I started crying, so I live with Evan in my arms every day. In my last life, this had not happened, so I was worried and called a doctor, but fortunately there was no problem. Another fortunate thing is that he doesn’t cry when he eats or at night even if he falls.

It seemed cute to me because it seemed childish to me. However, it’s a bit difficult to listen to and soothe Iris’ grunting, saying that she only likes her father. Even so, I’m happy with that, so that’s okay. So I wish the time would go a little slower.

The day Evan’s 1 year anniversary was born.

Contrary to my wishes, time passed quickly and it has already been a year since Evan was born. It’s a pity, but I’m happy to see Evan grow every day. So grow up healthy like you are now.

A day when spring is in full bloom and the world is filled with fragrance.

While holding Evan’s hand and helping him to walk, Iris came with good news. she resigned again We embraced each other and shared our joy at the good news that came at a similar time in our previous life.

The day white snowflakes bloomed on bare branches.

The anxiety that had been put down with nervousness came back. After waiting for a long time in such feelings, the door opened. In addition, the lawmaker said with a bright expression that he was born safely, but this time, the nervousness and anxiety did not disappear.

With such feelings in mind, she approached the child with a sullen heart. And I was able to confirm that the last piece of life had come to me. Only then did all worries and anxieties disappear, and overflowing warmth and joy came over me.

Feeling it, he carefully hugged Ellie. Ellie, who resembles Iris a lot, looked at me calmly. I felt like I was about to shed tears again.

I am grateful to the children who came to see me again, and I feel like tears will come out of my joy. However, I couldn’t cry on this happy day, so I forcibly endured it and enjoyed the warmth of the happiness of my life.

The day when the green buds sprouting from the branches signal the end of winter.

Iris said she would use the wish from the old bet. He said he was using a wish, but he didn’t tell me what it was, and left a message to dress up and wait in the afternoon.

After dressing up as she said and waiting, she appeared like a painter. Then he said his wish was a family portrait. When I expressed my doubts about writing a wish for something that I would have accepted even if it wasn’t a wish, she brought up the story of her last life.

My story of setting up a ball on the battlefield and asking for a family portrait as a wish. When I heard that story, I felt strange. I’ve obviously lived that life longer than my current life, but that life now feels so blurry and distant. And it reminded me of the happiness of life now.

Realizing it again, I chewed on my happiness and waited for the portrait to be completed. After the portrait was completed, I was satisfied with the result. Me and her, Ellie in my arms and Evan in her arms. It was nice that it was so vivid and warm.

When I saw it, I asked Iris to paint a family portrait every year, and she said that she had already signed a contract to do so. He laughed at her words and kissed her on the cheek. At the same time, I was grateful for this happy and warm life.”

I filled in everything that happened today and turned on the stretch. Then she hugged me from behind.

“Honey, are you done?”

“yes. done.”

“Then leave the book alone and play with me.”

“It’s night now, so let’s play?”

“Because it is night.”

As she said that, she lightly bit my ear. A bit of a creepy feeling mixed with a strange feeling.

“Since Evan and Ellie came back to us, we should give them a special present.”

Hearing her words reminded me of Ellie’s wish that we had a younger brother in our life together. As I recalled that, I realized that there was still a lot to fill in.

Realizing that, I lifted her up and headed for the bed.

To fill more happiness in my life.


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