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I Was Sick of Loving You chapter 103

103 – (Side story) Couple’s time

In a room where the thick darkness was lightly driven away by a handful of moonlight and candlelight, we headed to bed with the afterglow of the festival and alcohol.

Her hand came up to my chest with the soft touch of the bed. Her hand goes up to her neck and she slowly unbuttons it. I kiss her neck and slowly undress her.

The sound of our clothes brushing against each other and the sound of our heated breathing fills the room, and disturbing clothes fall to the floor and roll around.

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Leaving those clothes behind, we kiss slowly. At first, their mouths touched lightly, then their tongues tapped their lips, and then their mouths opened. Her mouth opens and I wrap my tongue around her soft, slightly thick tongue.

Feeling her warmth and breathing, he wrapped one arm around her waist and placed the other hand on her chest. I can feel her soft and warm skin, and the sensation of elasticity and softness overflows from the inside of my hand.

The touch shakes and awakens the desire that had been dormant for a while. That’s how my desire awakens, and I knock her over and slowly leave my mark on her chest and neck. While doing so, her hand goes down slowly, stimulating me.

In the midst of that stimulation, our breathing became a little rough and hot. Those breaths tangled in my mouth once more and my hand went to her mound. You can feel the dampness with the unique flesh of the place.

It stimulates my desire more. The desire to rush into the stimulus immediately boils, but endures for a greater fault. Holding back like that, he caresses and kisses her breasts and mounds.

While doing so, her warmth clings to me thickly and stickyly, and her breath stimulates my ears. And words that reward patience flowed from her mouth.

“Honey, don’t tease me and fuck me.”

I ram my dick into her cunt to harvest the fruit. You can feel the heat and tightening sensation, and the sound of flesh touching each other resonates. The sound becomes a fragrance and stimulates the mind.

On top of that stimulation, her rough breathing is added. It motivates and warms the heart.

The heated heart and body’s desire collide with her. Then her tongue covets my tongue and her arms and legs tighten me. The heat is entangled like that, and she stimulates me again.

“Sorry. Honey, make it rougher. Awesome!”

Her words and heated moans stimulate my ears as if they were making fun of them, and I hit my desire harder and harder to repay them.

As if satisfied with that, her moaning became hotter and harsher. Along with that, the limbs that embraced me tightened even more, and the inside of her tightened even more. With that, her insides tremble little by little.

Feeling it, I sped up a little more. Then her insides trembled and her hot breath leaked out.


Her confidence flows out and for a moment she gasps and catches her breath. After waiting for her for a while, I grabbed her thighs and hips and lifted her up. Feeling her soft and elastic flesh, I bumped into my desire to hold her in my arms. Then her voice stimulates my ears again.

“honey I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Whispering my heart to her, I bump into my desire more wildly. As I hit my desire like that, a sense of ejaculation comes over me. Seemingly aware of that, she kissed the nape of his neck and whispered.

“Wrap it inside. And I have to fill you up in me.”

In order to repay her words, in order to satisfy her boiling desire, she poured out her desire, which hit her stronger and faster and squeezed it. The sensation of turning my hair white for a moment came over me, and I felt a bit of exhaustion.

In that sense, I set her down on the bed. Then she slowly licked my dick with her tongue. Then I put my object in my mouth and sucked it slowly as if savoring it.

He looked at her and stroked her lovely hair. Her eye smile blooms and the heat deepens.

The heat went away after a while and let go of my things. Then he smiled and hugged me by the nape of my neck and whispered.

“Sir Alic. Please tell me the man.”

“As requested by the lady, I will personally inform you of the man. And I will engrave it deeply so that you will not forget it.”

“I will expect.”

After such a playful conversation, I stuffed my stuff back into her. Then, he licked her stiff nipple with his tongue as if teasing. Then her reaction became more breathless and the strength of her legs wrapped around my waist grew stronger.

Enjoying the reaction, I cupped her breasts with my hands and gently bit her nipples with my mouth.

“Sorry. Sir Alik, I feel strange.”

“How strange are you?”

“My head is hazy and my body is too hot. And my stomach thumps and cries.”

“With a little patience, you will get used to it and you will feel better.”


She tried to act like an innocent young lady as much as possible, but her eyes were clearly visible full of desire, and laughter seemed to leak out. If I laughed, it was obvious that she would pout, so I held back and opened my mouth.

“Really. Trust me.”

“Oops. I will trust you.”

Saying so, her hand and my hand were overlapped and interlocked. In that state, we kissed and shared warmth. In the place where the hot breaths entangled and left, a transparent line was created and fell off.

And the strength of her hands and legs grew stronger. And her eyes began to shift slightly.

“Huh. Sir Alic, I’m going crazy. My body, my body is too hot. And my stomach rumbles so much that my head goes blank.”

Her words became firewood, once she vomited desire and heated the slightly weakened flame.

In that heated sensation, I ran into her madly with desire, coveting her breath and tongue.

As she bumped into her desire like that, her insides trembled and a sense of ejaculation rushed in to expel her desire. Enduring that sense of ejaculation, I bumped into her more violently with my desire.

Then, her insides tightened violently and she trembled. He stopped holding back the trembling and vomited out all his desire inside of her.

A feeling of exhaustion comes along with the sensation of turning my hair white again. My reason, which had turned white for a moment, returned, and I saw her breathing heavily in my arms. She was lovely and kissed her on the cheek.

Then she took a deep breath and covered my mouth. I hugged her like that and coveted her mouth and tongue slowly as if savoring it.

Her heated breath fell away, creating another transparent line. The line disappeared and she looked at me and whispered.

“Sir Alic, it was the best.”

“I’m glad that’s the case.”

“Then please do it one more time.”

She said that and tripped me up. She sat on top of me and looked down.

“I will serve you this time.”

With those words, she moved her hips. Then her chest swayed up and down, stealing my attention. As I lost my gaze like that, my hands naturally grabbed her breasts.

Explosive heat and softness intertwined, and I looked at her while savoring it. Her sweaty, glistening skin and red cheeks were stimulating and lovely, and I ran a stroke through her damp hair.

Then her movements became a little more intense. Then he grabbed my hand and put on the pod. I could clearly feel her hot, slightly rough hands. Feeling it, I bounced on her back and stimulated her. Then her insides tightened violently and her mouth opened slightly.

I was stimulated by that appearance again and continued to move my waist.

“Hass. It’s my turn to… serve.”

She said that, but it didn’t go well with her heated head.

In that state, I got out of her grasp for a moment and grabbed her by the waist. And then I hit my desire roughly. Then her upper body came down as if to attack me and was superimposed on top of me.

Then she flinched and drooled slightly. Even that look is lovely. As I gazed at the lovely woman, I bumped into her and vomited out my desire.

As I vomited desire inside her for the third time, a deep sense of helplessness came over me. In the midst of such exhaustion, I hugged her as usual and whispered my heart into her ear.

“I love you. Iris.”

It doesn’t seem to be heard by her ears, who are deeply immersed in the afterglow, but it’s okay to say it again. We have many days left to whisper love and convey our hearts, so it’s okay.

Thinking so, I hugged her until she came out of the afterglow.

After a while, she got out of the afterglow and slightly puffed out her cheeks.

“Honey, what if you take my turn again?”

“Sorry. I couldn’t stand it because you were so lovely.”

Then her cheeks returned to normal and a smile crept in.

“If you say so, I will look at it.”

“thanks. And I love you. Iris.”

“I love you too. Alik.”

So we whispered love and kissed lightly. The lightly matched lips left, and she looked at me while stroking her stomach.

“It will happen because I did this much during my childbearing years, right? Even the fortune teller said that a special relationship is coming today.”

“I don’t know. Children don’t come to us just because we want them.”

“That’s it again.”

She puffed out her cheeks and patted my chest with her fingers. He kissed her on the cheek and opened his mouth.

“Still, since we are doing this, the next child will come soon. Just like Evan and Ellie came to visit us again.”

“I guess so.”

She smiled and said that and kissed me on the cheek.

“My dad said it would be nice to have many grandchildren. It would be nice if there were a lot of me too, so let’s do our best together.”

“yes. Let’s do our best together.”

As she said that, her hand began to go down again.

“Because you agreed, and you rested enough. Let’s do our best again.”

Strangely enough, I felt frightened by her words of quickly recovering my strength, but on the other hand, I was lovely and happy, so I gathered my strength to share warmth with her.


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